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Fat Pizza (2003)

Paul FenechTahir BilgicRob ShehadieBill Bentley
Paul Fenech


Fat Pizza (2003) is a English movie. Paul Fenech has directed this movie. Paul Fenech,Tahir Bilgic,Rob Shehadie,Bill Bentley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Fat Pizza (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The life at a suburban Sydney pizzeria.

Fat Pizza (2003) Reviews

  • Much better than I expected...


    In this world where we must be politically correct a hundred percent of the time or face court, Fat Pizza is like a breath of fresh air simply because it doesn't go out of its way to not offend anyone. We've all grown tired of films that go out of their way to please everyone and wind up pleasing noone as a result, so here's one that goes out of its way to please noone. And it winds up pleasing most anyone who has ever lived in a city where there are a lot of people who represent an ethnic minority. Even people from California or New York might relate to it on some level. If you have never been outside of an exclusively Anglo-Saxon community, on the other hand, don't bother. It has been stated that the film is little more than an extended episode of the television series, and this is true to some extent. However, the cinema format removes a lot of the restraints inherent in television, and as a result, the humour is more unapologetically ethnic, disgusting, and just plain revolting. The Farrelly brothers are complete tryhards in comparison to Paul Fenech and his cohorts. And the refreshing thing is that they truly don't care who they offend, offering absolutely no apologies whatsoever. Another fun element of Fat Pizza is spotting all of the cameos from minor, or even major, Australian celebrities. Angry Anderson, Red Symons, Kamahl, Elliot Goblet, even Jeff Fenech himself - anyone who has ever been anyone on Australian television is packed in here, and you'll need to watch the film twice just to identify them all. The best part is that they're not taking themselves even remotely seriously. When Red Symons happily tells the illegal immigrants that "We take bribes", or Kamahl asks us for the zillionth time why people are so unkind, one cannot help but laugh because it is all so utterly irreverent in a time when it should be. Forget about political correctness here - if you want to see Lebanese men acting like utter imbeciles while bikies, Italian gangsters, and bad Ronald McDonald clones give them hell, this is the film you've been waiting for. You will not find a scene where a stoned Anglo pizza delivery boy runs over cyclists and thinking he's scoring points for it in any American film before this one was made, I can garantee that. If you see it in one that was made after mid-2003, I can guarantee that it won't be nearly as funny. Normally, I would never have considered this film because of its shameless appeal to the lowest common denominator, but it scores big because it represents a much-needed loosening of the collar in this day and age where minor mischief on the part of people who are treated like slaves in our society is treated like a spree of murders. Well done, Paul Fenech - people like you may well be the salvation of this blinkered, speak-no-evil society that none of us who were born in the 1970s or 1980s actually want. Ten out of ten for laughs, but minus two for going just a tiny bit too far at times (and even they were pretty funny because of the loosening up that the rest of the film offers).

  • It's bigger and cheesier.


    It's been said that this movie sets Australian culture back 20 years. Whoever said that (I read it somewhere, but can't remember where) has his/her head in his/her armpit. It's the side of Australian culture outsiders rarely see. Illegal immigrants ARE arriving in leaky boats. Police ARE unfairly targeting ethnic minorities. Fast-food corporations (eg McDoggles) ARE being mean to the little guy (and I don't just mean Pauly). People ARE making speed in their backyards. Backpackers ARE being murdered. Though I'm sure that, when these things occur in the real world, they are nowhere near as funny as they are in Fat Pizza. This movie is utterly hilarious from beginning to end. Sure, the humour may not be everyone's cup of tea. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable watching it with my Nanna. It's unfair to say there is no structure to the plot. There is. Just not a standard one. Which, in this age of Hollywood formula, should be regarded as a good thing. This movie breaks the rules, baby! If you enjoy watching the Pizza TV show on SBS, you'll have a blast. It's longer, with more jokes and cameos crammed in. A family-size Pizza, if you like. If I had to choose between Fat Pizza and Kangaroo Jack as a representation of Australian culture, I'd choose Fat Pizza in a second.

  • If you're looking to watch a Politically Correct movie, this ain't it.


    Fat Pizza is a fast-paced comedy that just about makes fun of every ethnicity, creed, color, size, and sexual preference of the peoples in Australia, it seems (Having never been to Australia, I'm only guessing they are making fun of everyone)... It's definitely low-brow humor at it's best! I realize that Fat Pizza may not be everyone's cup-o-tea. If you're one of those super-sensitive they-shouldn't-make-fun-of-anyone-or-anything sort of people, stay away from this movie! You will get your feelings hurt! Though if you're like me, a person who's sick to death of all this Politically Correct crap run amok in movies, you'll probably love this particular movie! The only criticism I have about the movie is how hard it was to find it here in the U.S.. I found it by chance at a garage sale. I give this movie a 10!

  • Both my 2nd favourite Aussie film and 4th favourite comedy ever!


    Fat Pizza is a fantastic film, which is both my 2nd favourite Australian film and my 4th favourite comedy of all time! This is so politically incorrect that it's the key to its success. This film takes the p*ss out of everyone and leaves no exceptions, like wogs, Aussies, Asians, illegal immigrants, disabled people, street gangs, police, the government, druggies, religion, celebrities, terrorism, rappers, homosexuals, transvestites and anyone else I didn't mention. In this film, Paulie (Paul Fenech, who also co-wrote, produced and directed this masterpiece) has a lot on his plate. He has to organize Bobo's (Johnny Boxer), his boss, wedding with his mail-order bride Ling Chow (I can't find her real name), keep his mates, rapper Sleek The Elite (Paul Naked), Habib (Tahir Bilgic, who also co-wrote this), Aussie druggie Davo Dinkum (Jabba from Channel [V]) and Rocky `The Lebanese Rambo' (couldn't find his name either) out of trouble and stay away from killer clowns from a rival fast food chain (obviously spoofing McDonalds). There is also a rival pizza shop run by from Indian people called `Phat Pizza', which they know ripped them off and spy on them. The film is beyond worthy to the TV series, which is the best out of the film spin-offs of TV series such as South Park, Beavis & Butthead and Ali G. The addition of the new character Davo is great and is probably now the funniest character in the series, which is also nice to the see a `token Aussie' in it. The performances are great and most are so over-the-top that it's genius. It's so funny that you pretty laugh every minute of the film and the soundtrack is awesome and perfectly fits to the theme of the film. It's a crime that the TV series Pizza was banned from SBS! Let's hope this wonderful team of comedians keep making both the series and possible sequels to this wonderful film. Rating: 5/5!!!

  • This film was so so wrong. (politically incorrect). That's why i thought it was so so funny!


    I've seen the tv show a few times. I thought the movie would be pushing it, trying to stretch the tv show to a movie length. Plus i thought it would be one of those low budget aussie movies that mainly appealed to ethnic audiences. Like Wog Boy etc. So i wasn't expecting too much from the movie. I was p***ing myself laughing through lots of the movie. I thought i was going to die because i was laughing too much. There's jokes about race/religions, public tradegies (sept 11 & more). So if you are offended by bad taste jokes, stay away. This is where i thought some of the jokes were soooooo wrong, but i found it sooooo funny. I never wondered what time it was, or how long to go, as i usually do in movies (including bourne identity). This movie kept me amused all the time. A LOT better than what i thought it would be, and i'd be happy to pay the full admission price again to drag my mates there.

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