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9 Days (2013)

9 Days (2013)

Maura MurphyChris SchleicherDavid Alan GrafAlison Sieke
Samuel M. Johnson


9 Days (2013) is a English movie. Samuel M. Johnson has directed this movie. Maura Murphy,Chris Schleicher,David Alan Graf,Alison Sieke are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. 9 Days (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The saying goes that love means never having to say you're sorry... This is especially true when you're being held in a religious madman's basement with your neck chained to a wooden post. '9 Days' is based on a DARKly comedic reading of 'Dante's Inferno.'

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9 Days (2013) Reviews

  • Worth A Try!


    The movie is based around a Psycho guy named Virgil and a girl Called Danielle whom he has gotten hold of and mostly revolves around a basement.I would not go further into the movie as i think you should view it yourselves,anyways to be honest i was really starting to like the movie and did not want it to end but unfortunately it does just when 9days begins to get interesting.This movie is not for everyone,it might upset some audience due to the lack of content,but still i am not saying its not worth giving it a try after all what more can one expect from a low budget thriller/horror movie.Watch this movie if you are that type of person who thinks anything recorded on a camera is worth watching!

  • Garbage


    The saying goes that love means never having to say you are sorry... This is especially true when you are being held in a religious madman's basement with your neck chained to a wooden post. There is not much nice to be said about this. While some of the props are a bit amusing and there is a general attempt to be funny (which helps defuse how truly awful a movie this is) there is no reason to watch this or recommend it to anyone. I feel worse off for having seen it. Everything you need to know you will find out in the first five minutes. Terrible sound recording, terrible sets and a woman who is apparently supposed to be a teenage girl whose father (or stepfather, maybe) is a molester... but she is obviously much, much older and it seems like the man should be her boss.

  • My Review Of "9 Days"


    9 Days comes from writer director Samuel M. Jackson and stars Maura Murphy, Chris Schleicher, Simone Fraund, David Alan Graf and Jennifer Lawrence (don't be quick on that last name it is a very "minor" part). Anyway the story is a modern perverse spin on Dante's Inferno that deals in the world of art-house meets torture-porn. To escape her abusive foster home, headstrong 18-year-old Danielle Hitches a Ride with an affable psycho who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his warped religious beliefs. She realizes she hasn't quite found her knight in shining armor when she awakens half-naked, chained to a post in Virgil's basement. As Virgil, puts Danielle through a sadistic "moral cleansing" of debauched torture sessions that could kill her at any moment, she must choose either to fight back or to become as inhuman and deranged as Virgil himself. What Virgil doesn't know is that Danielle may be more than up to the challenge of his psychotic head games. 9 Days is a pretty decent film that focuses more on character relations and suspenseful drama. Most of the terror involved comes from the surrealistic yet organic setting of the film and the simple fact that a psycho lures young girls to his home and sets out to torture them into a better way of life. In some serial circles this is probably a great "date-movie". Schleicher's Virgil is a fun demented kind of crazy which makes you like his type of sinister sh*t but I found Murphy's Danielle a bit inconvincible in her role. I had to push the fact that she looked more 28 than 18 from my mind to appreciate the character's story. However I never really believed she ever feared for her life or was anything but mildly aroused by her captor. That being said Murphy did give a straight performance and was able to draw enough of the character out for me to enjoy the movie. It is a dark off-beat portrayal that rides heavy on melodrama with some really raw yet minimal violence. Toward the middle of the film I did find myself drifting off in thought but I came back to the story as it neared day nine. That is when the story gets stimulating once more. There is not much of a high intensity to the film instead riding a steady psychological antagony. I saw this film as more of a story about "how to pick up chicks in Hell" anti- romantic drama as opposed to a tense thrilling story of torture and survival.

  • another persons shoes are visible in the basement scene


    OK.. Only 2 people in house (the girl and the guy) but at 27:17 - 27:19 there is another pair of feet in the frames where he is putting a bag over her head.. The acting is terrible, the head in the fridge, how original is that? She just meets the guy and is eating dinner and staying over at his place. Get real we do have a brain in our heads. This is just one of the worst movies I have viewed in a long time. Acting, what acting, did they have a script or make things up as they went along. Then the black and white bathroom scene, was this a security cam he had set up or ? I think this film was shot with a 8mm camcorder and a very low budget. Don't waste your time.

  • Awful


    Are you f***g Kidding me ? You know very well what you making ? Then why you make this kind of Garbage ? If you have extra money please save it but don't make garbage for us to waste our time and yours. Poor acting and Poor script and poor sound. Viewers please don't waste your time on this garbage seriously. Directors are requested that please stop making this kind of movies. I have seen making low budget movies are awesome one.... You judge in first 5 or 10 minutes that what will be the movie and the story. I usually never watch movies by forwarding but this i was force to do that. 1 hour 22 minutes movie I watch in 22 minutes.


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