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Crossbreed (2019)

Vivica A. FoxDaniel BaldwinStink FisherDevanny Pinn
Brandon Slagle


Crossbreed (2019) is a English movie. Brandon Slagle has directed this movie. Vivica A. Fox,Daniel Baldwin,Stink Fisher,Devanny Pinn are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Crossbreed (2019) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In the near future, the President of the New United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top secret research facility orbiting the Earth.

Crossbreed (2019) Reviews

  • An 85 min long cheesy Sci-Fi that was 1 hour too long. Why?


    Wow what a mess. At 1 hour and 25 mins long, this film was 1 hour way too long, and it felt like 3 hours (I had to FFWD many times). Useless scenes with terrible fight choreography, wasted lame dialogue, 1980's SFX (although some VFX where fairly decent), cliched and dragged out plot, and pacing slower than a snail. A 5th grader could have written a better screenplay and directed this better than writer?/director? Brandon Slagle. He failed miserably directing his cast, as they seemed like this was their first acting role in a high school drama. The dialogue was so amateurish, it was painful. The cheesy humor was the lamest attempt I have ever seen. The costumes looked like someone raided a junkyard. I don't mind the odd cheesy sci-fi, but this one was a waste of my time I will never get back. How did this even ever get produced? I hope Baldwin and Fox got paid well. Pass on this mess, even if you have nothing better to watch. It's a very generous 2/10 from me.

  • This needs negative stars!


    3 mins in... oh dear, worse than the trailer so far! 7:30 Acting: none yet... 10:00: I think they are going for the cliché world record! 16:00 Naked hooker robot. ✔ 20:00 "Old comrades meet and bond" ✔ 23:04 "This is a simple mission" ✔ 24:00 "Clean and by the book!" ✔ 26:00 "Hesitation can get you killed!" ✔ 29:00 "This is not what we signed up for!" ✔ 35:00 Argh! I can't take it no more! That trailer is the best of this...dreck! If you can believe the inside of a ship's engine room is a space ship, and you can't tell good from bad acting, plus you've never seen a science fiction or action movie, this might be for you.

  • Just don't


    This is so badly written, a Berkeley student could have done it. The dialog is extremely bad and unnatural and the acting even worse, seemingly just so they could shoehorn a ridiculously dressed "strong sassy black woman" stereotype into the role of "female black president" (as opposed to President). If you enjoy Sci-Fi, pick another film

  • At least this movie gave some jobs to struggling actors!


    I'm going out on a limb and giving this 4 stars. The story wasn't terrible, the acting was bad, but that happens a lot with nooby actors. I've seen a lot worse, so I at least appreciate the work everyone did, even if it turned out as poor as this is. There were some decent scenes that keep my interest, but not many. It was just really funny how one guy could sit right in the line of fire, and 5 guys with guns were plastering the wall (and doing NO damage!) right next to him.....(While he cut a few of them down). Or the guy chopping up someone, and NO blood anywhere, even on the machete! hahahah! Aside from that, if you can stomach low budget, silly scifi movies with really poor fight scenes and dumb lines, go for it!

  • a menace of space fiction


    The genre is hard to strike gold within, this film eats mercury or lead, it is poignant and far too heavy to enjoy at all terms, the visual impression is low on quality, its smome,then no smoke ,smoke and so on. the shooting battles are a big joke, they have turdned the coin several times,saving some money on pyrotechs and gun-powder. its an all digital light and sound warfare. it looks like this gang of overaged ,mediocre kids with broad angled shoulders and oversized uvulas have taken their cameras ,bb guns, floodlights,discolights and smokemachines to one of the shipsalvage yards on the northwestern coast of india, recording the spaceship sequences deep in the dying belly of a super tankers machineroom, and in some seward tunnels somewhere that taxes make it cheap to make a movie. there are a few naked breasts, and a space monster with a supersonic groan, that may heat the groin of the most tunnelvisioned spacenerds out there. baldwin or not .this is worse than homemade stuff, stay away, is the advice from the grumpy old man

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