Capture Kill Release (2016)

Jennifer FraserJon GatesFarhang GhajarRich Piatkowski
Nick McAnulty,Brian Allan Stewart


Capture Kill Release (2016) is a English movie. Nick McAnulty,Brian Allan Stewart has directed this movie. Jennifer Fraser,Jon Gates,Farhang Ghajar,Rich Piatkowski are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Capture Kill Release (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A couple plots to murder a random stranger just for the thrill of it, but things turn ugly when one of them decides not to go through with it.

Capture Kill Release (2016) Reviews

  • Video diary effort with some graphically realistic effects


    CAPTURE KILL RELEASE is a micro budget horror film with just a handful of characters in the cast. The premise is pretty nasty and depicts horror in an ordinary, everyday kind of way. It features an attractive young couple living a normal life which is chronicled by a video diary who decide to spice up their existence by committing murder. This film plays out in a slow and stately fashion with an emphasis on the psychology of the main characters over other elements. In that respect, it makes use of the limited elements available, namely a building and just two main actors. There are some very graphic gore sequences which feature astoundingly realistic special effects but these don't take up much of the running time. Otherwise, there really isn't very much on offer here.

  • Poorly conceived


    I wanted to like 'Capture Kill Release', I really did. I'm a big fan of the "found footage" genre. It has produced some of my favourite horror films because it can be a very effective tool when used correctly. 'Capture Kill Release' however, was not a film that should have used it. The point of using it is to make things feel as realistic as possible and thus more scary. The way this film used it though had the opposite effect. Instead, I kept thinking to myself how absurd it was that they were filming this and how completely unrealistic the whole thing was. Another problem I had with this movie was it that it was supposed to be a horror, yet it never once feels like a horror other than the odd bit of gruesome dismemberment. It plays out more like a drama. And that would be fine if that was what they were intending (in fact I think that would have made for a much better film had it focused itself in that direction), but you can clearly tell that they were indeed trying to make a horror movie and simply failed miserably. Add in some pretty horrible acting from the entire cast and you have a complete misfire. A 90 minute film should never feel this long, dull and drawn out. There are some brilliant films out there in the "found footage" genre. I suggest watching one of those instead.

  • Very Well Acted Disturbing Film


    I downloaded this movie last night from the play store. I really wasn't expecting much but it was really well made. The female lead is a truly scary character. She puts forth a weird sexuality mixed with this evil desire. Her partner is a hapless loser, that you feel for. I pulled up the cast and was a little surprised they don't have more than a one other credit. Maybe they are acting in commercials? The movie is a great little film. It was obviously filmed on a shoestring budget but don't let that turn you off. I enjoyed the acting and the little bits of humour thrown here and there. I don't usually like the "found footage, first person filming" style, but this time it actually worked. If you get a chance have a little bit of time to kill on an evening, give it a try.

  • Can't look directly at it....but also can't look away


    honestly, I'm a huge horror, slasher, thriller etc movie buff. I love me a good old fashion disturbing tail told through the eyes of an even more disturbed story teller. THIS movie had me locked in from the opening scene right to the ending credits. It's not your typical found footage film, there are so many layers and I really truly hope to see more from these writers/directors in the near future! MUST SEE! cheers

  • A better than okay "found footage"film


    Although Farhang was annoying and bitch boy in every way possible the film still worth the watch. Jennifer, played by Jennifer was believable as an attention needy sick woman. Watch till the very end for the movie to be worth worth the experience. The true sad star was poor ole Gary and the cat :(

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