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It Kills (2017)

It Kills (2017)

Greta VolkovaWyatt WoodMel HeflinTitus Himmelberger
Mark Polonia


It Kills (2017) is a English movie. Mark Polonia has directed this movie. Greta Volkova,Wyatt Wood,Mel Heflin,Titus Himmelberger are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. It Kills (2017) is considered one of the best Action,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A group of college kids on Fall break find themselves in a bad situation when they become stranded at the infamous Camp Blood.

It Kills (2017) Reviews

  • Just when you thought it was over...


    IT KILLS is the seventh instalment of the dreaded CAMP BLOOD indie film series which shows no signs of stopping. As usual, people in the woods are butchered by a killer in a clown mask. The gore is cheesy and the quality of the acting just keeps getting worse and worse, not helped by the absolutely terrible scripting. There are few kills and the whole thing is entirely lame and predictable.

  • It's urban legend


    Clown killer at Camp Blood. College kids. Guy in a wheel chair in a slasher film not knifed through the back. Polonia Brothers production. Includes terrible special effects, bad dialogue, wind sound on microphone, irritating characters (to the audience and each other), and border line acting. It is nice to see Mark has returned to his Pennsylvania roots. The scene and location appear to be connected to the other films in name only. The killer appears at random in a clean and neatly pressed set of coveralls with no blood on them. Guide: Early nudity (Jennie Russo)

  • Apparently the seventh time is the charm


    For this long running basement budget franchise. Youd think all these kids would get smart and stay away from this camp site after so many have either been murdered or gone missing over the years, but if they did, we wouldn't have much of a movie. While none of the actors in this series of movirs will ever even be close to winning and Oscar, the acting is better than average for the "camp blood" franchise, which has slowly improved from the fifth instalment on. And the clown from hells mask looks the best it has in years. As per usual for this franchise, the story is pretty basic, and the death scenes are pretty unconvincing, there are still some unconventional kills, like one with a road flare, and its still good for some cheap gore. You could spend a worse 70 minutes. But having said that, beware when watching the other six movies in the series. They tend to go from really bad to I can't believe this could get any worse but it did. So choose carefully

  • Great campy horror flick


    This is one that will give you nightmares. The classic camp blood story line continues to haunt it's viewers. Every time I thought I had the killer figured out....... I was DEAD WRONG! The movie lacked eye candy. It could have used the talents of Danielle Donahue to give it that boost. Kirkendaal again was the weak link of the cast with his hack acting. Overall the special effects were good and some of the death scenes were haunting. I will never be able to eat linked sausages again. If you are looking for a good waste of time watch this movie.


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