Dead Woman's Hollow (2013)

Jeremy BingamanBethany CoyleRoger Durga DahalCharles Dawson
Libby McDermott


Dead Woman's Hollow (2013) is a English movie. Libby McDermott has directed this movie. Jeremy Bingaman,Bethany Coyle,Roger Durga Dahal,Charles Dawson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Dead Woman's Hollow (2013) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Based on a shocking true crime that took place on the Appalachian trail. Two female students set off for a camping trip into the Pennsylvania woods - but they are hunted, shot and left for dead by a mountain man after he discovers they are lesbians. A local sheriff soon begins to piece together more unsolved disappearances and murders on the trail, but can he act in time to stop more killings.

Dead Woman's Hollow (2013) Reviews

  • A Pleasant Surprise


    When I got this movie, I had no expectations besides a typical low-budget slasher flick. I was surprised! It wasn't that at all! There is a horror element to the story, but more a psychological horror. The flow of the story got me interested, and as it went along, kept me there. Granted, the acting isn't Pacino or even Eastwood, but the low-budget, for lack of a better term, keeps the story feeling real, so to me, it works. There is some nudity in the movie, and as with many independent movies, it could have turned obligatory. But it isn't here. If fact, without giving away any story, when I saw the girls, I felt bad for them. They were successful in making those scenes sympathetic. I really liked the soundtrack. Great choice of composer and music. Again, it works. My favorite characters were the sheriff with his low-key approach, and Ranger Swanson's humorous delivery. I do recommend Dead Woman's Hollow to fans of psychological thrillers. I found it a good watch.

  • Just dont bother....


    Rubbish indy movie one of the worst ive seen. The only thing the movie has going for it is the nudity scenes and thats it. It leaves so much to be desired when the credits suddenly come up. I would go into more detail but ive already wasted nearly 2 hours of my lifeon this film.

  • Despite the glossy look, this is still just a boring indie


    DEAD WOMAN'S HOLLOW is your usual nondescript indie horror about a couple of girls being chased through the woods by a maniac. It has slightly better production values than usual for the genre, with a glossy look and feel to it, but this matters little when the script is the usual dead-headed nonsense. Some police procedural material is used to pad out the running time, but there's barely any plot here, just lots of long-winded boredom.

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