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He (2009)

He (2009)

Creep CreepersinAriauna AlbrightMatt TurekMalina Germanova
Creep Creepersin


He (2009) is a English movie. Creep Creepersin has directed this movie. Creep Creepersin,Ariauna Albright,Matt Turek,Malina Germanova are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. He (2009) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

About a man who is misunderstood and his wife that wants him dead.

He (2009) Reviews

  • a look at a man slowly losing his grip on reality


    Our lead character seems bored with almost everything and some times will talk to his wife about random things like a cat. from the first second the character "he" hums or talks it is clear his wife really hates him even to the point of complaining over him not being able to give her a child. the first 20 minutes are painfully slow as we see our lead character showering, eating breakfast and reading mail. side characters such as a women talking to he seem to be doing something to change his life but viewers never much find out what this change is. with random women giving advice and he going thru hallucinations it appears he had enough of the wife yelling and ended up killing her. yet in the last scene we see a therapist who ask if he and the wife will get back together then fade to closing credits as he laughs


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