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Chasing Bullitt (2018)

Jan BrobergAndre BrooksDorian Cirillo-MurrayCrystal Miel Cossey
Joe Eddy


Chasing Bullitt (2018) is a English movie. Joe Eddy has directed this movie. Jan Broberg,Andre Brooks,Dorian Cirillo-Murray,Crystal Miel Cossey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Chasing Bullitt (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

January 1971- After an unexpected confrontation with his agent, Hollywood legend Steve McQueen makes a reluctant deal. He'll choose his next acting gig on one condition: his agent has to help him locate the iconic Ford Mustang GT 390 from his seminal film BULLITT. On his journey across the desert and back to Los Angeles, Steve ruminates on his triumphs and losses. Through his memories, a picture of the man's reality is slowly revealed: a crumbling marriage, therapy, financial troubles, and a waning career.

Chasing Bullitt (2018) Reviews

  • Not great


    A movie that reminds you that it's best not to meet your hero's in real life cause you'll be disappointed

  • Andre Brooks caputures the essence of McQueen


    I am a huge McQueen fan and have read much about him so this was a must see for me. I am a bit skeptical of how that 9.7 rating got there so I will skip the negativity. Andre Brooks absolutely captured the essence of McQueen. A masterful impression that must have Tarantino regretting he did not cast Andre as McQueen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (although in fairness to Damien Lewis, who also resembles McQueen, we haven't seen what he's got yet).

  • Riveting


    I'm not big on Hollywood icons, and I'd be so so at best with movie trivia, but one guy who's riveted into my head is Steve McQueen. So when I saw this movie offered on Hoopla, I had to check it out. It only took me a minute to get past my inherent objection to some actor pretending to be McQueen; the portrayal was good enough, and honest enough, that I quickly fell into accepting it as McQueen himself. I'm not familiar with any of the actors, or with the director, in this movie, but I think they all did a fine job. The plot, which no doubt is fiction, seems true enough to McQueen's character that I had to wonder to what extent it's based on reality. All in all, I started out not being sure, but ended up very appreciative and satisfied. I'd call this movie a real treat, and I'm very glad I watched it.

  • he was a super star then


    This is an biographical take on patches of steve mcqueens life and spirits, and the makers have made a point of his frantic search for the favourite of his of all cars in the world, the one he drove in the film bullitt, and he didnt stop chasing after that car until his death in 1980,a car he really never obtained. the chosen male actor in this kinda bundle of strained storie ,are a pretty nice spittin' image of mcqueen, and his voice and demeanors are very well matching the culprit.. the other main cast do a fine job too , and some of the dialouges are excellently done its a low budget production, but it barely never shows, and thats mostly due to a great filmography and editing, and the choice of locations are marvelous and at times a breathtaker. if you want to know the whole story about a tough actor the go to the documentary world, but this is a good addition to it all. recommende by the grumpy old man

  • Epic Acting in Search of an Epic Budget


    Here's a darn-good movie about the coolest actor in history. The best element in the movie is the acting. Andre Rosen did a better job capturing Steve McQueen than I thought is possible. His performance is captivating from start to finish. I give him ten stars! Augie Duke's Neile McQueen is wonderful. Other characters (agent Freddie Fields, Beautiful Dancer, Cuban President Batista) are well-portrayed. The script loves McQueen, with all his flaws, and digs deeply into his heart, soul, and psyche. The film does not get more stars because it has a major flaw and a near-fatal flaw. Major flaw - the music. I'll say no more. Near-fatal flaw - the budget. This is a small movie about a mega-meta-epic Hollywood star. When will a major studio make a big-budget docudrama depicting Steve's impossible adventure from poor, abandoned farm boy to highest-paid actor in the world? Soon, I hope.

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