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Beatus (2018)

Lily NewmarkEileen DaviesVictoria SokolovaMarta Kessler
Tommy Bertelsen


Beatus (2018) is a English,Latvian movie. Tommy Bertelsen has directed this movie. Lily Newmark,Eileen Davies,Victoria Sokolova,Marta Kessler are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Beatus (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a single mother begins to experience symptoms of the stigmata, she seeks the help of a local priest and nun to help her understand what is seen and unseen.

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Beatus (2018) Reviews

  • Unique spin on the Exorcism genre but...


    Very unique spin on the Exorcism genre but you'll have to wait until the 3rd act (the reveal) for you to really appreciate it the film on a whole. It's well acted, very atmospheric, but the it's pretty slow until you get to the finale. It relied too heavily on the twist at the end and that wasn't enough to carry the entire film. Take Sixth Sense of example. The big twist is what made that movie awesome, but even without the twist it's still a good entertaining film. That's all that needed to happen Welcome to Mercy, because they had everything else going for it. Just wish they would have spent more time developing the first 2/3 of the story as well as the did the end, then this could have made it's way up the ranks of exorcism classics. Missed opportunity here. But again, very unique take on it. I commend the writer for that.

  • A rich atmosphere thick journey into the exorcism mythos


    So I just saw Welcome to Mercy at the theater. I knew next to nothing about the movie walking in other than it was an independent horror film. It turns out knowing nothing about the film initially helped greatly as I watched the film with zero expectations of what would occur. Overall I enjoyed the film for what it was. The initial plot of the film follows a woman who is visiting her estranged family and the supernatural events that lead to a possession. The woman is sent to a covenant where she encounters nuns filled with secrecy. No one is who they seem and at every turn the woman encounters secrets and dangers. From there the film evolves into a dense and atmospheric suspense driven mystery about just what is going on. The best parts of the film definitely deals with twisting the viewers expectations. Is the film about possession? Is it a cult of supernatural nuns? Is it a psychological nightmare dealing with trauma and delusions? The film leads in so many directions it's easy to get wrapped up in your own hypothesis of what will happen next. The film has a meticulously slow pace that constantly leaves you wondering which direction the film will head in. I found myself constantly on the edge of my seat wondering where this strange and suspenseful journey would take me. The film is also very well directed. A lot of care was put into crafting a suspense driven and heavy atmosphere that constantly left you with a feeling of unease. Sound and cinematography were expertly used to keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie is wrapped in many layers of intrigue and provides a number of twists that I didn't see coming. That all being said this is certainly not a film for everyone. It doesn't quite deliver on the traditional scares or provide any new ground on the exorcism mythos. The movie also had a few pacing issues that slowed it down to a snail's pace at times. The movie may also be a tad bit too ambitious for its own good as the ambiguity of the plot progress did feel a tad bit forced. I enjoyed the film for what it was. It was far more of a densely textured atmospheric thick psychological journey than a traditional horror film. This is a case where the journey is more rewarding than the end. A 7.25 out of 10.

  • black book stuff


    This film has got great artistic skills, but it is very hard to make sense of the story. It's like the spheres of Dante's hell, skipping like a futon from sphere to sphere. I also learn that the equation priest plus nun means baby from hell... Exorcisms there are but not like the mainstream ones. Some freaky moments, but not to bad to digest.summasummarun is I sit with more questions than answer when I leave this one. It's barely recommendable-

  • Good movie - worth watching


    This is a well made movie with an interesting story line and you are never sure which direction it will go in until the end. The acting is superb as with every character being believable and which take you into their world. Well worth watching.

  • Beautiful Film


    This film is artistically and visually stunning. Really enjoyed watching and loved the visual effects. Story was captivating, psychologically thrilling, scary, and surprising. Would definitely watch again.

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