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Capt'n Sharky (2018)

Capt'n Sharky (2018)

Norman EndresJule HermannJulian ManuelAnton Petzold
Jan Stoltz,Hubert Weiland


Capt'n Sharky (2018) is a German,English movie. Jan Stoltz,Hubert Weiland has directed this movie. Norman Endres,Jule Hermann,Julian Manuel,Anton Petzold are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Capt'n Sharky (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Musical movie in India and around the world.

CAPT'N SHARKY may be small, but he sure believes himself to be the most fearsome pirate of the seven seas. His stately ship is as good as ready for her maiden voyage and all Sharky needs is a compass and a real crew. Little did he know that both will have their price - Accidently Sharky has quite a bit of stowaway on board: MICKEY, who's wrongfully taken as a thief, and BONNIE, the ADMIRAL'S daughter, who ran away from her father. Turns out she has the compass that Sharky so desperately needs. But she'll only trade it for a place on his ship. A girl and a landlubber - not exactly the ruthless and unscrupulous crew Sharky was hoping for. Especially now that the admiral believes Sharky to be Bonnie's kidnapper, the little pirate wishes to be more like OLD BILL and his lot. But the old pirate is more interested in the price on Sharky's head than in helping him defeat the Admiral. Sharky's false pride makes for another bump in the road. Soon he has to realize that there's more to life ...


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