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Erasing Eden (2016)

Breeda WoolBen RovnerJess AdamsE. Shepherd Stevenson
Beth Dewey


Erasing Eden (2016) is a English movie. Beth Dewey has directed this movie. Breeda Wool,Ben Rovner,Jess Adams,E. Shepherd Stevenson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Erasing Eden (2016) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

When Eden caves into social and familial pressures to marry Chris, she had no idea she was suppressing negative feelings about marriage until the night before her wedding. The last thing Eden remembers is ripping into one of her wedding presents and downing an entire bottle of scotch. Waking up in the desert beaten nearly to death, Eden has no idea how she got there, but is determined to get herself to the wedding on time. With a broken jaw, she is now a mute ward of the lonely underworld of Los Angeles. Pridefully taking this journey alone, she finds kindness in the most unlikely places.

Erasing Eden (2016) Reviews

  • I so get it


    I read earlier user reviews, but I'm not sure the message is what people think. The LA Times review was more accurate. I stuck through the grueling gauntlet of self-inflicted catastrophes that Eden goes through. This movie is more about self determination and gut wrenching perseverance than about tragedy. In fact, the end says it all (no spoilers). I'm recommending it. Watch the big blockbusters if you like, but this says more about the human experience than most movies, but it's a ride down a gloomy street at first...

  • Don't even bother to watch


    When the movie started, by the way everything was going, it seemed like it'd be a worthwhile watch but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. Most of the background of the story was left for the viewers to assume . Even after the movie finished , i was still wondering 'what's her freaking problem?'. Her fiancé seemed fine for a loving partner. It would have been a lot better if Eden would have figured out her problem of commitment at least in the end. The movie was like it started and ended on the same very page . You should only watch this if you are having a hard time quitting drinking.

  • engaging, realistic, honest human story


    I say "realistic" because I feel like the consequences of what happens to Eden early in the film, including all the things she must deal with as a result, are shown in a very realistic way. I also feel like the character herself is very real. This movie is honest with us, and there is truth about the human experience laid bare here that I have not seen on the screen before. I read some negative user reviews that expressed frustration with the character and the choices she makes. My advice for watching this film is to turn your judgment sensitivity control down to zero and your empathy control up to maximum, and allow yourself to be drawn into this character's journey, which is rivetingly depicted.

  • good film with interesting female lead


    This is a compelling film. While yes it is dark, I hardly think that merits a negative review. It shows a women struggling after a traumatic event. I recommend watching it. Breeda Wool offers a strong performance as the lead character Eden. It's refreshing to a see a film that allows a woman to go through and look like sh*t the entire movie. Kudos!

  • Frustrating


    Most depressing movie. Very frustrating, she ditches love and a cushy life and doesn't even bother to tell him shes OK. I was shouting at the screen... stupid woman!! Don't watch this unless you want to be depressed and frustrated. I Really wish I had not watched this! Feellike slapping the writer

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