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Ddongpari (2008)

Kkobbi KimHwan LeeIk-joon YangJeong-soon Park
Ik-joon Yang


Ddongpari (2008) is a Korean movie. Ik-joon Yang has directed this movie. Kkobbi Kim,Hwan Lee,Ik-joon Yang,Jeong-soon Park are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Ddongpari (2008) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A bitter loan shark strikes a friendship with a troubled schoolgirl as he faces his own troubled past with his abusive father.

Ddongpari (2008) Reviews

  • One Of The Best Korean Films Ever Made


    Sang Hoon is the protagonist of this film, he is deeply affected by his past due to his fathers domestic abuse which in turn lead to his mother and sisters death. The film, at first, has a dark comedy feel to it, mainly due to Sang Hoons constant cursing and random outbursts of violence. Sang Hoon literally beats people up to live, in more than one sense. Sang Hoon meets Yeon-Hue, a high schooler, when he spits on her uniform, Sang Hoon was surprised when Yeon-Hue called him back and stood up for herself, likely due to his experiences with domestic abuse. Sang Hoon and Yeon-Hue spend more and more time with each other, as she gets to know Sang Hoon she grows to think of him as a father, her desire for a father figure likely comes from her own father being mentally ill and you guessed it, violent. I really don't want write more about this wonderful film, I really encourage you to watch it for yourselves. If i could compare it to another film it would be American History X as the story lines are very similar, so much so that i got a little deja vu.

  • left me breathless..


    this is my first comment for any movie on IMDb... this movie touches deepest corner of your heart. it is not only brilliantly acted by all the cast , it is as well superbly directed. it takes violence as tool to show evil aftereffects of domestic violence . take my advice and just watch it alone you wont regret it. but first let me clear that this movie wont be digested by weak hearted people because it picks a very stubborn truth of society we live in . which is domestic violence. i bet you will seriously give a thought about it. if you are ready to face the truth just go watch it.. this movie also sheds light on a subject which is ignored by most of us living in a family which is to give respect to others, although it does not directly strikes it but it indirectly touches it.

  • Breathless performance by Ik-Joon Yang


    Let me start by saying that this piece of art took me by surprise. I didn't feel that I was watching a movie, Instead the acting was so realistic that I felt I was part of it. Please watch this movie and feel the greatness of Asian Cinema. It is also a tearjerker!!!! This can be a very sad film as well. I doubt if I've ever watched this without a few tears in my eyes at certain points. PS: I would like to recommend this to every movie buff who admire Asian Cinema. "In this life, it's not what you hope for, it's not what you deserve -- it's what you take." Thank you

  • For anyone who enjoyed Once Were Warriors,Nil By Mouth and Bad Guy.


    Out of the ten or so films I have seen so far at this years Sydney Film Festival this one effected me the most. I shed a few tears by the films end and was thinking about it for days afterward. It's a heck of a debut from Yang Ik Joon who wrote, directed, produced and takes the lead role as well. Joon plays a small time hood/debt collector who doesn't mess about with customers who owe money. No one is safe it seems from his fists or his foul mouth, not even his nephew. A chance meeting with a high school student results in an unlikely friendship. We learn more about both characters as the film builds momentum. Suffice to say that their main link is both being exposed to domestic violence. Joon fleshes out the story and gives all characters a chance to shine. The acting is first rate as is the screenplay which apparently is autobiographical. Anyone easily upset by violence or profanity would be well advised to give this one a miss. I hope it finds an audience and gets a wide release. I certainly look forward to more films in the future from this exciting young director/writer/actor.

  • Powerful Film


    Having been to Korea on numerous occasions I went out of my way to ensure I saw this film at the 2009 Vancouver International Film Festival and I am very happy that I did. As this is Yang Ik-Joon's first full-length picture here is a presentation that is shown in true raw passion and with emotion. I found the movie and it's engaging story-line to be very powerful. The audience and I laughed at the dark humour contained within then cried as the eventuality of the plot is brought to bear. For those that can stomach the violence I highly recommend finding this film to view. The movie takes place in a world that most of us are simply not willing to face however the issues presented therein relating to abuse are very important and very relevant. Every action has consequence and truly each of our lives glow so bright before we fade. I hope that one day Breathless (Ddongpari) can be given a Region 1 DVD release so that I may purchase and watch again.

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