Betrayal (2013)

Jack TopalianEric RobertsOleg TaktarovScott L. Schwartz
Jack Topalian


Betrayal (2013) is a English,Armenian,Russian movie. Jack Topalian has directed this movie. Jack Topalian,Eric Roberts,Oleg Taktarov,Scott L. Schwartz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Betrayal (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Crime,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Vazgen "Vaz", a Mobster turned businessman, is pulled back into his past life, when his eldest son is accused of killing a Russian gangster. Now he must find a way to save his family and all that he's built.

Betrayal (2013) Reviews

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    We can't be too upset on how IMDb rates the movies, because it appears to all be computerized on member input. I'm not swift to convict so this movie was given a quick look see. The producer definitely needed a good sound man to cut down on mic echos, and blend the soundtrack properly. They also needed better editing to give this film more continuity. It appears nobody had heart in the making of this movie..., now How to Check for Accurate Movie Ratings on IMDb. 1) We first see that IMDb has an exceptionally high score. Take it with a grain of salt. And, go straight to the reviews. 2) Find the who "Hated It" ratings or those who gave a very low score and why. In this case we find the guy who titled his review "Beyond cheesy" gave the lowest movie score, and his belief on why. Having gave the movie a look I'll have to agree with him, but did I have to waste my time on watching the movie ~ NO! 3) All one has to do is look at the 'profile' of those who gave it an off the charts score. Here we find the guy who titled his review as "Fast paced and action packed!" Because of him IMDb's computer rated the movie at 6.8 as of this writing. But, if you look at this guy's profile he joined Jan 2014, and rate the movie on Feb. 3rd, 2014 just a few days after it's release. Moreover, Betrayal is the ONLY Movie that he RATED! An obvious shill for the movie? Read on... We see this all the time on IMDb. People with profiles giving a movie too high a score, and it's the only movie they've ever rated. Sometimes I find a number (3 or more for example) of people with a profile that rates the movie too high and again, it's the only movie they've ever rated! These people have a vested interest in the success of the movie and used a superficial rating, because the movie can't stand on its own merits. If it's a high budget movie, metacritic or a metascore will also kick in its separate rating at the top of the movie's cover page. This is useful, but must be balanced with good and bad reviews. Check those 'high score profiles' to see if they're pulling a fast one! With a little investigative work, one can save allot of time, money, and wasting themselves away at the movies. BTW: If you find yourself in a bad movie, please come back, rate it, and tells us why. Happy Hunting...

  • Beyond cheesy


    Terrible acting, terrible sound track, terrible casting ---even with Eric Roberts--- terrible writing. I wondered why someone took this amount of time and effort to produce a dog of a film? If you put money up and hire a cast and crew, why not make something worthwhile? I pondered this and came up with a few scenarios. A rich aunt, uncle or other family member who believed in the writer/director? A rich aunt, uncle or other family member who the writer/director threatened with revealing a dark secret? Or was this a way to launder illicit funds? I'll never know and don't care about why as much as I hate to see so much effort and money used to put out such a poor movie. We all know how hard it is to make a film from concept to final print; but this movie never even attempted to move past high school film class. Give it a miss.



    This is another movie where Eric Roberts is billed far beyond his minor role. The film opens with Vaz (Jack Topalian) informing a group of people that families should be off limits and that "a common thug and a low life" has betrayed him (camera focus on Eric Roberts). We have no idea what he is talking about as the film then suddenly cuts to another scene. Boris is shot and killed, Christina (Siana Kay) has a party and Vaz has dinner with a Senator at seemingly some time later. However that is not the case. The editing really sucked. The meeting that we see in the beginning of the film, actually happens at the end of the film. Boris getting shot and the senator's dinner happens in the same night while the party was apparently earlier. Vaz is apparently an honest businessman who used to be a bad guy, but the opening scene confuses the whole plot. The acting and dialogue was bad too.The action/torture/interrogation scenes were low budget lame, i.e no Reservoir Dogs allowed. And 15 minutes from the end they resurrect characters from the dead that had an inadequate introduction to say the least. If you have seen any low budget films with Eric Roberts cameos, let that be your guide. Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

  • Fast paced and action packed!


    BETRAYAL (2014) Cast: Jack Topalian, Eric Roberts, Oleg Taktarov, Ric Young, Scot L. Schwartz Director: Jack Topalian Synopsis: Jack Topalian stars as Vazgen, a businessman who formerly was the boss of the Armenian mafia. Circumstances pull him back to his past when his son Michael (Vaz Andreas) gets involved in a fight and kills a Russian mobster in defense of his own life. Vazgen (Jack Topalian) must protect his son from Yuri (Oleg Taktarov)and the Russian mafia and he has to do everything to save his family. Review: Jack Topalian's very first movie and I may say that he did a great job by portraying the struggles and the dark life of mafia, sacrifices that are made, the value and the trust of the family, loyalty and honor. Overall it's a great movie, with twists and turns and it always keeps you interested.

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