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Kuso (2017)

Kuso (2017)

Hannibal BuressGeorge ClintonDavid FirthArden Banks
Flying Lotus


Kuso (2017) is a English movie. Flying Lotus has directed this movie. Hannibal Buress,George Clinton,David Firth,Arden Banks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Kuso (2017) is considered one of the best Animation,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Events unfold after a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles.

Kuso (2017) Reviews

  • Zits !


    Not for everyone, but if you like pure experimental trash, you have here something to enjoy. Don't expect any coherence, it's just a stream of weirdness happening after a mysterious earthquake, that gave to almost all humans some pimples all over the face. You have 3D cartoons (something between Terry Gilliam and Cool 3D World), multi-dimensional roommates, strange foreplay and you will know what's hiding in George Clinton's colon. Don't take it too seriously and you'll have lots of fun !

  • What... the... hell?!


    "Kuso" is probably unlike any film I've ever seen. How do I even describe it? Well, it's repulsive, surreal, bizarre, unpredictable, and kinda fascinating, but also kinda tedious. I didn't really like how gross it was, but I was able to get through the whole thing. There's at least one scene where it looks like a small rod had been inserted into a penis and I looked away because it was just too unpleasant to look at. I think the film is trying to be funny, but I wasn't laughing. I did laugh after it ended, though. I guess you could call it an anthology film that contains both animation and live action. The animation is particularly strange. I really don't know how to describe it, but a whole lot of effort was probably put into it. One of the stories is about a boy/man soiling himself during a class that's in a forest. His classmates laugh at him and he leaves. He then feeds a giant rock or something that looks like it has an anus. What does he feed it? Feces, apparently. Another story involves a woman choking a man while he masturbates in bed. He later has oral sex with a talking boil on her body. Do I need to write more about the film's stories? "Kuso" is something you dare a friend of yours to watch. I'm not sure if it's the grossest film I've ever seen. "Dead Alive" might be grosser. "Kuso" seems like it's weird and disgusting for the sake of being weird and disgusting. I can't say that I like it, but I admire it at least to some degree.

  • rinse your eyes out afterwards


    Holy !@#$!@#$ that was probably the most disgusting movie I've ever seen and I consider myself well versed in revolting movies. Scene after scene of people smearing poo and cum on themselves. It really is almost scat porn at times. Apparently this was "directed" by Flying Lotus but it feels like an anthology movie by multiple directors working separately. Seems like the only instructions were: "there was an earthquake and now everyone has zits... be incredibly vulgar". Then they cut the resulting short films up and mixed it together a little. The second half of the movie is much stronger than the first. There's more narrative, and there's more humour. If you are thinking of switching off after fifteen minutes due to lack of plot you should probably persevere. Be ready to rinse your eyes out afterwards.

  • A treat for fans of experimental film


    If you are familiar with Flying Lotus' music, then it shouldn't be surprising that his debut film shares many similar qualities to his music. It's experimental, unique, strange, beautiful, unpredictable, challenging, abstract, and technically great. He made a film that is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a surreal ride through multiple story lines that are barely comprehensible. It's also surprisingly hilarious and disturbing. Sometimes both at the same time. Fans of experimental film should definitely check this out. It's definitely an acquired taste. Most people will probably hate it but you should still give it a shot if you are on the fence. Watch something different.

  • Fell Down the Stairs. Nothing Happened.


    The movie tumbled downstairs, laughing more hysterically with every baleful impact, then rose to its feet and walked casually into the wilderness. The creative team behind this movie did not do anything creative, did not "go weird but purposefully", and was actually so frenetically demented that the odyssey was humdrum. The movie is a monotonous, one-dimensional trick shot that keeps getting thrown but never goes through the hoop - just lands with a deflated FLUP! every time. BUMMER.


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