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Exit Humanity (2011)

Exit Humanity (2011)

Brian CoxMark GibsonDee WallaceBill Moseley
John Geddes


Exit Humanity (2011) is a English movie. John Geddes has directed this movie. Brian Cox,Mark Gibson,Dee Wallace,Bill Moseley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Exit Humanity (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror movie in India and around the world.

A young man's struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

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Exit Humanity (2011) Reviews

  • A movie less about zombies and more about a man's journey...


    Someone mentioned in a previous review that there are over 700 zombie films out there. Well, this is one of the better ones. To be honest the zombies are just a background element to the story. The real story is in the relationship of the characters and their interaction. The special effects may not be top notch (I believe they only had a $300k budget), but the acting in superb. At no point was I taken out of the story by a poorly delivered line or unbelievably stupid plot device or action on the part of the characters. And, as low key as it was, even the setting was believable. I'm sure only a true Civil War enthusiast would find any fault. Truly an entertaining film. A real rose amongst the thorns.

  • What a great surprise this was...


    "Exit Humanity" is one of the best zombie movies in its genre; that being a zombie movie set in a Western setting, more specifically during and in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Far better than "Undead or Alive", "Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies" and "Cowboys vs Zombies", "Exit Humanity" is a definite must if you are planning to watch a zombie/western movie. I sat down to watch "Exit Humanity" with no particular expectations as I had honestly never heard about the movie prior to finding it by sheer luck. And being a fan of all things zombie, I was intrigued and just had to watch it. And now that I have, I must admit that I am more than pleasantly surprised. The story in the movie is about an outbreak of undead starting in 1865 as the Civil War is at its last chapter. Flash forward six years, we find Edward Young in a small farm house, where his wife is dead and his son is missing in a country ravaged by hordes of the walking dead. Edward sets out to find his son, embarking on a task in a world that is dying. I found the story to be rather good actually, and it managed to keep me interested all the way up to the very end. There weren't any particular surprise story twists or turn of events, and the movie went on straight ahead at a good pace. And that worked out nicely enough. The people cast for "Exit Humanity" were doing great jobs, and if you are a movie fan, you will see a couple of familiar faces. I am not familiar with Mark Gibson (playing Edward Young), but he did a good job with his role. And I was more than surprised (and thrilled) to find Bill Mosely (playing General Williams)in the movie, as I've always enjoyed his movies. Then you also have Dee Wallace (playing Eve), Stephen McHattie (playing Medic Johnson) and Brian Cox (the Narrator). So there were some familiar faces and voices around. As for the zombies in the movie, well most of them were really nice. Lots of good make-up and details. And there were also plenty of gore and wounds to go around to keep most of the gorehounds out there more than satisfied. And thumbs up on not having super agile zombies that run and jump around, I am most definitely not a fan of those type of zombies. Two things to point out about the zombies; I didn't get the black shark-like eyes, what was up with that? Wouldn't eyes glaze over and become milky-grayish after death occurs? And the tone of gray they used on the faces (but sometimes forgot to put on the zombies hands and necks) was a bit too gray, standing out in contrast. That sort of reminded me of the old 70's zombies movies. But aside from those two minor things, then the zombies were good, nicely put together and worked out well. Being a big zombie fan, then I found "Exit Humanity" to be rather good. I was thoroughly entertained by this movie.

  • When everything has been taken from you by zombies is there any reason to go on.


    The civil war has end for Edward Young and he thinks his life can return to normal and put the war behind him. He is very wrong. Exit Humanity, not your typical zombie movie, set after the civil war and a zombie plaque has sprung up, from the war or because of the war, is unknown. The movie is told through Edward Young's journal as he first seeks his wife who may or may not have fallen victim to the zombie plaque and then eventually seeks and locates both his wife and son. They have both succumb to the zombie plaque and Edward Young has to kill them both. His real quest then starts to put his son's ashes to rest and in the same act hoping to find some sanity in a world gone mad. Along his way he meets others and shares his story. This movie shows a man's struggle with his own acceptance of humanity and struggle for sanity when he not only loses his family but loses them to non-worldly means, i.e. zombies. He meets a woman who may have answers to his questions and a madman trying to in his own twisted solve the zombie problem. This is not your typical zombie movie but it is beautiful shot and has some really strong performances by Dee Wallace and Mark Gibson in his first starring role. John Geddes has made an impressive zombie movie in my opinion and I have seen more than my share of zombie movies.

  • Well done zombie drama...The horror is in the story, not the action


    A unique and well done dramatic zombie period piece. The rustic technology free setting creates nice isolation which helps increase the tension. I love zombies, and these zombies are the best I've seen in a long time. Not just the makeup, which was great, but the acting and serious tone of the movie, help it excel. The music was wonderful, while the acting and narration was well done. The animation added an art-house feel, yet not overused. Not a typical horror film, but a serious drama about humanity. Definitely going to keep an eye on this director. I wish there was more of a scare element. I give it 7 out of 10 stars.

  • great apocalyptic flick with zombies


    Not your typical horror flick or even to state not a normal zombie flick. But I liked it because it had a great story and the acting was sublime as did the effects used for the zombies and the way they narrated this flick. North and South are at the end of the war but in one of the final battles suddenly some soldiers appear with an unusual look, zombies. From there on we see how Edward Young (Mark Gibson) survives and sees that the world has been overtaken by the walking dead. His wife and son are bitten, his son is out there as a walker, and he just got one goal, to find his son. From there on the zombies are second in the story and Edward Young becomes the main lead. We follow him by narrating (Brian Cox) and even in cartoon style. The way it was filmed and the way John Geddes (director) directed it was really a relieve to see. It clocks in at 108 minutes and it never bored me. And just when you thought, what's next suddenly it changes completely. But what a great performance by Mark Gibson. His first big lead and only his second feature, One to watch. Also nice to see was Dee Wallace as Eve and Bill Moseley as General Williams. I even didn't recognize Dee here as the so-called witch. Finally, Bill is back on the track after 2001 Maniacs:Fields Of Scream also as a soldier (mayor in fact). A small part for Stephen McHattie who did a great job a while ago in Pontypool (2008). Here he is again great with his typical face. Yes you noticed it, I can't say anything bad about this 'zombie' flick even as they aren't the main cause to go watch this gem. There isn't really anything gory here to see but still the zombies looked really great. If you liked I Am Legend (2007) or The Road (2009) or Stake land (2010) then be sure to pick this one up. Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 4/5 Comedy 0/5


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