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Book of Monsters (2018)

Lyndsey CraineMichaela LongdenLizzie Aaryn-StantonDaniel Thrace
Stewart Sparke


Book of Monsters (2018) is a English movie. Stewart Sparke has directed this movie. Lyndsey Craine,Michaela Longden,Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton,Daniel Thrace are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Book of Monsters (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Sophie's 18th birthday becomes a bloodbath when monsters descend upon her house and start to devour the party guests. Sophie and her friends must rally together to send their party crashers back to hell.

Book of Monsters (2018) Reviews

  • A deeply enjoyable 80s throwback


    I took a chance on this on Vudu and I don't know what I was expecting going in but I was pleasantly surprised to find a really fun throwback to 80s creature movies like Ghoulies and Critters. It doesn't take itself too seriously and has some great practical FX and the acting was surprisingly great for a low budget flick. Some great gore and kills if you're into that kind of thing. I would recommend to any fans of 80s horror but don't go in looking for jump scares.

  • Highly enjoyable and fun creature feature


    Troubled by a traumatic childhood incident, a teen and her friends decide to throw a wild party for her eighteenth birthday, but once the guests arrive a deadly ritual is invoked unleashing a horde of monsters looking to complete a dangerous ritual and forcing them to stop its plans. For the most part, this proved to be an exceptionally enjoyable effort. One of it's strongest aspects is the manner in which this one works the fear of growing up into a decidedly fun effort. With a fantastic start that provides a reasonable and wholly necessary motivation for the fear she has towards the event and colors her emotional memories of her mother's incident, there's a great start to this one that gets played out rather nicely here. These events are rightfully psychologically scarring but to also see this hasn't affected her in most stereotypical manners is quite refreshing with the way the early goings of the party which is rather fun. It's once the creatures arrive at the house where this one really turns into a full-on blast. The creatures running wild on the guests at the party offers up scores of highly-enjoyable antics here which are all the more fun due to the practical nature of the effects. Given that the various and multiple monsters and creatures are shown to have memorable and unique designs that are driven by that manner of practical costumes for them, there's an added sense of fun in seeing the spike-backed ox creature or the gnome-worms running around the party as there's a sense of realism in seeing that occur. Given that these also manage to unravel the mystery behind their appearance and the ritual that's at the center of the creatures appearing at the house, this prepares us nicely for the overall fun of the finale where it tackles the creatures being taken out in rather fun fashion and unleashing plenty of over-the-top confrontations and action-packed encounters that leave this with a lighthearted tone alongside the thrilling sequences. These here hold the film up over it's few minor flaws as there were several small problems with it. The biggest issue is the absolute lack of clarity as for what's going on as the decision to keep the information about the creatures' appearance until the very end doesn't mean this makes any sense. The running time is spent with everyone around the party wondering what the purpose of them appearing is supposed to be for, and even their attempts at figuring out the translations in the book don't amount to much with several questionable aspects. As well, there's also the rushed finale which handles the action in a decidedly quick manner, making this one feel like the final boss battle between them and the most dangerous demon is a tad underwhelming. Otherwise, there isn't much wrong with this one. Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

  • My Review Of "Book Of Monsters"


    "Book Of Monsters" is a fun, high energy, bloody good time. It is a micro-budget horror comedy that is reminiscent of classic 80's movies, such as "Evil Dead" and "Night Of The Demons". The story is a patchwork quilt of typical horror tropes, setups, and characters, but because Sparke knows the film he is trying to make, the familiarity is more a tribute to the genre than a copycat. It isn't perfect, there are times the humor falls flat, or the scene stumbles a bit, but the pace and the energy over-takes any real flaws. Special effects are blood-soaked, gory practical elements that soak up the spotlight in "Book Of Monsters". It's like an 80-something minute long episode of 'Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil' on steroids. Sparke goes for broke creating visceral scenes of carnage, so much so that even the moments that fail are fun and enjoyable to watch. The creature designs, practical effects, and so many characters battling for "Scream Queen" gold are so captivating on screen. Overall "Book Of Monsters" is a great indie horror comedy that gets so much right and does so much on such a small budget. There are some downers, the exposition material drags a bit- but how could they not after so much high energy scenes of monsters and guts and screams! For the most part "Book Of Monsters" is a must for indie horror fans, and is a prime example of why we love indie horror!

  • A balanced review


    I feel this movie has good intentions made by lovers of the genre , but may have bitten more off than they can chew. I think meant to come off like a film in the vein of Evil Dead, Brain dead & Night of the Demons, is actually more comparable to the movie 'The Spookies' What works. -The LGBT angle is integrated very well. The main character just happens to be gay, but it's treated just as a matter of fact and does't get preachy or nor does it fall into sterotypes But what does't work We just have to accept that the mother is some kind of monster hunter, with no context as to why , how , what that means etc. Within the logic of this movie, she is reading bedtime stories to her young daughter directly from a ancient demon summoning book ( doesn't seem like great parenting does it ) . Then it alludes to , she's somehow summoned a monster under her daughter's bed ( if not, are we to believe it's been hanging around there all the time?). Then the movie contradicts it's self later by saying the monsters are summoned via the blood of a virgin, when that's not what happened in the prologue . So you get what i'm saying, this movie needed to have a 2nd script draft, or as i see in so many times in indie movies, someone else outside of production to test it on, who isn't just gonna say yes, yes, yes, because they are either employed of friends with the film makers Overall, this movie does have some fun with the carnage and is enjoyable on a basic level. This isn't a 10 out of 10 as some of the 'cough' "Genuine" 'cough' reviews indicate, but nor is it a 1 out of 10 either. Fun but very flawed

  • A must see horror film


    Book of Monsters has everything a horror fan could want. Good story, great acting, pretty girls and some sick add monsters. The writing is both very funny and smart. Lyndsey Craine and Michaela Longden's perforcences are spot on and make this film so much fun. Definitely pick this one up and add it to your collection. Sure to be a cult classic.

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