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Josh (2009)

Naga Chaitanya AkkineniKarthika NairJ.D. ChakravarthiSuneel
Vasu Varma


Josh (2009) is a Telugu movie. Vasu Varma has directed this movie. Naga Chaitanya Akkineni,Karthika Nair,J.D. Chakravarthi,Suneel are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Josh (2009) is considered one of the best Action,Family movie in India and around the world.

Satya is a college student. He discontinues his graduation studies in Vizag and comes to Hyderabad in search of a job. He runs into a fight with local college students who are influenced by political mafia leader Durga Rao (JD Chekravarthy). Satya tries to change the students but fails. Then he joins in the college to cleanse the system. The main plot of the movie is how Satya changes the students and their behavior.

Josh (2009) Reviews

  • Best one for beginner!


    This movie is really not for people who expect something huge from a new comer. How's that possible? Well, i sat in the Casino theater with no expectations and i had few things preset in my mind. Story-Action(not fights) and some power in the film which only a few Telugu movies desire and actually get it. Few films like Vikramarkudu, Chatrapati, Pokiri, and latest i think Magadheera have taken the spot. And guess what, i got it all. Chaitanya's action was bearable and even nice compared to other new comers who have nothing except their second name. Leave dance and fights, his actions were great and big for a new comer. Movie concentrates only on few aspects: college, youth, drugs, responsibilities. The director has clearly made a beautiful statement in the film. Unlike other youth flicks, this one stands apart. To mention, Prakash Raj has done a great job in this movie, especially in the flash back scenes along with his son. The female lead was also impressive and cute too. Altogether a seven out of ten.

  • Nice Movie with reality...Starts slowly and ends with good message


    This is a good movie with excellent direction and production values. Vasu varma has chosen story which appears to be realistic and most of the movie is very practical. Chaitanya and kaarthika are excellent in their first movie. Everyone relates the movie to their real life. This is a message oriented film which helps students realize the importance of their career and helps students not to fall under the illusions we have in our young age which is happening from genrations. Its true that there are people like JD in real life and also students like Guna,Radha,Ramesh and Satya (Chaitu). Some realized their mistake and succeeded in life and some are still struggling.............. Nice film guys. Enjoy the movie.

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