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A Leaf of Faith (2018)

A Leaf of Faith (2018)

Susan AshChris BellMark BellRosemary Bell
Chris Bell,David Baca Jr.


A Leaf of Faith (2018) is a English movie. Chris Bell,David Baca Jr. has directed this movie. Susan Ash,Chris Bell,Mark Bell,Rosemary Bell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Leaf of Faith (2018) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

This documentary explores Kratom, a botanical supplement that has been proposed as an alternative to today's opioid painkillers.

A Leaf of Faith (2018) Reviews

  • Must Watch! Educate yourself USA!


    This documentary was so incredible. It shed light on so much of the true root of this terrible "opioid epidemic" we are facing today. Chris Bell interviews members of all sides of the Kratom argument and as a result is frankly, one of the least biased documentaries I have ever had the fortune of viewing. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I have tried every prescribed opiate known to man with a wide range of results. However, in the end, when the doctors cut me off of my pain medication, I was lead down a dark path to suffering and yes, suicide. I can't count the times I have spent in psychiatric hospitals as a result of my endless suffering that I very simply -WANTED TO END! I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, along with scoliosis, herniated disk, sciatica, severe hip and also knee pain. I have been forced to go back to Suboxone clinics in order to somewhat alleviate the pain I was in, as no doctors were willing to hear me about my pain since around the 2013 mark. I have walked the line of suboxone clinics, expensive treatment, and feeling like I'll never get the relief I need. Thanks to this documentary, I recently tried Kratom for myself, and can I just tell you that I have been off of the soul-draining suboxone medication for 72 hours now? That alone is mind boggling to me. It looks like a leaf, smells like a leaf and frankly tastes like a leaf. To me, therefore I'm calling it a LEAF! And what a reLEAF (haha) it has been to me and my poor husband who has had to care for his 32 year old sick wife for the past 3 years? Thank God for this medicine. This plant. This natural remedy. I don't feel high, I don't feel edgy or irritable as I did whilst on Rx opiates. I feel calm, happy, content, and pain FREE! I can hold my dear son and laugh with him! I even went to the pool and swam today after not getting out of bed for weeks. Please watch this documentary and educate yourselves. This documentary can and will save the lives of people you love. It can't hurt, so give it a try. Don't let big pharma and our government sway you!

  • Amazing unbiased documentary


    Gives the facts, straight and to the point. This is a conversation that needs to be brought to the for front. Thank you Chris bell for doing your part to end this epidemic!

  • Trust plants more than DR's


    For 20 yrs was on a bad rollercoaster and finally went AMA with my Dr. During detox off opioids a friend told me about kratom. After some research and finding a local supplier the universe has answered my ? Doing more now than ever and personally with weed and kratom along with a great diet, no Dr needed. Great film it covers the on going battle for a plant that could help millions.

  • Be very careful about some reviews


    All I'll say is I've been on kratom for over 2 years. I have stopped a few times to try out other methods to help my pain. I'm a disabled vet and because of my worries over the FDA that was why I had stopped those times. Be careful with these negative review this movie was great very informative. The ppl claiming the horrible withdrawal I'm not sure if they were coming of something else. Maybe they had bad Kratom that was mixed with opioids or it was in there minds. But the few times I stopped I never once experienced anything like what they are claiming. But of course I would not even stop drinking coffee related to Kratom by ths way cold Turkey. I would get bad headaches and be cranky!

  • Great introduction to Kratom for beginners!


    Kris really put together a fantastic film. We in the Kratom community are fighting everyday to STOP this schedule 1 FDA ban. The FDA is pushing nothing but false Information and bogus claims about this plant. This documentary will open so many peoples eyes and help the world see how amazing Kratom is. So for that, we thank you! Regardless if you know what Kratom is or not, you should watch this video and learn about natural medicine. Somebody in your family or one of your friends can use this to help if they suffer from pain, anxiety, depression ETC.


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