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Delta Farce (2007)

Delta Farce (2007)

Larry the Cable GuyBill EngvallDJ QuallsMichael Rose
C.B. Harding


Delta Farce (2007) is a English,Spanish movie. C.B. Harding has directed this movie. Larry the Cable Guy,Bill Engvall,DJ Qualls,Michael Rose are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Delta Farce (2007) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

When three small town National Guardsmen bound for Iraq are unknowingly dropped into Mexico, their confusion leads them to "liberate" a small village from a band of corrupt Federales

Delta Farce (2007) Reviews

  • Don't Overthink this!


    After reading the various comments for this, it seems that most viewers have allowed others to do their thinking for them. This movie is not "To Kill a Mockingbird" or "The Sound of Music", it is a movie made by redneck comedians dedicated to our real fighting men and women. Anyone who has ever been in combat knows that humor is where you find it, and this movie has a lot of it, if you keep your mind open. This database is an amazing tool. If you look at other movies commented on by users who didn't like this movie, the majority haven't liked other inane titles with the same bent of humor. I don't pay theater prices to see a movie. They are a ripoff especially when most movie goers are rude, inconsiderate slobs. I guess my point is that if a person doesn't like this type of movie why pay the money to hate something you have predetermined to hate? The trailer was enough to know how the movie would be. If you like to be entertained and don't want or have to think, this is an excellent movie

  • Quite possible the worst movie in all of history


    I really wish I could give this movie a negative rating it was just so terribly bad. My date and I were the last people to walk out of the movie; the whole theater was empty about an hour and a half into the movie. The jokes were just not funny. I had a couple of times where I forced a chuckle, if only because I went to the movie really wanting to laugh. The acting, scripts, plot, everything, was pathetic. Do yourself a favor and avoid this movie at all cost. If you really feel the need to dispose of your money so wastefully, you could wire it to me and the money you spent will provide you with the same amount of entertainment. If, after reading this and the other reviews of this travesty of a movie, you still feel you must watch it, wait for it to show up on cable... as bad as this movie is, you probably will not have to wait more than a month before it hits TV.

  • Good Movie


    Listen, this movie does have some comedy in it. It is what it is, and knowing the main characters and subject you are getting what you expect to get. This movie starts out a little slow but eventually builds up into a film that can hold it's own. This movie was fluid enough to keep me entertained and laughing here and there so it's not half bad. The fight scenes are good for the men. There is a romantic side of the movie too for the women,and a cultural touch as well. It is also very patriotic in the sense that it's a military movie and I'm sure many GI's will enjoy this movie too. Give it a chance if you have 90 minutes of free time, you may be surprised.

  • For rednecks & people under 15 y/o


    I've seen a lot of really bad movies in theaters. Sat through them and suffered. This was only the second movie in my life time that I've actually walked out on. I wish I had left sooner than what I did (I sat through nearly an hour and a half of this crap), I could have gotten a lot more done that day. Seriously, it was nothing but vague references to overdone jokes by both Larry the Cable Guy & Bill Engvall - two comedians who haven't changed their routines in nearly a decade, who by some fluke of nature, still have careers. At one point the movie actually paused to zoom in on Larry, covered with ammo, so he could say "Git-r-done" and rile up all the rednecks in the audience. Every aspect of this movie was terrible. The acting, the fight scenes, the comedy, even the explosions were terribly boring and pathetic. What it boils down to is this: Bill Engval & Lary TCG are nothing without Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White. No, the movie wouldn't have been much better with those two on the bandwagon, but it might have at least had some laughable humor in it.

  • Its Just A movie


    OK why cant people just watch a movie and enjoy it for what it is why is it that every movie release has to be reduced to some ridiculous claim of racism. This movie is not exactly great but it was enough for me too be entertained through-out.DJ Qialls with his build is hilarious in this setting i haven't seen him in anything since The New guy.And well if you liked the blue comedy and more importantly Larry the cable guy you will get your fix "GET R'DONE".Nothing in this film is malicious or racist its just puns and dumb giggles. BUT come on What else would you expect.The only thing that i really didn't like in this movie was the American glorification but I've come to expected that All I can say is turn off your brain and you might like the movie.


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