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Blue World Order (2019)

Blue World Order (2019)

Billy ZaneBruce SpenceJack ThompsonJake Ryan
Ché Baker,Dallas Bland


Blue World Order (2019) is a English movie. Ché Baker,Dallas Bland has directed this movie. Billy Zane,Bruce Spence,Jack Thompson,Jake Ryan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Blue World Order (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which civilisation has crumbled. A massive electromagnetic pulse has killed all children on the planet with the exception of Molly (Billie Rutherford), the daughter of Jake Slater (Jake Ryan).

Blue World Order (2019) Reviews

  • Awful with Fake Rating and Reviews


    IMDb used to be a serious site and an international reference for movie fans. Unfortunately since the last modification, IMDb has become a manipulative site with fake ratings (probably with the use of robots) and reviews (many of them with one or two lines only). The boring "Blue World Order" is one of the worst movies of the adventure genre. The screenplay is a complete mess and the pace is absolutely inadequate for the genre. The poor direction associated to terrible performances make this flick an unbearable entertainment. However the IMDb User Rating (7.1) lures many viewers (including me). My vote is three. Title (Brazil): Not Avaliable

  • How embarrassing


    What can I say about this movie? I am from Canberra, Australia, and this movie was filmed in the surrounding region. I get this is a low budget film, but did it really have to be this bad? I can only say I am embarrassed for the fledgling Canberra film industry. I'm not sure if it's worthwhile talking about the plot, but here goes. It more or less invokes 'On the Beach', with a nuclear war (I think) devastating the northern half of the world and people having to survive in the southern half of the world. The hero is Jake and he has to do some stuff to save his daughter. Billy Zane also turns up as a judo coach. Probably the most perplexing character of the lot is Stephen Hunter as Madcap. I'm not sure why the director chose to insert a hobbit in medieval clothes into this ostensibly science fiction film, but that's pretty much what you get. Another character in the film that is completely incomprehensible is Bolude Fakuade as Marion. I suspect both Stephen Hunter and Bolude Fakuade would be up for Razzies if this film even gets noticed anywhere other than Canberra. Canberra insiders will also notice the cameo of our loathsome 'chief minister' (or 'mayor' if you like), Andrew Barr. The great thing about his appearance is that Mr Barr is frozen, unable to move or speak: I wish that was the case all of the time. Just seeing Mr Barr frozen out was maybe, just maybe, worth the price of the movie ticket for this movie. I won't be buying the DVD though.

  • score bumped


    Its so bumped that it shows imdb rating system has its flaws, dont waste your time watching dont be fooled by the 7

  • Literally one of the worst movies ever made


    Everything is wrong with this movie, from the absolutely abysmal acting (bar one character), awful cinematography where literally EVERY SINGLE SHOT would be framed in a way where the top of the actors head would be cut off... you couldn't like... move the camera up a bit? Or maybe just shoot a wider take? Speaking of wider take, there's absolutely no consistency in chase scenes, or scenes where the actors are running through the woods, it's literally just random shots / cuts of our actors running through the woods randomly, you don't know where they're going, why they go in certain directions, how far away the bad guys are from them... there's one scene where this fat guy takes our main characters (Jake) daughter and somehow gets away from our main character... even though he had... maybe a 5 second head start on him... I'm not even kidding.... ARGH!!! The directing of the action was absolutely atrocious, from the moment they show the "wrestling" scene filmed at The Stockade gym, sets the bar for just how bad the action in this film is going to be. There's even a scene where Jake is punching soldiers in the head... but the soldiers are wearing helmets... WHAT!?!? Also why is everyone doing giant capoeira esque spinning kicks?!?!? Yeah, let me just telegraph my attacks AS HARD AS I CAN.... The film also had an absolutely disgusting and inconsistent colour palette throughout. It tried to go for this murky post apocalyptic feel, but then some other parts, it's like they forgot and everything looks normal. There was also a hilarious scene that was VERY CLEARLY shot in the day, but they colour correct it to make it look like night... even though there's perfectly casted shadows over the people's faces and ground... Couldn't have just made the scene take place during the day? There's a scene in the film where two people are talking and Jake reveals himself to the enemy, and one of the actors looks and sees our main character, BUT continues talking to the other guy normally... and only after a few seconds, does he ACTUALLY react and say "WHO ARE YOU, STAY BACK!!!"... like... as opposed to reacting mid sentence and being surprised... nah just finish your sentence THEN react to this threat in front of you. Continuing on from this same scene, Jake is VERY CLEARLY holding a person in his arms, even though they're wrapped in blankets, to which our two actors ask "WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE?"... HNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH The over abundance of pointless exposition was also an incredibly and stupid way to try and educate the audience into what your film is about... too bad NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE IN THIS FILM.... Who was the script supervisor? Did anyone even proof read this screenplay? Or did this director simply wanted to mash a bunch of genres together and film poorly choreographed action scenes first then write a script around them..? Cause that's honestly how it feels... Oh look, filming inside a cave!! How are we gonna light it in a way that we can still create the shot but make the light source within the films universe believable? Yeah let's just use a bunch of high tech studio lighting in order for us to film this scene, but our characters are using candles to light the cave up, yeah this shot isn't totally over exposed or anything. NO ONE'S CHARACTER IN THIS MOVIE MAKES ANY SENSE... AT ALL... who are the resistance? Why are they trying to fight against the Telstra tower people? Why is the guys wife working with the Telstra tower people but secretly has an ulterior motive? What was the deal with the first settlement and why they wanted Jakes daughter? What was the deal with the semi cool looking dude in the suit who was never utilized for anything? Why is the "bad guy" at the end suddenly siding with Jake? WHAT???!?!?!? WHY DOESN'T ANYONE USE THEIR GUNS!!!!!!! There is so much poorly choreographed hand to hand combat and fight scenes, and of course the movie goes for the whole "one hit KO" approach, regardless of where people are hit... but like.... If anyone in this movie USED THEIR GUN... Jake wouldn't have made it as far as he did... Why is the score in this movie so inconsistent with the tone that the film is trying to go for... actually WHAT KIND OF TONE IS THIS MOVIE GOING FOR?!?!?! Is it trying to be grim? Is it trying to be hopeful? Is it trying to simulate Hobbiton from The Hobbit (I'm not kidding). There were 2 (but apparently 3) REALLY REALLY bad editing mistakes throughout this film... they are GLARINGLY OBVIOUS when you spot them... Also, don't use the fast forward function during car chase scenes, it's just a lazy way to try and make it like the cars are going a lot faster than they actually are... and it's glaringly obvious... There's also a scene where the entire world is frozen in stasis, which I'll admit is a pretty cool concept, too bad you couldn't get your extras to stand still... kinda breaks the believability of your universe when you can tell your extras are having a hard time standing still and you can see em shaking... couldn't have gotten a second take? USE A TRIPOD! ....ARE THOSE GUNS NERF GUNS!?!?!?!? Wow... they used nerf guns..... The 2 hour run time was COMPLETELY unnecessary This movie was trying to be a blend of sci fi with crazy action and contain a mad max style car chase scene... and it fails at all of them. If you want a GOOD movie about infertility, go watch Children of Men. If you want WELL DIRECTED fight choreography, go watch ANY Jackie Chan film or Gareth Evan's The Raid 1 and 2. If you want a Mad Max style car chase scene, go watch Mad Max Fury Road. I really really want to try and give this movie the benefit of the doubt and at least say that it was an admirable attempt for a first time film... but it wasn't. Just because you filmed this in Canberra, doesn't mean I am going to let this movie and its faults slip by... But hey, Che Baker and Dallas Bland actually made a film, and that's more than I can say about a lot of people who have half baked ideas for what they want to do and never actually accomplish it. So even though this film is a flaming dumpster fire, at least it exists, and at least it looked like they had a lot of fun making it, so good on em, but still: 1/10.

  • IMDB should audit this movie´s ratings


    It is suspicious an evaluacion so high to a movie that we are able to grade it as a 4 film right from the trailer. Come on!!!. I am a fan of indie, trash, B movies. But I also know it´s not Apocalipse Now. I admire your fan base that was capable to achieve that amount of votes. Congratulations! Here in Brazil we did the same with an biography of a "pastor" that lured his flock to vote. Thousands elevated the ratings of that movie.


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