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Budapest (2018)

Budapest (2018)

Manu PayetJonathan CohenMonsieur PoulpeAlice Belaïdi
Xavier Gens


Budapest (2018) is a Hungarian,French,English movie. Xavier Gens has directed this movie. Manu Payet,Jonathan Cohen,Monsieur Poulpe,Alice Belaïdi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Budapest (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Two best friends stuck in boring jobs become bachelor party planners in Budapest.

Budapest (2018) Reviews

  • The Hangover in French


    I was born and raised in Budapest, but I live in the west since over thirty years now and even if I think, that some of the things in the movie were a bit exaggerated and maybe possible after the fall of communism, during the years when nobody knew how to continue, but not today, I also think that the other reviewers giving this movie a 1 star rating out of national pride, are just disgusting butthurt snobs and probably nationalist scum, who have no humor and actually hurt the image of Hungary more, than they would believe. Do not listen to them. The movie is very funny and knowing that it's true and that you can really visit their website and book these trips makes it even funnier. It's a shame that the site is only in french and you can't book these trips from the country I live in. I laughed and enjoyed myself very much during the movie and the Hungarian music they used made me nostalgic. If you liked the first Hangover, you will like this one too.

  • Wow, what a waste of Time


    A bad copy of Hangover. Not funny, predictable, a story full of sterotypes.

  • Funny but...


    Budapest does a nice French spin on movies like The Hangover. It made me laugh, so for me it is a good comedy. The ending ruins it though. The film ends up another tale of men needing to be 'tamed' by their wives. Also, the writers have been trying a bit too hard convincing their boss they have never used any drugs, as that xtc bit is Just ridiculous. Overall it's a fine comedy for when you want to laugh and not think too much

  • Not funny at all


    They're trying so hard to be funny that it becomes painful to watch. I'm French and I'm ashamed that such terrible French movies are available on Netflix, when other good comedies are not. I gave it a 2, but could as well been a 1 or no star at all.

  • :( Why?? (Budapest so nice )


    This movie not about Budapest but stupid people:( as I'm a lady from Budapest I can tell you that it's offensive for me. Budapest an elegant city, much nicer and cooler! shame on you...

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