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Lou (2017)

Dave Mullins


Lou (2017) is a English movie. Dave Mullins has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Lou (2017) is considered one of the best Animation,Short,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

When a toy-stealing bully ruins recess for a playground full of kids, only one thing stands in his way: the Lost and Found box.

Lou (2017) Reviews

  • LOU is quite an amusing and touching animated short


    This Disney-Pixar short was shown before Cars 3. During recess, a bully takes all the kids' toys or other of their valuables and puts them in a box. A flashback is provided that explains some of his behavior... I'll stop there and just say there's some amusing stuff concerning a creature that can only exist in an animated cartoon but it's believable enough to suspend logical thought and it contributed enormously to my enjoyment of this short. Really, all I'll say now is I recommend LOU.

  • Yet another win for Pixar animation.


    'LOU': Four Stars (Out of Five) A 6-minute Pixar animated short film, which plays before 'CARS 3' in theaters, about a monster that lives inside a lost-and-found box. The short was written and directed by debut filmmaker Dave Mullins; a veteran animator who's previously worked on multiple feature Pixar films (including 'CARS' and 'CARS 2'). The short, like everything from Pixar, is of course visually beautiful to watch, at all times. It's also funny, creative and it even has a great message about not bullying others (at the end). It has pretty much everything you've come to expect from a Pixar short film. This one isn't quite as emotional as my favorite Pixar shorts are though, even though it touches on a subject very close to me (bullying). Which I've had to deal with all of my life, including adulthood. Still it's always visually creative and amusing to watch. It's definitely entertaining too, for kids and adults, and it does have a very positive message. The short is yet another win for Pixar animation. Watch our movie review show 'MOVIE TALK' at:

  • LOU poses the question to America, "What would happen if a Big Bully . . . "


    " . . . could be persuaded to have a change-of-heart, and totally Reform?" LOU opens with the proverbial playground tyrant stealing other kids' stuff on his elementary school playground, and otherwise tormenting them, with NO adult supervision in sight. It is unlikely, of course, that any perceptive U.S. Citizen will be able to watch these Deplorable outrages without being immediately put in mind of Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin and his Puppet, Rump. Fortunately for the children at this particular location, Putin's U.S. Secretary of Miseducation--Billionaire Fat Cat Betsey "Amway Calling" DeVos--has not yet turned it into one of her For-Profit Charter Brainwashing Shacks (which she has used to destroy the Detroit School System, so that virtually no polling place workers will have the skills to tally legal votes in that True Blue Loyal Union Label Stronghold in coming years). A magic Lost and Found Box gives LOU his comeuppance as this animated short concludes. Hopefully, Putin and Rump will open a similarly benign Pandora's Box BEFORE the outbreak of Armageddon.

  • fine Pixar short


    LOU is an unseen creature made out of stuff from the LOst and foUnd box in the schoolyard. It cleans up after the kids while they are in class. It is dismayed at J.J. bullying the other kids. It battles J.J. to return stuff stolen from the other children. This is a Pixar short that comes with the movie Cars 3. It's perfectly fine family viewing especially for the kids. In a way, it fits well with Cars 3 which is also perfectly fine. The creature design of random objects is a little usual. It is able to be cute without being creepy. This is perfectly fine.

  • Nothing particularly special but considering what it's running against, it's odds on favorite to win the Oscar.


    Pixar Studios has won a lot of Oscars over the years--many of them for Best Animated Short. "LOU" is their latest nomination and is a very pleasant little film. However, it's NOT among the studio's best shorts and is relatively pedestrian....but I still think it will win this year...mostly because the other nominees are a very weak bunch. As I noticed one other reviewer say in their summary, "Yet another win for Pixar animation"! The film is hard to describe. It's set on a playground at a school and somehow a pile of lost and found objects have become sentient and take on a weird form. Later, they teach a bully a lesson. The film, start to finish, looks great. This is no surprise at all as the best animated films in the world are coming from Pixar and Disney Studios. While I liked it and respect the quality of the production, it also seemed very safe and not particularly inspiring or out of the ordinary.

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