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Decision (2012)

Decision (2012)

Natalie GrantBilly DeanMikey RosenbaumRusty Whitener
Thomas Makowski


Decision (2012) is a English movie. Thomas Makowski has directed this movie. Natalie Grant,Billy Dean,Mikey Rosenbaum,Rusty Whitener are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Decision (2012) is considered one of the best Drama,Family movie in India and around the world.

A family in despair rediscovers its faith in this uplifting drama from the producers of WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?

Decision (2012) Reviews

  • Over earnest, evangelical awfulness


    This recently aired on the GMC channel. They've become known for their family oriented, wholesome entertainment that features "Good Christian Values" This movie may have been "a bridge too far" in that regard. The message is very pro-family and pro-bible but is poorly written with characters that are more caricature than character. The foreshadowing is of the sledgehammer variety. e.g.The grandfather character is supposed to have a heart condition. That's made plain by his wincing and grabbing his chest repeatedly. His testifying as to his Christianity seems way too artificial and for a "good Christian" to be estranged from his daughter as he is seemed unmotivated and artificial. The dialogue was joltingly unmotivated in several key scenes (as well as just being badly written/delivered) It kept pulling me out of any willing suspension of disbelief that I'd managed to muster. This portrait of family values was more like a finger-painting and without some of the flair for color found in the young. While I liked the situations that were presented, their presentation left so much lacking as to make it unwatchable. I'll confess to fast forwarding through the most unsufferable parts and I may have missed something but overall, this lacked too much to make it worthwhile viewing. I'm all in favor of wholesome entertainment and have watched a number of movies on this channel that were achingly heartfelt and perhaps a bit too over-earnest, but this one was just unwatchable.

  • My 'Decision' should have been NOT to watch


    Another poorly written bible thumping Christian message movie. I've seen some tasteful ones but this movie ....OH GOD!!! What were you thinking..LOL. In a nutshell this movie was a waste of 90 minutes, but I gave it a chance and it failed. I don't want to give away the high points of bad acting, so if you're inclined to waste time then watch it. And this movie was Dove approved which is for the birds!!! What are the checkpoints for Dove approval I wonder? This movie could have been better if they worked on it. Maybe different actors could have made it better

  • Not most of us.


    The title Decision refers to that ultimate of Decisions according to fundamentalists that one makes, to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. It's one that one kid played by Mike Rosenbaum makes while staying and reconnecting with his maternal grandfather Rusty Whitener. Rosenbaum is really failing on all levels including it looks like being left behind in school. He and his mom Natalie Grant lost her husband and his father some months ago in a drunk driving incident and the family of the other victim is suing the estate. Time with Grandpa is recommended as a way to reconnect with the world. It's a Christian family film so you know it has to go the way it goes. But the acting is some of the worst you'll find anywhere. And the end I refuse to believe that Rosenbaum does what he does for an old enemy. Maybe Jesus might do it, but not most of us.


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