Espionage Tonight (2017)

Sean AstinChasty BallesterosJoseph GattLynn Whitfield
Rob Gordon Bralver


Espionage Tonight (2017) is a English,Spanish,French movie. Rob Gordon Bralver has directed this movie. Sean Astin,Chasty Ballesteros,Joseph Gatt,Lynn Whitfield are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Espionage Tonight (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

In a reality TV show created by the U.S. government about spies, audiences go on fake undercover missions, but fact cannot be easily distinguished from fiction.

Espionage Tonight (2017) Reviews

  • Not worse your time


    At the time of the review the movie is rated a 7 on IMDb, I think the rating was or done by the crew and actors or people were paid. I can't understand how Sean Astin went from Lord of the Rings to this B movie. Times must really be hard. The script and acting are just horrible, filming, music, pretty much everything is just wrong, you actually wonder who was even holding the camera during the shooting (i.e. someone with no experience at all or if they were still half drunk from the night before) as actors don't even fit in the frames most of the time. Avoid

  • Boring


    The opening scene of this movie is shot in extra-shaky cam, with fake looking CGI blood and terrible attempts at comedy. For example the main character references his erect penis in the first 3 minutes of the movie in an unfunny attempt at humor, then later uses the blood of a guy who's been shot to make "war paint" stripes under his eye in an unfunny attempt at humor. So I figured this would be spy comedy (perhaps poorly done but still a comedy.) I was wrong. I watched the next 45 minutes in utter boredom. I connected with none of the characters. I found nothing funny. The plot of a reality show about spies ended up being wasted with a really boring script. I honestly don't even think I'm going to be able finish this one, it's that bad. Not recommended. This movie makes "Killing Gunther" seem good in comparison.

  • Authentic Recreation


    Thomas (Joe Hursley) is a spy, or more accurate a special agent. The government sets up a reality TV show using him, some actors, and real bad guys to make a propaganda film to regain control of the Panama Canal from FARC rebels in Columbia. The show is unscripted. The plot was not cohesive. Joe Hursley is not an actor. Sean Astin was is usual great self, wasting his talent on this bomb. Greg Davis Jr.tried to come across like Kevin Hart a couple of times and what they really needed was Keven Hart as a reluctant lead. The film was designed to be funny, it just didn't come across that way. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

  • Worst film to see tonight!


    First of all they tried to copy killing gunther but it didn't live up to that potential,even for a B grade film, It sucks. Don't waste time. There is too much nonsense dance and laughter that makes no sense, the whole film is a pile of garbage even the actors don't know what they are doing! Go home Rob Gordon Bralver you are drunk af.....

  • really boring


    Didn't know what movie to watch so I came on IMDb and saw that this movie had a 7.8 rating. Story line seemed interesting. Started to watch it and after 25 minutes of pure boredom, I paused the film and came back here to read the reviews cause I didn't see nothing funny and the story was getting nowhere... This movie have only bad reviews...Don't understand the 7.8 rating. Don't watch this movie,it's a waist of you time.

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