Cyborg X (2016)

Eve MauroDanny TrejoRocky MyersAdam Johnson
K. King


Cyborg X (2016) is a English movie. K. King has directed this movie. Eve Mauro,Danny Trejo,Rocky Myers,Adam Johnson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Cyborg X (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

After X-Corp, a radical weapons manufacturer, is taken over by a Cyber Virus, a group of survivors must fight to save humanity from the army of Machines the Virus now controls.

Cyborg X (2016) Reviews

  • came inspecting Nothing, left kinda impressed


    i came in expecting an atrociously bad movie .. not sure why but i have been burned before.. but hey, its got Danny Trejo in it so i took a leap of faith. Very limited CGI, which i could expect for movie with this budget, but the costume/prosthetics were not bad, sound was decent, and it was pretty well shot. Limited story, Danny said his usual 20 words, and some wooden acting hurt it of course, but as far as by-the-books Cyborg Action movies go i found it entertaining. Don't know if i would watch it twice, but i would like to see the director get a bigger budget. Lead male actor was pretty decent too .. Lead female actor was OK but nothing to write home about. Good use of scenery too for the limited locations they used. All in all worth a watch, at least once.

  • Good and normal


    Some scenes are little B-movie styled. Movie is good way to get rid of time. Cyborg = bodybuilder covered with blood. And blood everywhere. Dark places to film, and i waited some high tech center, but no, just old warehouses. Yeah, Water, Blood, half naked ladies, bouncing breasts and big weapons (sometimes). If you have time and nothing to do, why not.

  • It's up there with the worst


    There is not one good thing to say about this film. Storyline is non existent - Location is the cheapest set imaginable - Dialogue is rubbish - Acting is strained, can only shout - Choreography is unbelievably bad. Could go on but I think you get the idea. Don't waste 90 minutes of your life watching this. Go for a walk instead.

  • Absolute CRAP


    The Premise of the movie is good, the execution/making of the movies was CRAP. It was way to predictable and full of bullshit. The idea of machines taking over the world has been done, the way people hesitate in doing the obvious is very irritating. Any intelligent person would realize that by shooting the cyborgs in the head would finish them off, but NOOOO the actors have to continuously shoot them in the torso even DANNY TREJO who mentioned to shoot the HEAD. The end is even worse when the SO called hero is STUPID enough to STOP and listen to the President even though the view knows that he is the bad guy. SO in conclusion the writers should use their brains a bit more.

  • If you like girls with big bazookas this will be right up your street!


    A nice Resident Evil'esque beginning with an equally Mila Jovovich sounding female started well but soon fell into pregnant pauses and arty slow-mo pouting Angelina Jolie style with Lips quivering from the off did not bode well for this Scifi flick! Some eye candy for the guys in the form of two ladies with zero acting ability but made up for it in ample proportions with some extra large bazookas and the usual bare chested six packed hunk who to be honest wasn't that bad an actor and of course Danny Trejo thrown in for good measure and box office poster cudos! The script - oh boy its bad, real corny bad , there are just some lines that made me shake my head; "Men drinking their own p**s , do you want to drink your own p**s and eat your own s**t" - those lines have to be heard to be believed. I hid under the couch it was that bad! The story , well its a bit of a Terminator clone (Its a case of spot the similarities) but of the Scifi channel level of movie making and instead of steel robots you get Golds Gym muscle guys with a cape and Bane mask to hide their ugly fizzogs and a nice BFG melded onto their arm where the hand should be and the cheap (Mad Max Style) dune buggies as used in many a low budgeter to transport the cast around the desert! There are some real technical howlers; like the "Oblivion'esque" flying drones who can identify human DNA from 1000 metres with an optical sensor - cmon guys , if you are going to make a scifi movie then at least use a little common sense and the computer screens and displays look like they were either done on the directors ZX-Spectrum or BBC Micro.The one thing the movie does exceptionally well are the gore effects - i wont spoil it but there are some really rather innovative and disgusting moments (you have been warned!). All in all if you like low budget Scifi channel straight to video malarky (or big bazookas and six packs) this might pass the evening but don't expect Terminator style effects or a great script but it has its funny moments and of course the big bazookas, lots of grunts , screams and unnecessary swearing as usual, some old style space effects that don't look CGI but the old way of doing effects with models (which i like) and Danny Trejo really needs to invest in a new pair of false teeth or at least a smokers toothbrush! I would have given it 4 but I am giving it 5 for the big bazookas, Danny Trejo, some really rather excellent gore effects and the computer geek who was not bad!

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