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LOC: Kargil (2003)

LOC: Kargil (2003)

Sanjay DuttAjay DevgnSaif Ali KhanSunil Shetty
J.P. Dutta


LOC: Kargil (2003) is a Hindi movie. J.P. Dutta has directed this movie. Sanjay Dutt,Ajay Devgn,Saif Ali Khan,Sunil Shetty are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. LOC: Kargil (2003) is considered one of the best Drama,History,War movie in India and around the world.

LOC KARGIL is the story of Indian soldiers fighting in Kargil and being remembered by their family. There is Vikram Batra (Abhishek Bachchan), a daredevil soldier who won Param Vir Chakra for his bravery. Manoj Pandey (Ajay Devgan), a poet by nature laid his live and was served with Param Vir Chakra too. The toughest of all the soldiers was Lt. Balwant Singh (Akshaye Khanna) awarded the Mahaveer Chakra. Major Deepak Rampal (Sanjay Kapoor) was on leave when the call for war came. He was the backbone of the unit, awarded VIR CHAKRA. Lt. Col. Y. K. Joshi (Sanjay Dutt), a daredevil soldier was too awarded VIR CHAKRA. Captain Anuj Nayyar (Saif Ali Khan) for whom death was just another game lived his life and was awarded with Mahaveer Chakra.


LOC: Kargil (2003) Reviews

  • Warning: You may fall asleep during some of the long drawn songs


    Storyline: The film spanning 4-odd hours covers in adequate details the happenings at the Kargil sector near the LOC in 1999 when the Pakistani infiltrators had crossed the LOC and had entered deep into the Indian territory and the Indian Retaliation. To know more about the story, I would suggest readers to read the news-items pertaining to Kargil. Comment: If one is looking for a formula story in this movie, then one can be sure that it is absent. LOC is a story of Pure sacrifice, patriotism, courage and lots and lots of bullets and Blood. The movie hall where I saw this film was full of whistles and cheers when the Film shows Indian Bravery. Movie audience seemed similar to Audiences like in an India vs Pak cricket match. Watch the movie as a tribute to the Army's sacrifice and for the characterization of the real-life war heroes (4 PVC honoured heroes) who have sacrificed their lives so that we could see this day. The movie has made a brilliant portrayal of the Army who have battled all odds in rough weather conditions. The film's negatives are that it is too stretched and the songs are extremely boring.

  • Good potential but horrible execution


    LOC could have been a very well made movie on how the Kargil war was fought; it had the locations, the budget, and the skill to have been India's "Saving Private Ryan" or "Black Hawk Down". Instead it come across as a bloated, 4 hour bore of trying to meld the war move with the masala movie. Even the war scenes were terribly executed, using the same hill in all their battle scenes, and spending unnecessary time on casual talk. Instead of trying to appeal to the indian public, a better movie would have been a to-the-book account of what happened at Kargil (like "Black Hawk Down") or even spending time on the militant point of view (like "Tora, Tora, Tora"). Even better, it could have used a competent director like Ram Gopal Verma to write, direct and edit the film. Until then, I'd like to see some one re-edit this film, with only the pertinent portions included; it would make the movie more watchable.

  • True Story, Bad Direction


    If you have seen very less films, this might be a big one for you. If you have seen lot of films, this is a joke. The acting of real heroes is portrayed very badly. Not to mention, there are songs, there are lot of flashbacks, and most importantly, the fighting scenes are stupidily performed. New characters, good direction, would have done a better job, but since it contains all the bollywood heros/heroines, you can predict whats going to happen next. You do not feel sad when something happens, the emotions they protray is terrible, mainly because we have seen this actor in 1000 other hindi movies. It suppose to be a realistic movie, but it fails to show. There are times you wondering, you have thousands of army vehical filled with soldiers moving and the pakistanis are bombing at them and none of their bomb hits them. Are the pakis really bad at aiming or the director made them look stupid? There were only a few characters acting that was very good, but as far it is concerned with plot, action, it is poorly directed. This movie could have been short if they took out songs, flashbacks, stick to the point.

  • Long and boring


    The long hyped LOC Kargil movie turned out to be a load of crap, once again, much to the disappointment of eager viewers. When it comes to movies like these, the director should concentrate most on the battle scenes but those are the most flawed portions of the film. Basically ever single battle is the same where two groups of soldiers keep shooting each other until the Indians finally bring a Carl Gustav Rocket launcher and blow up the enemy position. The fight sequences are corny and poorly done. One wonders why they did'nt do that in the first place? Next, the Indian airforce is hardly ever seen. Next, there are long and pointless and crappy songs. Next, there is no story nor any subplots nor any satisfaction of seeing any objectives achieved by the soldiers. Watch it on TV or DVD but I would'nt waste my time in the theatre. Watch it for the witty dialog and some amusing scenes. If you want to watch an Indian war movie, go watch Lakshya instead.

  • A wonderful movie...a tribute to our brave soldiers.


    LOC is one of the most moving movies ever made. The movie is based on the war that actually happened in Kargil between India and Pakistan. LOC is a tribute, a homage to our brave and selfless soldiers who have laid down their lives to safeguard ours. This movie has made me realize the extent of sacrifice a soldier makes to protect us scores of civilians most of whom he does not even know. It has made me see them in a completely different light and i cannot help but appreciate the effort of a film maker who has tried to immortalize their sacrifice on the celluloid. The movie is long. But that is because the script demands it. The movie has an amazing cast and everyone has given outstanding performances. It is an emotional journey and a saga of unseen bravery and unimaginable strength of character. The film's characters represent the Kargil martyrs and the other brave soldiers of the Indian Army. So you have Captain Anuj Nayyar, Captain Vikram Batra, Lieutenant Manoj Pandey, Lieutenant Colonel Y K Joshi and many of the other brave men who authored the script that made India the winner in the Kargil war. It captures their valor in the field of battle, shows how they dealt with each new challenge and each new hardship with renewed vigor, how they motivated the soldiers under their command under the most pressured conditions and how they destroyed their enemies. It encapsulates the soldier's quest for victory in extremely hostile conditions. LOC Kargil is based on authentic research and gives you the events as they took place. A lot of care has been taken to see that the film is accurate even in its minutest detail. The background score and dialogs are gripping. The songs too, are pretty intense and have been extremely well written and composed. The lyrics motivate you, move you and also wrench your heart out. LOC tries to tell the story of the soldiers and their families. It tells you about the sacrifice that a soldier makes for his country and the loss that his family suffers in the process. As the trailers said..."every bullet in a war finds its mark... into a woman's heart". A lot of soldiers died in the Kargil war and this movie makes an effort to show their sacrifice before we forget it. It is a must watch, especially for every Indian in the world.


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