Isi Life Mein...! (2010)

Isi Life Mein...! (2010)

Akshay OberoiSandeepa DharMohnish BahlPrachi Shah
Vidhi Kasliwal


Isi Life Mein...! (2010) is a Hindi,Rajasthani,English,Marathi movie. Vidhi Kasliwal has directed this movie. Akshay Oberoi,Sandeepa Dhar,Mohnish Bahl,Prachi Shah are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Isi Life Mein...! (2010) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

After emerging as a topper - not only in Sophia Senior Secondary School but also in Rajasthan - Ajmer-born Rajnandini Khandelwal, who lives a conservative lifestyle with a joint family - including her parents, grandmother, as well as an uncle and aunt - is now taught basic cooking, while her father, Ravimohan, a devout Hindu, looks for a suitable groom. Her mother wants her to learn western cuisine and arranges for her stay in Mumbai with her sister, Shubha, and brother-in-law, Mukul. Once there, she is allowed to attend Modern College where she enlists in The Dramatics Society, and is selected to play the role of 'Kate' in Shakeshpeare's 'Taming of the Shrew'. She adapts to her new lifestyle, gains confidence, has her hair styled, wears revealing western dresses, and is attracted to fellow-collegian Vivaan. Then a surprise visit from Ravimohan will turn the tables against her. She will not only be admonished, but also be taken back to Ajmer where her marriage has been arranged with ...


Isi Life Mein...! (2010) Reviews

  • live out loud


    i just happened to watch very touch "isi life mein".its an excellent coming of age movie. directed by vidhi kasliwal.a good direction i must say. its an honest effort to connect to today young generation keeping the tradition of respecting the elders. its has very touchy plot.a story of girl RAJNANDINI (played by sandeepa dhar) who belongs to old fashioned family . somehow she moves to mumbai for higher studies where she meets with a gang of friends and VIVAAN (played by akshay oberoi). who helps her to fulfill her dreams. the chemistry between the two leads is very good. music direction is very excellent. and one kind all kinds of music in the same movie . especially i loved the song "ramji 24x7". keeping the thing in view that most of the characters are played by new faces and directional debut by vidhi. i proud to say that its very nice movie. and i would suggest all of my friends to go to cinema and watch it

  • A typically simple Rajshri film with an important message for the society.


    From the last few years, the team at Rajshri Films is regularly coming up with all similar kind of projects having some fixed characteristics. For instance, if a film starts with a pleasant family atmosphere where everyone is smiling at each other, there is Bhajan being sung at an in- house Puja Ghar with the idols of Ram Seeta & Lakshman, the first half goes on with no story development at all, a conflict arises just before the intermission, the rest of the film has a feeble plot with an important message for a society and essentially if Mohnish Behl is there in a key role………then the film is definitely a product of Rajshri Movies without any exception. As expected, ISI LIFE MEIN also suffers from the same above mentioned Rajshri Syndrome, which urgently needs to be looked upon by the people associated with the banner. The film is simply shot and weakly written having few average performances from the cast, which are incapable of making any kind of impact on the viewers. Moreover the music, which always has been an important quality part of a Rajshri product, is also below par this time which further acts as a major letdown for the venture. The first half has everything going on in a pleasant manner which clearly indicates that something wrong will only happen towards the intermission. But against all the expectations the second half too keeps on moving at the same pace and the real plot only crops up in the last half an hour, which also fails to register. With such a lazy and uninteresting script, having all seen before kind of content, I don't know why the reputed production house gave its green signal to this product in the first place. The only likable feature of the movie remains its leading pair, who look pretty on the screen especially Sandeepa Dhar in the role of cultured girl with all the Indian Values. She acts pretty well and also looks gorgeous on the screen in both western and Indian attires. Akshay Oberoi too has got the talent and looks but he somehow scores less in comparison to his leading lady. Salman Khan making a cameo for a few seconds is wasted whereas Mohnish Behl has got the same old expressions to show in all those emotional scenes. Similarly the rest of the cast also acts exactly like you have already seen in many previous Rajshri Movies. Therefore there in no freshness or novelty in the treatment given by the director Vidhi Kasliwal to the film, which ideally could have been much shorter than its present length? In fact, the director should have ended the movie right after the marriage sequence in the climax as per the need of the subject. Having said that, I would like to praise Rajshri people for their noble intentions of making films which always have some important social messages to give to their viewers. Following their valuable tradition, ISI LIFE MEIN too has TWO important messages for the society, pointing towards the concept of modernism and the ages old dowry issue still prevalent in our modern civilization. As its first message the film tries to explain that a modern person doesn't necessarily mean a person far away from his traditional values and customs. In other words its always possible that a person may be modern along with having the same rich culture and traditions in his heart which in turn enables him to lead a much better life than the West. Secondly, the film talks about the still to be tackled Dowry issue in our society from a different angle never touched before. Moving away from the usual stuff, the story here emphasis more on the father of the girl, who with a heavy heart, always agrees to the greedy demands of dowry, for the sake of his own image in the society and relations. Instead of pointing the finger towards the dowry demanding families, the film asks an important question to the girl's father that, "How can you even think of throwing your own daughter in the clutches of such greedy people and that too with all that glamorous show off? Why can't a father just refuse such a ridiculous demand and wait for the right kind of families to make a relation with? And as an answer to this question, the film has a sequence where Mohnish Behl himself stops the marriage of his own daughter and asks her would be in-laws to simply leave with his folded hands……The act really needs to be followed by every father of a girl in our society, since it's the girl who later suffers severely till her last breath and yet cannot complain. Hence, though ISI LIFE MEIN has got nothing in it as a movie experience, but as a social venture it does have a great message for our younger generation and their future. So you may give it a chance but only after it gets released on the Home Video after few weeks. In the end, along with reviewing the movie here, I would strongly like to oppose this ugly one sided practice (Dowry System) of our society through this platform of my site and I hope my readers would also try their own bit to fight this unwanted curse imposed upon us from decades.

  • Movie which connects with the youth


    Well to begin with, some or may most of you might feel I over-rate the movie. Personally I liked it, that's why gave full marks. It may or may not have flaws on both IQ and EQ levels. But the movie reached to me, everything director wanted to convey reached to me as an audience. Let me counter few criticism points I read in other reviews which I feel were unfair. Firstly, I have seen question that why the the character RJ doesn't object even once when she has to surrender her dreams and ambitions to marry a stranger. This is the whole point, that's why she is portrayed as small town girl where still such tradition exists. It's not rocket science. Secondly, romance between the leading couple is labeled as too simple....sharing of smiles, etc. It is actually perfect, depending on the nature of the characters the romance perfectly accurate. As a grown- up now, watching this movie brought back memories of college days (graduation specially). Hence, this completely connects with reality. Talking about the songs, they are hugely under-rated. Each song is in sync with the flow of the movie, lyrics suit the mood of the song and so do the tune, rhythm. Last song so perfectly fits the climax, made me cry (romantically you can say). Special mention for Sandeepa Dhar, her dance is absolute delight to watch, specially the seemingly simple steps in "Ramji 24X7". As RJ, she is one of the sweetest character ever I saw in a movie. Hats off to her to pull it off. Akshay was good too, at times his looks remind us of young Hritihik Roshan, yet his originality of expression remains constant. What gives away is sometimes his voice, is too soft or child like but at times only, not always. The college friend circle shown in the movie is absolutely in touch with reality of present times. This is another thing which helps connect with the youth. And for the director as debut movie there are no typical flaws or dull moments in the movie which make us to skip the scene. Overall good direction considering its her first venture. I would recommend go for it. Personally after watching it, I had a huge-huge crush on the character RJ, played by the leading lady Sandeepa Dhar. Watched the movie 10 more times just for her :) :)

  • Too simple and boring


    I was expecting something good from this movie,i like the soundtrack and thinking the movie is really worth to watch at first, but this movie is very disappointing, it starts with stiff act of the lead female character (RJ) from the very beginning but she dances well, i don't have much problem for the lead male character (vivaan), he is lively and able to perform it naturally, apart of the act skill the movie is very predictable, and too much "bollywood masala" on the chapter where the vivan is at RJ house for her wedding, well if you have a headache or simply want to spent your time than this movie could be a choice "time killing" but if you are seeking entertain than just avoid this, it will disappoint you


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