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Ark (2005)

Ark (2005)

Chiara ZanniKirby MorrowJames WoodsTrevor Devall
Kenny Hwang


Ark (2005) is a English,Korean movie. Kenny Hwang has directed this movie. Chiara Zanni,Kirby Morrow,James Woods,Trevor Devall are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Ark (2005) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Drama,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

The population of the planet Alcyone is split in two; the cultures of the Ceveans and the Storrions are locked in eternal war, destroying their home. Led by their priestess Amiel, the Ceveans constructed the Ark in an attempt to flee their world, but the Ark was seized by the Storrions, enslaving some of the Ceveans and banishing the rest to the wastelands. The priestess Amiel vanished. Too late the Storrions realized that they needed the priestess to move the Ark and so they keep searching the wastelands for a sign of her... Building on the techniques of "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" and enriching them with a unique storyline, this South Korean animation draws you into the world of Alcyone to witness the struggle between Ceveans and Storrions and a world in ruins.


Ark (2005) Reviews

  • A bit weak


    The story development was on the weak side with the main characters coming across as somewhat one-dimensional. The problem with the main characters is that they only appear to be present to further the story, obviously that is the purpose of any character in a story, but in this case the actions of all of the characters came across as a bunch of intertwined plot devices in a desperate attempt to make a story out of some computer animations. In particular, the antagonist was lacking a foundation; his "evilness" seemed to have spawned out of nowhere as he didn't appear to have any motivation for his actions. On the whole the CG was decent but it didn't make up for the less than captivating storyline.

  • Ark: Ugly but bareable


    First of all I need to say that considering the budget of Ark it looks really fugging ugly, I mean seriously it was made in 2005 there is no excuse. Its like a cross between the childrens tv series Reeboot (1994) and a 90's Resident Evil cut scene. Despite this the story initially is sound, it tells a convoluted sci-fi trope filled tale that I found myself engaged in. Sadly the further into the movie you go the worse it gets and it builds to a finale that on paper should have been great but in reality was rather underwhelming. Regardless Ark is a watchable piece and I believe it will really appeal to many especially those into their sci-fi. In many places it reminded me of several Final Fantasy universes and their villians, just not enough. Starring James Woods this is a harmless sci-fi fluff piece that by all rights should have been better and looked considerably better. The Good: James Woods Interesting concept The Bad: Shoddy animation Trails off a bit the further in it goes

  • Warring Civilizations on the brink of mutual destruction..


    The battle between the Ceveans and Storrions has gone on for centuries, the world on which they live has been scarred and toxified, their only hope is to find a pilot for the Ark, built 800 years ago by Amiel of The Bloodline, custodians of ancient technology delivered by the Gods. When she finished building the Ark, she dies. Even after being dead for centuries her body doesn't decompose and her cellular activity show amazing levels of bio-energy. The storyline isn't as silly as a previous commenter had made. It is an Us vs Them story with mutual destruction if someone doesn't stop the war. The movie is Korean, and with the N. Korea/S. Korea thing that has been going on for the last 40-50 years, it is a commentary of socio-political of the instability in the region.

  • Interesting, but strange


    I watched this film specifically because I saw that James Woods was in it. I was not aware that it was an animated feature before hand. The art and design of the film is quite good. The animation is reminiscent of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The character design is like watching a cinematic on a really good video game. The problem with this film is the story. The story is silly and doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. There is enough action to keep me engaged while watching, but the story lacks originality and coherence. I also found that I didn't care about the characters. They all seemed thin and lacking humanity. I would have liked to see this film as a live action piece. I think that that might have improved it.

  • Not bad


    I was Surprise about the movie have not heard anything nor I knew it was out there. the story is very similar to Final Fantasy also the CGI is very close the quality of Final Fantasy. It does have a better plot but like any of these types of movies it could be better. it does have some great movement on the camera simulation shoots also the only voice that is known is that of James Woods. Hope that this is the start of more movies using this type of animation. it say that it was produce on the USA but it seems that it was really put together in Korea. not bad for a DVD movie due to the story line. Overall if you like the CGI of Final Fantasy I really recommend this one.


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