Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich (2013)

Philip BerzamanisJane HaslehurstBob LeeNathan Head
Philip Gardiner


Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich (2013) is a English movie. Philip Gardiner has directed this movie. Philip Berzamanis,Jane Haslehurst,Bob Lee,Nathan Head are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich (2013) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

In 1945 the Second World War came to an end and the Nazis fled. Scientists and military elite escaped across borders and found themselves in new worlds. Some fled to Russia, some the United States and others to South America. But there was another division, a forgotten group. A top secret and powerful team of men and women formed in the womb of the Nazi Occult. Now, decades after the war, their work is nearing completion. The 4th Reich is ready. It's more powerful and destructive than ever before. An army of hell is coming. Only one man knows the truth. His mission now, is to convince the world. Based on years of occult research and insider knowledge, Dead Walkers is a film packed with spies, soldiers, Nazis and secrets. But also a very dark and mysterious army raised in the pit of Nazi hell.

Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich (2013) Reviews

  • Mosty awful.


    That something like this even gets trough development baffles my mind,its 1 hour 17 minutes of amateur acting and editing that frankly a bunch of 4th graders could have done better in their camera shop,pay no mind to the rave review likely written by people affiliated with this turkey,I wouldn't pirate this movie. Acting is wooden,actors were probably picked up by a van outside home depot(not only Mexicans stand there now). What the producers had in mind when they set out to make this ,more rather what the producers were ON setting out to make this I'm eager to know. If they set out to make the worlds worst b-film,they actually succeeded. Redeeming features?,at least you can burn the disc.

  • My Review Of "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich"


    "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" does little to raise any chills much less something as chilling as a new Nazi Reich. The film is directed by Philip Gardiner who also wrote the story and stars Philip Berzamanis, Jane Haslehurst, Bob Lee, Nathan Head in what is suppose to be a thriller/action gorefest. The film doesn't deliver on any of the intended vision the director was aiming for with this film. The story focuses on "Alpha One" played by Berzamanis who is forced into therapy to deal with a recent mission that entails a Nazi conspiracy and the occult. A powerful and destructive 4th Reich is being formed in "Dead Walkers". An army of hell is coming. Only one man knows the truth. His mission now, is to convince the world. Based on years of occult research and insider knowledge. The story has a pretty cool and interesting subject and the possibility was definitely there for "Dead Walkers" to be a pretty cool indie action gore flick. The only problem is the execution was a big fail. The visual high concept spectacle that invaded every action scene devoured the film and killed the moment. It was as if every gimmick learned in film school was thrown in just for the hell of it. Dial it back and build a great dialog based story that not only uses the reflective but also the active dialog between characters. Butting the whole of your dramatic aspects and humanistic points on a weak reflective conversation between two not- so-good actors is never wise. Combine that with the constant over-the- top tricks and industrial-rock video like effects that present in a MPD overload and "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" does little to raise anything at all -entertainment value included. The upsides, and they are little, in "Dead Walkers" is the surreal, nightmare PTSD dream sequences and flashback scenes with some pretty cool, gore mania come together nicely. That should have been the crux of the visual artistry in this film to frame the action and the dramatic story. Unfortunately with all the other effects happening in the cinematography, these flashback/nightmare moments got lost in my irritation. Actually, the only other good highlight in this film was Philip Barzamanis' body-I give that a higher review than I do this film.



    Alpha One (Philip Berzamanis) is apparently a Nazi hunter of the 4th Reich. He tells his unwavering story as a flashback to a shrink. Alpha One is troubled by nightmares and hallucinations. The film is all over the place. The video is inconsistent. Sometimes it is in color. Other times black and white through a fish eye lens. The director had apparently ordered a blue hue for some of the scenes, but ended up getting a box of different colored lens filters, all of which he had to try out . I tried to figure out the significance of the differences in blue, green, yellow, orange,and red tints, but had to give up hope. A director's commentary would have been nice on this one. This film is tough to sit through. It rates a double punch on your hacker's card, even though it is only 77 minutes in length. It is that bad. Parental Guide: f-bomb, sex. some ugly/gore nudity.

  • Nothing like the video cover


    Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich is an addition to the 'Nazi zombie' genre of horror filmmaking, directed by Philip Gardiner who is best known for his low budget documentaries on various esoteric subjects. Sadly, this cheapie is a complete mess and doesn't even stand as a proper movie. There are no zombies as such, just half a dozen or so characters in a room accompanied by very bad photography and an aimless script that never rises above the bottom of the barrel. Expect lots of establishing shots of an empty installation, close up conversations padding out the running time, bad acting, and a cool cover that in no way reflects the film itself.

  • UNdead Nazis,See for yourself ...


    stars: Philip Berzamanis a Phillip Gardiner flick. Parts SHOCK WAVES,Inglourius Basterds,Dead Snow and most other b-movies with a bigger than life hero. Maybe that is what is most impressive, Phillip Gardiner can make a movie and one critic would assume make money for his producers with his films, But,Philip Berzamanis maybe a franchise player for Chemical Burn studios, He has that 'Star' presence like a VanDamme or Statham,NO JOKE ! The girls in this are awesome and yet 'ICKY',They mostly come off mean ,In a sexy way, But MEAN none the less.

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