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Fred: The Movie (2010)

Fred: The Movie (2010)

Lucas CruikshankPixie LottJake WearyJennette McCurdy
Clay Weiner


Fred: The Movie (2010) is a English movie. Clay Weiner has directed this movie. Lucas Cruikshank,Pixie Lott,Jake Weary,Jennette McCurdy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Fred: The Movie (2010) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Lovestruck, awkward teen Fred Figglehorn makes desperate attempts to make Judy fall in love with him - while also dodging the mischievous Kevin.

Fred: The Movie (2010) Reviews

  • The line "Hey it's Fred!" only goes so far. And to have it in a 84 minute movie is sickening


    It is clear Nickelodeon is proud to have Fred on their network. He's been in episodes of the popular kid's show iCarly, he has his own film, and Nick is even talking about a franchise and a sequel to go along with the movie. So it's pretty clear Nickelodeon thinks they've invested in a goldmine, but when truthfully, no one is laughing. Everyone sits with a dry expression on their face watching this overly energetic kid bounce around like he's on super marijuana or he just took one hundred pills to keep you awake. It's dreadful to watch the title character try to do Comedy when really nothing he does gets a chuckle. For a good amount of time, I stated Diary of a Wimpy Kid was the worst film to come out of 2010. It's childish humor and kiddy approach on every topic it touched on made a teenager like me cringe at the jokes for the movie. To my astonishment, Fred: The Movie is somehow worse than Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Not only does it not follow his videos (in the video's from what I've seen he claims he's six, but in this he's fifteen), but his voice gets incredibly aggravating to listen to for 84 minutes. It would be different if what he was saying was funny and hit relevance, but instead it's like a bad Improv Comedy skit that drags on for the longest time possible. The plot, if you can call it that, is Fred (Lucas Cruikshank), an over-hyped, fourth wall breaking, high pitch fifteen year old finds out that the love of his life, Judy (Pixie Lott) is moving and he plans to take a cross-country road trip to find her. Much to his surprise she only lives a few blocks away, but he packs like he's on The Amazing Race while trying to avoid obstacles like the school bully Kevin (Jake Weary). When he does find Judy's house he finds out she's having a party but he wasn't invited. Infuriated, he decides to throw his own party and giving everyone "dis-invitations" and only inviting Bertha (Jennette McCurdy) the school goth. The movie is all one big sugar rush and it's high off of it's own medicine. The jokes are so tame and packed with five year old one liners that rank up with toilet humor. I also find somethings funny like the mom being almost inappropriate for the film. In the web-show, Fred's mom's voice is only heard so many times. When seeing her in this she looks like a rag-picker or a tramp. She wears cleavage revealing outfits and appears to be drunk half the time. The film was filed under the "TV-G" rating, but having this character in it should certify it has "TV-PG" at least. I also find it incredibly annoying when Fred talks to the camera as if we don't understand what's going on. Breaking the fourth wall is common for movies to do, especially kid movies. Sometimes having an on screen narrator works in the movies favor. But the characters shouldn't know they are putting on a show. They should act natural and not try to impress us by showing off speaking skills. Just do what the script says, you don't need to announce it, we can see whats going on. Why the character Fred needed his own movie is plain obvious. Nickelodeon has lost gems like Kenan & Kel, All That, and The Amanda Show. Now it's only hope is to cash in on a web celebrity whom I will bet no employee for Nickelodeon find amusing. All they wanted to say was "I have the rights to Fred". Thats why they took him. I don't watch too many Youtube celebrities as I like to support independent, not as popular users because my philosophy is why help out a celebrity that doesn't need it? Why subscribe to Fred if he already has over one million subscribers? That would be like sending Brittney Spears a couple hundred bucks in the mail. Why? The saddest thing about this movie is he is getting paid for something anybody could do. He talks fast and puts the speed and pitch of his voice faster. Thats all he does. If someone could get famous for doing something as simple as that we all should be getting paid. I put more effort in my videos coming up with a topic and stating my true feelings on an issue while Fred sits back, acting like an idiot in his videos, talking about a fictional family with a voice pitch to make your eardrums disintegrate. But if he's getting paid for doing something as simple as that, more power to him. Somebody just better tell him he's got no work planned in future years. He may be set for life. But when he hits his 20's or 30's he'll be long gone. While I'm not acting Cruikshank and actually respect him for getting paid for doing something simplistic, I'm just warning him the future doesn't look so bright. Starring: Lucas Cruikshank, Pixie Lott, Jake Weary, Jennette McCurdy, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, and John Cena. Directed by Clay Weiner.

  • Hey it's FRED and it is total garbage.


    This movie for sure qualifies as one the worst movies in recent memory. After just a few minutes of Fred's voice I felt like killing myself. It is simply sickening that these people actually find this funny. The acting is terrible, and the dialogue is lame. If you don't totally understand what I mean by how horrible this movie is think about it like this. You're strapped to a chair, and forced to listen to nails on a chalkboard till your ears bleed. Well with this movie you're ears start bleeding a few minutes in, and it continues until you make it to the end or kill yourself. Luckily I am experienced with bad movies, and I have seen a few movies worse than this. (Disaster Movie, Hannah Montana Movie, Baby Geniuses 2) Although if you are not experienced with true pain than stay away from this film. It will break your mind into tiny little pieces. 0 stars out of 4

  • No talent.


    Watched Fred: The Movie. Plain horrible. This kid simply has no talent. The kids from ICarly, for example, they have it. This YouTube star(?) doesn't have it. The character is beyond stupid, and not in a Pee-wee Herman or Ernest P. Worrell "funny stupid" kinda way. This developmentally challenged Fred character is lame. It's crazy to think so much money and fame can/has come from this. He had YouTube, a HotTopic merchandise deal, and Nick. I don't understand it? A fad like PetRocks? There's really not enough to say here about this movie to fill ten lines of a review. This film isn't even SNL skit amusing. If I were to guess I'd say Fred's popularity is due to 12 - 18yr olds who find it so dumb they've decided to bug people by faking devotion. John Cena should've passed on this project.

  • This is amongst the worst films ever made. Especially tailored for the moronic masses.


    If you want an experience akin to having your genitals put through I meat mincer. You have found a novelty in Fred: the Movie, the worst picture, this film fanatic, has ever seen. For a start, the cast is laughable, without one established or talented actor; this film is an obvious attempt to make money. The comic timing is cringe-worthy. The acting is horrible. If you are forced to see this film by some unfortunate reason, play a game; to see if you can find 1, just 1, entertaining or funny moment. If you are a critic or cinema going veteran. Give this film's makers the greatest dishonor,by not going to see this film at all. The morons who produced this film obviously have no regard for reviews or good reception. All they want is money for their corporate -puppet lifestyle. You don't have to make the mistake I did, by going to the picture house in an attempt to have an opinion on this piece cretinous garbage. I spit on this film with all my contempt and spite. For good reason too.

  • Disturbingly bad


    This has to be the worst movie I've EVER seen. The acting is bad, the script is bad, the plot isn't TOO bad, although it's pulled off in the worst way imaginable. I actually considered walking out and getting a refund, however I decided to stay and watch the rest, just to see how bad it is. I actually found the film to be rather offensive, in it's portrayal of bullying and stereotypical gay people. I will not bother to expand upon what the film is about, from my above comments I hope you now realise what an annoying piece of celluloid trash this and will not waste your money on it, like I so foolishly did. If, after reading my 'sentiments' towards the movie, you STILL want to see it, please be prepared to die inside and give up your dignity. Without a doubt, the worst movie of the year. 1/10


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