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Accidentally in Love (2011)

Accidentally in Love (2011)

Jennie GarthEthan EricksonFred WillardMarilu Henner
David Burton Morris


Accidentally in Love (2011) is a English movie. David Burton Morris has directed this movie. Jennie Garth,Ethan Erickson,Fred Willard,Marilu Henner are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Accidentally in Love (2011) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Eddie Avedon's shot at a prestigious movie part, his ticket out of playing Mulligan the bunny in a children's TV show, is ruined after a car accident with single mother Annie Benchley, which keeps haunting them. The part is promised to Avedon's lousy house-mate Scott Dunbar. Yet Eddie becomes friends with Annie and her young daughter, avid Mulliga-fan Taylor, and even sticks his neck out to arrange surgery for her blinding condition.


Accidentally in Love (2011) Reviews

  • Why Don't Fools Fall in Love?


    This is a very pleasant romantic comedy from the Hallmark Channel, with all the trappings of a real comedy: good acting -- not only are the leads exceedingly handsome, but they are capable, and there's Marilu Henner and Fred Willard in support -- a story in which people change and some actual comedy as people fall into a pool. As Preston Sturges noted, if there is a pool, people must fall into it. Nor is it just a gag. Even the jokes serve to advance the plot. Most of the credit must go to a fine script by Peter Facinelli and Charles T. Daniels, who manage to combine some soap-opera-like plot points into the mix. However, kudos to everyone for a superior production.

  • No Accident...This is Really Good Love ***1/2


    A wonderful picture in which we see the unusual way that a cad,so full of himself, who couldn't care less about others while attempting to stardom meets by chance a widow with a daughter going blind. How the two first meet in a traffic accident becomes absolutely hilarious, and how after disliking one another intensely, love blossoms when he finds out that her daughter is going blind. We have a great cast proving once again that a selfish man can be made to show humility when there is adversity. This is a movie for all ages, but especially it's for children and those who face adversity during their lifetimes.

  • don't bother with this movie **may contain spoilers**


    Normally I'm a sucker for the Hallmark Channel and Larry Levinson movies, but this one is a clunker. I would normally enjoy watch something with Jennie Garth, but this movie is terrible. The daughter is boring, unconvincing, and it is hard to feel any sympathy for her condition, which is hard to say for a movie that attempts to pull at your heart with her condition. While the romance between Jennie Garth and Ethan Erickson has the stereotypical hating each other turned into romance (which was expected), it just didn't work in this movie. The dialogue must have been written by first grade drop-outs. EVERYTHING about this movie was bad. If you want to watch a Hallmark "romantic comedy" this season, go with the one they had last week (and again earlier today) in "Smooch." The dialogue given the daughters in the two movies, as well as their acting abilities are night and day. Don't waste your time with "Accidentally in Love." A more appropriate title would be "Accidentally Made a Movie."

  • I liked it!


    I guess 8/10 seems high, but I think it's a cute B-rated movie, not "C." Anyway, full disclosure: I'm a sucker for these Hallmark movies. I look forward to them. After a grueling work week plus after-work life activities, I like coming home to relax and watch these predictable/cheesy (sometimes) movies. Accidentally in Love is one of the better movies done by Hallmark in the last several months. It's predictable, of course, but don't let that deter you. When predictability is a given, for me, it's all about the execution. The actors did great. They were funny, charming, and they played their parts well. As a fan of BH90210, but not a 'Kelly Taylor' fan, Jennie Garth was endearing as the character Annie. The guy who played Eddie was both jerky and charming in one package. Both of the kids were adorable. I just enjoyed the movie. Nothing that occurred seemed out of the realm of possibility (a problem w/some of Hallmark's latest). I'd recommend checking this out.

  • The leads' characters started as really annoying, so was hard to keep watching.


    The leads were NOT being good role models in the beginning. But the movie got better, so I give it a decent rating overall. My complaints are not the actors' fault. I feel that they did a good job overall,- especially the male lead. There was also one scene later where the male leads character was ill behaved which was disappointing (again, not the actor's fault). I don't understand why anyone would write a scene like that into the movie. I don't think anyone enjoyed that scene. I guess it was just to add drama into the plot, but that's like a vulgar joke, it's not a good way to do it. I did like the movie though, it gave me warm feelings overall.


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