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Homeboy (1988)

Homeboy (1988)

Mickey RourkeChristopher WalkenDebra FeuerThomas Quinn
Michael Seresin


Homeboy (1988) is a English movie. Michael Seresin has directed this movie. Mickey Rourke,Christopher Walken,Debra Feuer,Thomas Quinn are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1988. Homeboy (1988) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Romance,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Johnny Walker is a drifting cowboy and boxer on the path of self-destruction. He's tough, with a very short fuse, and has a habit of spitting on people who give him trouble, but he's also nice, very shy and simple-minded and he seems to be suffering from a brain injury caused by the years of fighting that's getting worse. He's in love with a nice cute no-nonsense girl Ruby, who owns and runs a small amusement park at the local beach, but he cannot get himself to tell her that. He's also getting too old to keep on boxing, but it's the only thing he knows how to do, even though it will probably kill him. Wesley Pendergass, a friendly slimy pompous street-smart small-time criminal befriends him and introduces him to his own street philosophy as well as the big score he's planning. Can Johnny stop himself before he finally goes over the edge?


Homeboy (1988) Reviews

  • A great boxing film with emotion that rivals that of Raging Bull's.


    Homeboy is a fantastic film. Not only is it one of my favourite boxing films, it is also one of my favourite films in general. It is about Johnny Walker, a down-and out boxer who has just recently moved into a sea-side resort. Upon arriving, he falls in love with Ruby, a carnival owner who shares a lot in common with Johnny, who it appears Johnny is fighting for. Johnny, who is played by Mickey Rourke, also befriends Wesley Pendergrass (Christopher Walken). Wesley and Johnny form a strong friendship, and it's Rourke's idolisation of Wesley that intriges me. Wesley wants to use Johnny, and half-way through the film he asks Johnny for a favour. Johnny has to choose between the love of Ruby (Debra Feuer)or the friendship of Wesley. Rourke and Walken give excellent performances and Debra Feur gives quite an exceptional performances as well. The music, by Eric Clapton, provides the film with deep emotion. People have slated this film and I really cannot see why. I give this film 10/10.

  • Rourke evokes an unforgettable character


    Mickey Rourke plays a not too bright guy who boxes and has observable nervous system damage, which shows in the way he walks and holds his face. He does a terrific job in this role. The scenes with Rourke and the beautiful carnival girl are touching. He comes to her aid when she is being harassed by some punks. Later when they are walking together she asks him why he turns his face away as they walk and he says that is because his face looks funny. "No," she tells him. "I like it." The recurring scene in the gym where the white and black trainer play checkers and the old black trainer keeps asking in puzzlement, "What color am I?" (checker piece color) is a classic. The white trainer and checker opponent tells him each time with a kindly smile, "You're black." Christopher Walken evokes a disgusting character in the form of the jerk and criminal the Rourke character looks up to. Walken sees a use for Rourke in his own scumbag plans and "befriends" Rourke. In the course of their contact Rourke asks two questions based on conversation going on around him in an attempt to learn something beyond beyond his own limited world, 1--"What's Granny Smith?" 2--"What's Jewish?" The character Rourke evokes is one of the most sympathetic figures in any movie-- one who is not at all swift mentally, physically damaged, yet brave and good hearted. In his physical condition the Rourke character should never have had the fight he did at the end of the movie. I didn't realize Rourke also wrote this movie. My hat is off to him here. The scenes between him and the carnival girl are among the most touching I have seen.

  • Haunting musical score emphasizes old-fashioned story


    Rourke's Homeboy is accentuated with an excellent musical score. The story might appear "old fashioned" (i.e. 1940's US) to some, but watch the movie again and delve deeper - there is more than first meets the eye. Rourke's shy, awkward Johnny Walker is a memorable character. Walken fans shouldn't miss this one.

  • Another great Mick flick.


    In homeboy which Mick wrote, he plays a 2nd rate boxer who'll never run with the big boys because he is undisciplined and a alcoholic. Soon Mick befriends Wesley(Walken) a thief and falls in love with a beautiful carnival owner Ruby (Feuer). Homeboy is a dreary little gem with quirky performances from the leads and also shows that Mick has a soft side. A must for all Mick fans. Check it out!

  • A truly haunting and underrated film!


    Homeboy is a haunting and outstanding drama. Micket Rourke turns in an amazing performance as Johnny Walker and Christopher Walken's role is memorable. The film's soundtrack is excellent. The plot revolves around Johnny Walker, a down and out, aged boxer who falls for a girl and has hopes of making it big. Johnny meets Walken's character who trys to get Walker into some bad things. The film is depressing and hopeful. It is very sad at parts but the film really is amazing. You must read under the surface of things. A must see for Rourke fans!!! The acting is excellent but I feel the film could have been better if there was more emphasis on things.


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