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A. I. Tales (2019)

Pom KlementieffNelson LeeEric RobertsLawrence Kao
Kristen Hilkert,Nelson Lee,2 more credits


A. I. Tales (2019) is a English movie. Kristen Hilkert,Nelson Lee,2 more credits has directed this movie. Pom Klementieff,Nelson Lee,Eric Roberts,Lawrence Kao are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. A. I. Tales (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Interlocking, futuristic, science fiction tales about space, technology, and family that take place in different dimensions and time zones.

A. I. Tales (2019) Reviews

  • Yawn! -- your eyes will glaze over


    Who green lit this piecs of crap?!? I saw little evidence of Artificial Intelligence in any of the plots but robots could certainly have written a better movie. There are better Sci-Fi shorts on YouTube, don't waste 80 minutes of you life watching a single second of this dumpster fire.

  • Is Boring the new thing?


    I yawned my way through these "stories" if that's what you call them. There was nothing "award winning" about them unless it's the Razzie. The stories ended too quickly without much substance to them and each ended without much story to them. I was bored. Don't waste your time.

  • A promising anthology that partially delivers


    A promising anthology, consisting of four shorts. Short stories have to be about the idea, but when the execution delays not only the twist, but also the idea, to a reveal at the end, then it could become a problem. Action works so much better than drama to get the story going, as the viewer needs a reason to care about the characters, fast. Segments and fall for that trap, by showing drama with people we're not invested in yet. is the best of the stories, with less drama and more action, and a dilemma ending. The last segment, , is too short even for a short. Like someone shredded half the script - So many unanswered plot points prevent to make this a memorable story. Even famous face can't save that. The sci-fi is light for the most part. The A.I. from the title wasn't the connecting element though, and plays no central role, so I found that to be a little misleading.

  • Disagree with most other reviewers...


    While I will agree that there is NO "AI" stories, there are some thought-provoking and well acted short films. Some reviewers may have the incorrectly thought that these tales were somehow interconnected, that is not the case. Each story stands on its own in its own universe. The first film is a little head-scratch inducing, but plow through! 2nd story was a great character piece with a THUMP at the end. 3rd film made me angry as the REAL story starts where the film leaves off, (but I think that is fantastic!) 4th film begs for a deeper dive in to the universe it creates in the shortest run time of them all. Impressive, if you ask me, to create a world you desperately want to explore and do so in only a few minutes.

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