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Gun Woman (2014)

Jennifer MullaneyMatthew Floyd MillerDean SimoneNoriaki Kamata
Kurando Mitsutake


Gun Woman (2014) is a English,Japanese movie. Kurando Mitsutake has directed this movie. Jennifer Mullaney,Matthew Floyd Miller,Dean Simone,Noriaki Kamata are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Gun Woman (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

GUN WOMAN follows a Japanese doctor who vows revenge on a crazy sadistic killer after the man murdered his loving wife. Despite the maximum security that surrounds this billionaire, the doctor finds a perfect assassination plan when he turns a young Japanese woman into the most lethal assassin the world has ever seen. This outrageous plan -- his only chance for revenge -- will happen at an underground facility where the killer goes to fulfill his sexual fetishes. On the night before the plan is to be executed, the woman assassin is "completed" by the doctor... She is now, GUN WOMAN.

Gun Woman (2014) Reviews

  • Deeper than it looks


    I'm a little surprised because I see a lot of bad critics. I don't think you absolutely have to be a fan of Japanese gore movies to enjoy this excellent film. This is strange, gore, disturbing, ugly and violent. However it's also a deep, beautiful and captivating tale about vengeance but also and especially about humanity, compassion, and union. To me the whole point of the story is how two human beings can be bound by hatred, pain and emptiness and feed their relationship with violence and blood. It shows that love is not the only feeling that's able ton bring people together, dark feelings can also lead to a relation that's again more subtil, interesting and strong. Besides my interpretation of the relation ship between the two characters, I loved the ambiance, the filming techniques that make the film looks older than it is and create a unique estheticism, the amazing actors (especially mayumi and the mean guy) The uncluttered settings are also very elaborated and well thought to fit this plot which by the way seem very deja vu, basic and clumsy; however don't trust the synopsis which make everything seem simpler that it really is : the story is deep and full of facets, there are a hundred ways to interpret and appreciate Gun Woman. It has to be seen

  • Gun Woman: a genially made B-movie.


    I won't tell you anything about this movie. I'll just tell you that no matter if you'll like it or not, it is unlikely that you'll feel bored. It may look as a B-movie because of its B-locations and soundtrack but don't let them fool you: images are outstanding and each framing is destined to stay for long into your brain after you watched it: who wrote and directed this (Kurando Mitsutake) is without any doubt a competent artist. It's an impressive movie with a lot of blood: dark, thick, sticky blood. Violence however will be soon forgotten. And any drop of blood will seem appropriate in the end.

  • thrilling and intense movie


    The movie starts with two hit men on a road trip to Las Vegas who discuss about a monstrous Japanese rapist and murderer named "Hamazaki's son". He is the son of a Japanese politician named "Hamazaki" The story revolves around him at first. He is short, skinny and as pale as a corpse with eyes that look like they haven't got any sleep since his birth. His character is played so well that you may the think that the actor who played this role is actually a psychopath. When Hamazaki dies, the Japanese conglomerate give him a lot of inheritance money on one condition- he is kicked out of Japan and is never to return. After a series of rapes and murder in different countries, he settles down in Los Angeles, USA. He blames a doctor for his father's death, who apparently couldn't save his father. Hamazaki's son finds this doctor and his wife. he rapes and murders the doctor's wife in front of him then cripples him but leaves him alive. The doctor seeks revenge. the crippled state of the doctor and the fact that Hamazaki's son lives in house as good a fortress with many armed body guards make the mission of revenge almost impossible. he selects a woman and trains her( martial arts and gun training) to the job. His assassination is to be done at a place where his bodyguards aren't around but there is a catch. The movie is full of plot twists and gore. The action is breathtaking. The movie has a few plot holes and weak performances but that didn't stop it from being a great movie overall. 7/10

  • Reservoir Dogs Meets La Femme Nikita


    I understand the bad reviews. The movie is gritty, not glossy and high budget. Not everyone enjoys Quentin Tarantino style dialog and plot twists. There's more blood and mindless killing than a Hollywood blockbuster, and it's graphic. For most of the movie, Asami is either naked or has her slim Japanese breasts exposed. It's not erotic, even in her soft porn sex scenes. She's usually covered in dirt, mud or blood. I understand why many reviewers rated this below a 5. I gave it an 8. Every good movie needs a villain, and Gun Woman has one of the most despicable villains I've seen. I hated his face, his eyes, his insane smile. Like the protagonists, I wanted to see him dead. The Asami character is borrowed (stolen) from La Femme Nikita and the Bridget Fonda Americanized version, Point of No Return. This did not trouble me. Like Nikita, she's found broken, rehabilitated and trained. This was realistic and fun to watch, except when it got too bloody. The flowing blood was a metaphor for Life and Death, but I am squeamish and found it hard to watch. The ending is straight out of early M. Night Shyamalan movies. You just don't see it coming. This is not a character driven movie. The only character who changes is Gun Woman herself, and that isn't important to the movie. It tells a story of vengeance and redemption covering 3 generations. Unlike more highly rated features, it has a beginning, middle and end. "No Country For Old Men" won a Best Picture award and have an ending. If you are open-minded, can endure the blood letting and love a good vengeance movie with a surprise ending, Gun Woman is a different and rewarding experience.

  • Great Movie if you are a Japanese Gore Movies Fan.


    OK so its your typical Japanese gore movie except with a good story and some really nice twists. Wasn't sure during the first half of the movie as it felt kinda slow but totally has a great 2nd half. Really enjoyed watching this and would rate it with other great movies like Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, Versus, Robo Geisha, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, Helldriver, Gothic & Lolita Psycho, Battlefield Baseball, Meatball Machine etc. So if you enjoy these kind of movie, than this one is going to be a treat and would def make your fav list. Lots of nudity by just one girl but makes sense. This is just a good movie which I enjoyed watching, one does not need to point out all the loop holes or how there could have been other ways to get the job done stuff. Just enjoy.

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