Crooked Arrows (2012)

Crooked Arrows (2012)

Brandon RouthGil BirminghamCrystal AllenChelsea Ricketts
Steve Rash


Crooked Arrows (2012) is a English movie. Steve Rash has directed this movie. Brandon Routh,Gil Birmingham,Crystal Allen,Chelsea Ricketts are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Crooked Arrows (2012) is considered one of the best Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

A story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament.

Crooked Arrows (2012) Reviews

  • More then Lacrosse!


    I seen this film described as a, "David vs Goliath" event; Small team vs Big team = Small team wins! That's it in a nutshell, but It's so much more then that! Sure lacrosse is in our blood and our families played for centuries - and that alone is enough to bring tears to peoples eyes when they watch this on the big screen - but the imagery and language of our people in a medium that will touch so much people - makes me proud! This new awareness of haudenosaunee people in popular media is way past due! When's the last time you seen a native even in a sitcom let alone a Haudenosaunee? You may know about the Cree, Navajo, Seminole, Cherokee, and Apache, but how many people know about the Haudenosaunee (a.k.a. Iroquois) league of nations? I love how this film incorporates subtle facts about the Haudenosaunee and doesn't miss expressing our sovereignty! For those of you who play lacrosse and especially the younger ones getting into the game - this movie is for you! Your eyes might tear up and you may get so excited you want to cheer along - but you'll walk out of the theater more knowledgeable and more importantly - INSPIRED!! Niá:wen / Thank you to the actors, production team, and everyone involved - what a great experience!

  • Great heart warming movie about family, community, relationships, history and sports.


    My husband, my cousin and I really loved this movie. Being native we especially enjoyed the cultural aspects that we know so well. The music was very familiar to us. We are happy that all people will have a chance to enjoy the wonderful story, fabulous acting, and beautiful scenery. This is definitely a feel good movie for all. I am looking forward to buying it when it comes out on DVD. I would show it to my class. There are so many things that they could learn from this movie. I am also sure that my students and all movie goers can relate to the relationships and other aspects of the story. I hope everyone goes to see this movie. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It Follows "The Formula" ...BUT


    "Crooked Arrows" is one of those movies that even if you know almost nothing about the sport of Lacrosse you get involved in the game so much so that you might just find yourself yelling at the screen and that is part of "The Formula" that works so very well for movies about sports. BUT If you start watching this movie thinking that "The Formula" is all there is to it, get prepared for a BIG Wake-up call. This movie has managed to twist Native culture, Traditions, History and even Language all together so expertly that you are not only being entertained but being educated at the same time. Saying that this movie is an emotional roller coaster would be akin to saying that Tecumseh was a great warrior. Both are major understatements. I'm not going to give anything away here because I really believe that potential viewers should just watch and ENJOY this movie from start to finish without knowing more than what is in the synopsis. Probably the biggest compliment I can pay the movie is by saying, "I'm Dave Furlotte and I'm a Crooked Arrow."

  • Good family/sports film


    Joe Logan (Brandon Routh) is a local boy who's trying to make his mark. He wants to negotiate a land deal with a casino owner. In order to make it happen, he must get the agreement from the tribal council. In return he is forced to coach the local Native high school lacrosse team. Brandon Routh has never been one of my favorite actors. Ever since Superman, I have seen nothing but stiff acting from him. In a way, he's perfect for Superman, but he makes a terrible Clark Kent. He's definitely no Christopher Reeve. I'm willing to accept Brandon's limitation here. It's a workable cliché filled family/sports movie. Chelsea Ricketts plays his plucky sister. While he's the coach, she wants to play. Like many sports movie, the final game is too long and too predictable. But it has enough feel good moments to make this work.

  • The formulaic underdog sports movie but still a solid entry


    Plain and simple...if you like the underdog sports films (Rocky, Miracle, Friday Night Lights etc etc etc) then you will love this. If you don't care for them then you won't. The film is very formulaic, it is practically lifted right from The Mighty Ducks scripts. I'm not saying this makes it bad, I simply am using it to explain to readers why they will or will not like it. Now as many reviewers have said, the thing that sets Crooked Arrows apart from those other films is they fascinating use of Native American culture. Now whether or not the information they show is factual, I don't know. I hope that it is because I don't think Native American culture is often explored in film especially to this end. The characters are good, although perhaps slightly one dimensional without any one of them standing out. Good direction and sports cinematography leaves you cheering for the time and will still make you feel good in the end. Is it unique? No far from it. Does that make it less enjoyable? Nope not at all. Crooked Arrows is a feel good sports film like any other. I like Brandon Routh a lot. He might not be a leading man and say what you will but he was a great Superman, loved him in Chuck and he does a solid job in the lead role in this film. We all know the character, a jaded, power hungry, rising company star who for whatever reason finds himself forced to return to his roots and find himself in the process. He pulls it off and he's likable and you will root for him. Gil Birmingham does a good as Routh's father and one of the tribal leaders. His role is understated but significant. The beautiful Chelsea Ricketts gives perhaps one of the best performances of the film as the strong willed, sassy Nadie. She is fun and outspoken and just a terrific female lead. Crystal Allen is supposed to be the female romantic lead for Routh's character but she is incredibly underused and the chemistry between them is only slightly sufficient. She is heavily wasted in the film. Michael Hudson plays Reed, probably the most significant character on the team. Him and Rickett's have great chemistry and banter and they should have done more of the romance based on the two of them then Routh and Allen. The rest of the members on the team all play their roles well but they just don't get any opportunity to stand out. Director Steve Rash isn't exactly a first rate director and yet he has had his share of experience and it hasn't all been bad. He does small little cute teen romantic comedies decently well. He brings that style to Crooked Arrows and it works. The reviews for Crooked Arrows all say the is clichéd and it is, there is no doubt about it. But there is certain a niche in the demographic for this type of sport's film and the fact that Lacrosse is a huge major sport that as far as I know has never been done on film and then Native American angle keeps this unique enough to be enjoyable. It won't ever be an award winner but that doesn't make it perfectly entertaining. 8/10


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