Little Monsters (2012)

Rose BaslChristopher Boeres HippMichael BrownCharles Cantrell
David Schmoeller


Little Monsters (2012) is a English movie. David Schmoeller has directed this movie. Rose Basl,Christopher Boeres Hipp,Michael Brown,Charles Cantrell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Little Monsters (2012) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

James and Carl were only 10 years old when they kidnapped and murdered 3-year-old David McClendon. They were caught, tried, convicted and placed in separate juvenile facilities. At 18 years old, both are given new names and released back into society - much to the horror of the nation. They can have no contact with each other or with their past friends or relatives. The story follows the lives of these two boys as they try to start over, escape the past and survive the growing outcry following their release.

Little Monsters (2012) Reviews

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078


    Some true crime stories are so horrific, that they are scarier than any horror film Hollywood can come up with. In February of 1993, Two ten year old boys took a three year old from a mall in England, bashed his head in with a rock, tied him to the train tracks, and watched as he was run over by a train. According to the law they were released at age eighteen, and disappeared under assumed names. 2 Little Monsters is a based on that event, speculating what these boys lives would have been like after they were released from prison. How hard would it be for them to hide their identities? Could they blend into society, having lived their whole lives in prison? This film answers those questions as well as following the paparazzi, who are in for a big pay day if they can find the boys and take their pictures. The idea here is very original and I was very much looking forward to this film, unfortunately, despite a lot of critical acclaim, nothing really happens. Yes, the boys are shy and awkward, and it becomes increasing difficult for them to hide who they were, but there isn't an urgency to any of it. This film moves at a snails pace and nothing substantial ever happens. The producers basically used the story of this horrible crime to sell DVDs, when truthfully they had nothing more to go on since the boys release. Everything is supposition, and it's probably very close to the truth, boring, predictable, and uneventful.

  • Poorly done and a sad depiction based from real life events...


    Although the movie doesn't state it, the film is loosely based off of a real murder done in England, in Feb 1993. In the true event, 2 10-year- old boys (Robert Thompson and Jon Venables) lured a 2-year-old, James Bulger, from a mall and after walking 2½ miles with him, tortured, killed him and left him on the train tracks. As in this movie, the killers were released after 8 years, were given new identities and moved to separate, secret locations. That's where the similarities end. In true life, Jon Venables had been arrested and/or returned to prison a few other times since his release. The crime in this film takes place in America and although it uses many of the main facts of the Bulger murder (the film version of the murder isn't actually as violent as the actual crime), it is truly a fictional story of what the 18-year-old men did after being released from jail. The film itself feels low budget. It is slow, aged looking and with poor acting. It is shot partially as a documentary style, going back and forth between how the young men are adjusting to their new lives, and the press re-interviewing everyone from the murder trial, as well as trying to find out the new identities/location of the released young men. The characters have no depth and it's hard to even care about the emotional victims of this murder. Everything in the film seems detached, lacking feeling and empathy. This movie has no redeeming qualities and was basically just sad, in My Humble Opinion. 3/2015 NOTE TO PARENTS: This movie must have originally been made for theater or cable, because although they were "bleeped", there was cursing (F- words, etc) and there was a semi-nude scene, where one of the men was standing alone and naked by a pool and they blurred out his back side.

  • Unbelievable :(


    I agree with everything Andrew Mann said, I cannot believe this tragedy has been made into a movie. People in the UK will be sickened by this, James Bulger a trusting toddler went with these evil sick boys who took him and slowly killed him, while they were stoning him he was apparently screaming for his mummy. I just pray his family NEVER see this. Clearly someone in America decided it would be a good idea to make this movie and profit from the torture and death of a small innocent boy. The movie should be banned. David Schmoeller should be ashamed of himself, perhaps he needs to seek guidance from god and pray for forgiveness. I truly hope this movie is one of the biggest flops of all time and hope that nobody is sick enough to want to see it. Those who do decide they want to see it better take a lot of tissue because the story of what happened to this wee boy will rip your heart out.

  • Not worth making


    Butterfly-8335 must have Stockholm syndrome,because I bet If they were murdered or if their child was raped, they would you say "I deserved it" or "it's God's will". no way movies should give real life merciless murderers movies. It won't condone their actions. That's saying " you're a horrible person, but you'll have your own movie about you". It's okay for fictional people to do evil things,because they are not real. using the actual murderer and victim is a slap in the face to real people who suffered. A couple lost their child, yet they make a movie with the merciless killers as the stars. They even had the actual murder take place in the movie, that's a big middle finger to the victim. There are different ways they could bring awareness to this case,donating to the family, talk to teens and kids, talk to the public.making a movie that is going in theaters, about the killers it not the right way. As for the movie flow, it was boring. Plus who's the star? How am I suppose to follow someone who live their daily life, but brutally murdered a child for no reason? I was like "Fuck it, just kill them and end it already". the scene were the boy blamed his mother for his behavior is the trope of terrible parents leading to serial killer children. It's getting old. it's the number one excuse teenagers use to get softer punishment in real life. Like before, don't glorify it.

  • I guess someone have to make a fare review


    The movie is bad, a low budget film, B style. I watched thinking it was some kind of documentary hopping for a psychological hypothesis about this two boys. Soon I realized it was about a fictional story of these killers once they are out of prison when they turned 18. It's not really that bad, it's watchable in my opinion, if you can get over about the real story of what happened when they were 10. The plot is as good as any mediocre movie (several holes in it), there are million as bad as this one rated over 7 or so. The acting is OK, some bad performances (reporters) are compensated for good ones like Carl who really has a creepy vibe, or his mom. You can't see any gore besides couple gun shoots and all the psychology behind behaviors is not that solid or believable mostly I assumed due to bad acting. The movie definitely is not awesome but I'm sure it's nothing to condemn, you have watched hundred worst than this one.

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