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Housewife (2017)

Clémentine PoidatzAli AksözDavid SakuraiAlicia Kapudag
Can Evrenol


Housewife (2017) is a English movie. Can Evrenol has directed this movie. Clémentine Poidatz,Ali Aksöz,David Sakurai,Alicia Kapudag are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Housewife (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Holly lives with the memory of her sister and father's death at the hands of her frantic mother. It's been years since the incident, and she how finds herself amidst motherhood discussions of her own. One day after having diappeared for two years, Valeria, once she and Timucin, her husband had lived a thresome sexual relationship with visits them. Now she is a member of a cult group called "Umbrella of Love and Mind" run by leader Bruce. One night she attends their seminar with her husband by Valeria's invitation. Asuman and Rich, a couple who are their friends also join them. During the seminar Bruce invites her to the stage. They preach following their bodies and embracing their dreams, and she is chosen explicitly by Bruce to join their ranks. Why? For reasons she will wish she never knew.

Housewife (2017) Reviews

  • "Housewife" - Movie Review


    I had the opportunity to watch "Housewife" during the 11th Edition of the Lisbon International Horror Movie Festival, Motel X, in September 2017. Having watched Can Evrenol's brilliant and nightmarish "Baskin" last year, I was really excited to watch this movie in the midst of fellow horror movie aficionados. Not only that, but the only preview I could find on YouTube was actually quite compelling, so my expectations were at their peak as I entered the movie theater. Alas, as my initial excitement faded, my expectations would soon be laid to waste. While the movie had a promising start, it quickly went astray. The acting was mediocre, at best, but all I kept wondering was why on earth would any studio hire a non-English speaking cast to speak in English for the majority of the time when these events are not even occurring in an English speaking country? It's distracting, to say the least, and adds absolutely nothing to the story. Furthermore, while most of the dialogue focuses on exposing who these characters are, what they do for a living and how they came to know each other, not much of it is truly dedicated to clarifying some of the most meaningful aspects of the story, such as the identity of the old lady in the painting or the importance of the pendant that she wears around her neck. We can try to guess and speculate, but we never really know for sure. Plus, the nudity, sex, blood and gore also feel gratuitous and bear no significance to the story that we're being told. They're just randomly thrown into the mix. The only hint of purpose is only provided at the very end, where all threads are tied together, but the ending itself failed to have much of an impact as I wasn't invested on these any characters to even care about what happened to them. There was simply not enough meat on these skinny bones. In conclusion, the acting was wooden, as there was very little chemistry between the actors themselves, the characters were underdeveloped, the plot was weak, the story was insubstantial and the on-screen violence, even though it was well executed, served little purpose apart from attempting to shock the audience. If you are a hardcore horror movie fan or if you're into H. P. Lovecraft's body of work, feel free to check this one out. However, I personally think that here are far better movies out there for you to watch, so I suggest that you don't waste your time on this one.

  • Very forgettable.


    Really disappointed after enjoying the previous film from the director. I really tried to enjoy it, but the acting was so bad I couldn't get into the film. Also the severe lack of any story ark made it a really tiring watch. I repeatably checked my watch so see how long I had left. Hopefully his next film actually has a story. If you want to see it, I recommend saving it until your next hangover so you can watch it in bed without using your brain.

  • Did somebody saying acting?


    Dear god this has to have some of the worst acting in a horror film. And not the kind of bad its good, but just plain bad its almost impossible to watch the film. Its obvious the director doesn't understand the English language so why shoot it in English? Its also shot in Turkey? The whole film is a mess. There are some pretty images sprinkles through out the film but the story isn't interesting and any kind of fleshed out character is completely absent. A lot like the directors previous film, all flash and no content. Go in with low expectations.

  • "There's only you and your dreams".


    A month or two back during a film festival, this was the film I was most looking forward to seeing. From the director of the Turkish horror "Baskin", a film I liked well enough, inspite of a few weak spots and stretched out storytelling. Anyway it was Can Evrenol's audaciously hypnotic vision, and explosively violent and nerve wracking horror set-pieces from his debut feature that had me curious to what he would do next. Housewife follows his previous film's story structure very much to a tee... in rocking your senses. A gothic, slow-grinding fable of mind-bending subconscious dreams fusing together with stark, cold reality. This gradual build-up of cultish zealotry, underlining sexual yearning and haunting dreamlike visions implodes into a sinuously conniving final third of occult debauchery, doomsday preaching and cosmic horror of Lovecraftian proportions. However, while the backend imagery are creative and striking - the jubilee of violence are not as gory, nor even as rampant. There's still a frenzied craziness in what is happening in its climax. Steering closer to something startlingly bizarre, yet stylishly disciplined in its fiendish acts. Still, in saying that, their are few disturbing illustrations and the odd graphic jolt, but here, Evrenol used the surreal story to build towards and complement the delirious horror scenes than the other way around. In some ways I might actually prefer "Housewife". In how it went about setting up and delivering on it's one, two punch. It flows better, and the shocks don't have a tacked on impression. Think of the suspicious, and paranoid build-up of a Polanski film, where instead it's very dark, and surreal in its laborious reality morphing into a disorientating dreamscape. Is it all in her head, as nightmares never felt so real? We watch the female lead stumble through a daze of confusion and fear, thinking her troubles, and past demons are cured when she seeks guidance from a necromantic showbiz psychic (perfectly done by David Sakurai) who believes he is destined to help her, but it's just the beginning of things to come as he starts getting into her head. The path that's chosen for her, from possible pacts made by her own family, or tainted blood, shows these deities never forget. The fervid opening of the film, which grabs you by the throat squeezing real tight, sets up the inherited guilt and fear stemming from her childhood that haunts her throughout adult life. The crafty camerawork, moody lighting and wailing synths/ambient pianos play a big part in shaping the swirling discomfit. Or I can see it being labeled as glossed up trash. Where I think the film is let down, similar to Baskin, is the depth of its story and emotional engagement of its characters. This is mainly pointed at Clementine Poidatz and Ali Aksoz's characters, as Sakurai's presence needed to be mystifying. Possibly even having the Turkish actors speaking English rather than their native tongue can come across looking uneven, or stiff in their emoting delivery. While it does have a streamlined narrative with what seems like a lot going on, everything does comes across distant and less than skin deep. At times it did some things differently with its fascinating mythos, but the typical genre staples found in these cult stories can make its way into the story, for better or worse. "Housewife" again shows the director's ambitious visionary prowess, and an ability to formulate reactions from his spectacular bookended set-pieces, whereas the spotty material might have its issues, it still showed glimpses that this latest effort is a step in the right direction. I'll probably end up liking this more than most would.

  • TERRIBLE acting.


    Where to start? Well the acting is a good start - the acing in this film is SO bad its almost unwatchable. It actually became laughable at a point which was the only way I made it to the end. I ended up pretending it was a comedy I was laughing so much. The story is also completely forgettable and the direction portentous. The film has the same problems as the directors previous film, all style and no substance. I wouldn't be surprised if the film didn't have a screenplay its so awful in the the story telling department. The problem for me is the films the director is trying to mimic had style yes, but they also had a heart which is utterly missing from this film. I didn't care about any of the characters, what characters were there to care about? He is obviously a Fulci wannabe but he ends up more like Eli Roth - who no one wants to be. If it was made as a comedy, i would give it 4/5, but in reality its not so it's 1/5. His previous film did show promise but this is a real stinker. Someone get the air freshener.

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