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Catching Feelings (2017)

Catching Feelings (2017)

Kagiso LedigaPearl ThusiAndrew BucklandAkin Omotoso
Kagiso Lediga


Catching Feelings (2017) is a English movie. Kagiso Lediga has directed this movie. Kagiso Lediga,Pearl Thusi,Andrew Buckland,Akin Omotoso are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Catching Feelings (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Catching Feelings is a dark romantic comedy which follows an urbane young academic and his beautiful wife, as their lives get turned upside down when a celebrated and hedonistic older writer moves into their Johannesburg home with them.

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Catching Feelings (2017) Reviews

  • Beautiful, relatable RomCom


    Catching Feeling is an easy relatable romantic comedy filmed in the backdrop on Johannesburg. Kagiso brings the funny side of the story in his stuck up academic demeanor while Pearl shows us why she was cast on Quantico and all that Eye/A$$ candy doesn't hurt one bit. How can I not mention Akin in his 3 way with a married woman. Well worth the trip to the movie theater or couch. get some popcorn and get ready to laugh.

  • Great Characters, ugh what's the story?


    While the acting was solid, the characters are led through a bunch of situations - many of which are drinking scenes - where the jealousy, love, anger, commitment, and freewill are explored. Overall, the film is scattered and disconnected. Even the B-Roll is duplicated. The story also tries to be intellectual, hip, and socially progressive against a backdrop of traditional values. This just confuses the view into thinking the movie might be about something. Ultimately, the movie ends.

  • Could have been better


    I had to watch this movie just to forget the dreadful Black Panther i had watched earlier in the day and i must say CF is a breathe of fresh air. Its a South African movie not about AIDS, crime or poverty. I could have easily given 7/10 but that would not be because of the quality of the film but because of the nostalgia of seeing places in Johannesburg i recognized. Sam and Max are a middle class couple living in Johannesburg. They don't have kids so all they do (when money allows) is hang out with friends. Then a middle aged, well known writer and free spirit by the name Heiner shows up in their home and kind of disrupts the harmony. I say kind of because i had no idea why Max strongly felt Heiner would have sex with his wife while he was in Cape Town because the guy wasn't even talking to Sam let alone getting close to her. If anything he was an ideal guest. This is why i gave 6/10 because Max's fears are unfounded and yet all along he came across as a cool guy. Another issue i had problem with is did Heiner have sex with Sam or it was Max's imagination running wild ? The confrontation does not help answer this question because Heiner does not give a definite yes or no when asked if had sex with Sam. As you would expect a film written and directed by a stand up comedian is bound to be funny. So is this one except that Max kinds of repeats the joke that same very moment but it only happened a few times.. The acting is good another breathe of fresh air. The sound is not of high quality all the time there is even a cringe worthy scene were two characters are talking in a room and we see them from outside the room and it seems the boom operator was outside too. I don't know what to say of the cinematography maybe that is what was intended. In short this film is a step in the right direction. Now i am waiting for a South African film with a Hollywood feel in terms of cinematography and production design.

  • A must watch!


    I had the chance to watch this movie with the director himself. A really great movie that takes place in the nice spots of Jozi & Cape Town. It's absolutely great to see Johannesburg city differently in this movie. It's (too) often associated to violence, safety, robbery etc. Couple relation is the main topic of this movie. The way it is approached with great sensibility and humor is a real pleasure to watch. I highly recommend this movie on a cold sunday of winter with a hot chocolate and your loved one :-) Thanks a lot!

  • Brilliant Arthouse movie


    Husband and I reluctantly started watching the movie, not sure where the story was going. Good job we persevered, difficult to watch in places but with a stimulating sense of social realism and a focus on the thoughts and motivations of characters as opposed to a goal-driven storyline. Would love to see Kagiso Lediga on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!


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