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Decisions (2015)

Decisions (2015)

Larry StanleySuzanne RaczAngela WaitsGrace Lee Sells
Jason Rowe,Larry Stanley


Decisions (2015) is a English movie. Jason Rowe,Larry Stanley has directed this movie. Larry Stanley,Suzanne Racz,Angela Waits,Grace Lee Sells are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Decisions (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Randi is in her late thirties and going through her first divorce. Randi has become the definition of a hot mess at this point in her life. Randi runs in to her little brother's old high school friend Vince at a party. What Randi finds out is that Vince is battling demons of his own. Vince struggles to put his past and his drug addiction behind him as Randi struggles with her new lonely life. Randi & Vince cling to each other and enter into a challenging relationship Randi battles her friends,family and co-workers who all tell her Vince is a disaster and she shouldn't get involved. Vince struggles with his past and present. Vince's ex Summer is determine not to let Vince leave his past behind. Randi & Vince's both learn that everyone struggles with the tough choices they make in life. Right, wrong or indifferent there are always Decisions


Decisions (2015) Reviews

  • Where do I start?


    I'm torn between the idea that this film was either lazily or incompetently made, and despite the fact the writer, director, and lead actor is the same man: Larry Stanley, I'm still going to go for the lazy option....I'll explain. Larry, I'm sure you're a nice guy who had good intentions when making this film but unfortunately this is a bad film, and in many ways. The acting, blocking, script, dialogue, cinematography, sound, sound design are all extremely poor. This film took me 5-6 sittings to get through to the end. Every scene is either people on the phone to each other talking, or people at a table, at a bar, on the sofa, on the bed....talking to each other. Because of this the film feels sooooooooo stagnant, boring and lifeless, nothing interesting happens, people moan and talk about how bad their past was. No one is in the moment taking action, no clear goal that leads to a result that causes something else that requires greater action, raising the stakes.....you know, when films are interesting and exciting. Sitting at a table or on the phone, or in bed talking about how bad their past was or how awful such and such a character is or "remember when....", and not in a way that brings about interesting conflict either, doesn't develop the characters, doesn't further the plot, things just go around and around and around, visiting the same locations. Things just happen, then in another scene something else happens, and then, and then...my point is no scene influences or justifies the scene that follows. The story is clichéd and unoriginal, because of this it is a very predictable film in terms of its plot and thus served nothing interesting or exciting throughout the film. Larry Stanley has to be the most uncharismatic actor I've ever seen, even Tommy Wiseau has more charisma. Again I'm sure he's a lovely guy and its nothing personal, he is just not a good actor. Larry constantly looks like he doesn't want to be there, his eyes display the same uninterested, lifeless look for the whole movie. The lead girl is equally as bad in terms of her acting, there are a lot of scenes that require her to be emotional and every time it is sooooo forced and awkward, not believable at all. The sound in this movie is utterly AWFUL, coming in and out of both stereo channels with awful compressed, reduced quality at times, sometimes it cuts out completely, and it's very distracting....not that I was engaged much to begin with. The sound design is equally bad, and at times non existent where it needs to be. There is a scene where the lead female is taking a shower. She turns it on(sound of shower is heard), undresses and it cuts to her feet stepping into said shower (sound of shower is suddenly gone) ??????why??????1 minute in the editing room would of fixed this, see where I'm going with the lazy option. There are scenes in busy restaurants and bars and parties with NO background noise of people talking or music, you can download this sound effect free online, how lazy is that???


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