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Guns of the Apocalypse (2018)

Guns of the Apocalypse (2018)

Tyler HainesKira PontiffAlice MihmDouglas Sidney
Christopher R. Mihm


Guns of the Apocalypse (2018) is a English movie. Christopher R. Mihm has directed this movie. Tyler Haines,Kira Pontiff,Alice Mihm,Douglas Sidney are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Guns of the Apocalypse (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Western movie in India and around the world.

In writer/director Christopher R. Mihm's "post-apocalyptic-spaghetti-Midwestern," a man with no name is forced into a world of danger and bloodshed after he saves a scientist and a gifted child from a horde of radiation-scarred mutants. Though he would prefer to stay hidden until he can escape to a new life, something about the child-and the murderous "Death Dealers" hunting her-makes him realize he has no choice but to protect her or risk being responsible for the potential extinction of the human race.


Guns of the Apocalypse (2018) Reviews

  • Soundtrack from a travelogue


    I think I would have forgiven the dubbed voices, and the sideburns that looked like they were made out of electrical tape if the soundtrack hadn't been so tediously unchanging. 1960's travelogue music belongs in 1960's travelogues. sahlgoode

  • just horrible


    This movie looks like it was made by a highschool drama class with no budget whatsoever. Sets are literally made out of paper grocery bags, etc... Props were pathetic looking. Some of the beards and mustaches look painted on. Costuming was ridiculous as well. Myself and a few friends could have made a better movie using our smart phone cams and a few drunken buddies playing roles.

  • Beyond horrible


    I'm sorry this movie was painfully horrible to watch .... kindergarden acting ..... not even funny cheesy lines.. Completely fake and dumb action scenes I would recomend this movie as a punishment to someone that's all I'm Canadian and usually canadian films are bad but this is USA made and a new low for all

  • Why no Zero yet, IMDB?


    Utter trash. Terrible acting, writing, directing.... everything about this terrible movie is bad. The story tries to be science fiction, but it's really a bad take on westerns with a few thrown away SF elements in it. The music sounds like it was ripped off from a bad spagetti western, the costumes came out of the 'actors' closets. Just a really horrible exercise. They should show this in film school as to how to not make a movie.

  • Great fun!


    A spoof of spaghetti westerns and post apocalyptic films. Low budget fun.

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