Earthtastrophe (2016)

Andrew J KatersAlexa MansourTonya KayEvan Sloan
Nick Lyon


Earthtastrophe (2016) is a English movie. Nick Lyon has directed this movie. Andrew J Katers,Alexa Mansour,Tonya Kay,Evan Sloan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Earthtastrophe (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In a white hot flash of light, and with no warning, one minute our moon is there, the next it's gone. Then, a second flash. And that's the last thing anyone on Earth can remember. 11 months later, it's not post- apocalyptic; it's apocalyptic as Earth has been sucked through a wormhole, literally ripping our planet from the inside out. With bizarre disasters and civilization collapsing, our heroes must find a way to survive and get to "safe ground" before it's too late.

Earthtastrophe (2016) Reviews

  • Better than Sleeping Pill for Insomnia


    "Earthtastrophe" is another overrated Z-movie in IMDb that is a disaster from the beginning to the end. The messy story does not have character development and the viewer has no idea of who is who and does not care for any character. The special effects, the acting and the dialogues are very poor. But the worst is terrible screenplay, with annoying and repetitive flashbacks and no clear explanation of what is exactly happening. In the end, "Earthtastrophe" is better than sleeping pill for insomnia. My vote is two. Title (Brazil): "Earthtastrophe"

  • Surprising on Various Levels


    I clicked on this and briefly thought I'd accidentally clicked on a Tom Cruise film - Andrew Katers performance in this film has many Cruise traits and he also delivers a pretty sound performance. Brian Krause - one of my favourite actors alas only has a small role - and for the most part the other actors are well chosen throughout. Special effects are good in places and bad in others so try not to be too critical - though the Earth leaving a solar system really wouldn't make the journey intact - so definitely suspend disbelief while watching this. It's pretty okay as these type of films go and, while the solution to their plight has been done in Star Trek a couple of times, it's still fairly original. Worth a watch on a lonely night.

  • Objective review mode - engage


    The title alone is enough warning that you are entering B-film territory. And that's OK, I like to be forewarned rather than tricked. I watch B-grade films for original content values. This film had one redeeming aspect in that respect, and yet I found the premise explanation very confusing. Earthtastrophe is a classic example of film-makers and actors honing their crafts. Everyone needs to get experience somewhere and this film is destined to become a forgettable part of the journey for the people involved. If you look very hard, there's stuff to appreciate here and there. But, concentrating on technical features means you aren't really going to enjoy the ride. It is difficult to get immersed, a key ingredient directors should be feeding to any audience. The acting is poor and is ham-strung by poor writing. Once again I see nonsensical actions taking place that could have been scripted much more logically. Logic doesn't have to cost any money. Clever writing can save money. The CGI is pretty bad. There are some really lazy moments of copy/paste effects (and I'm not even an expert - it was that glaring). The sentient electric smoke snakes made no sense at all. It was almost as if the CGI dude was just idling away his time being creative one day - the producer saw it and thought he'd jam it in there. The lead character was highly unbelievable and got more and more unbelievable as the movie drew to a close. In the end he was a mix of Rambo and James Bond; instant expert with gun and karate. Watch this contrived and forgettable movie as if you are 12 years old and you might be able to forgive yourself later.

  • This could have been awesome


    First off, I started watching the movie because of the one good review here on IMDb (of the two reviews so far). I wonder how the movie would have turned out if the producer would have be able to contract the actual Tom Cruise instead of a wooden-faced look alike. And of couse when the "special effects" in the movie would not have been done by a talentless 8-year old. Seriously, it's like in some scenes there is someone using paint to draw lines supposingly lightning, in real time. And some formless blobs for clouds. Which indoors seem to actively hunt people, very weird. To be honest, the premise of the movie could have been worked out so that this movie would have been a blockbuster. But probably a non existent budget had to lead to a very very mediocre post apocalypic sci fi in which you see the complete plot coming from a mile away. The end result is something like a few students in a film academy could have made (and gotten a D for their trouble). I would pay good money to have the Coen brothers, James Cameron or Ridley Scott do a remake of this. As it is, go sit down without expectations, if you really love sci fi it is not a complete waste of time. I cannot give it more credit than that.

  • Bad but...


    This movie is bad, but I expected that going in. I'd say its biggest problem is poor character development, basically you don't care for anyone. Its great strength is the refreshing tho maybe a bit overly ambitious story-line which puts much larger productions to shame. Not sure if it's all Ashley O'Neil's contribution but will check her other work. CGI is, as expected, amateurish, and there are some smaller problems with acting (or maybe director instructing actors) but nothing really horrendous like in similar budget movies. Everyone from the crew should be proud and continue bringing us new projects.

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