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Love Me (2013)

Lindsey ShawJamie JohnstonJean-Luc BilodeauKaitlyn Leeb
Rick Bota


Love Me (2013) is a English movie. Rick Bota has directed this movie. Lindsey Shaw,Jamie Johnston,Jean-Luc Bilodeau,Kaitlyn Leeb are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Love Me (2013) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Sixteen-year-old Melissa Kennedy's been missing for almost 3 months now and the Town of Ridgedale is coming unhinged. The projectionist at the old revival movie house, Sylvia Potter (16) wants so badly to be in love. Just like in the movies. But can any guy live up to her ideal leading man? Even her best friend Harry's unrequited love for her (since fifth grade) has never been reciprocated. When sexy, quiet, rich kid, Lucas Green transfers to Hampton Prep the sparks fly. Lucas and Sylvia's initial animosity quickly becomes a heated romance - despite the warnings of almost every friend in her circle. But what seems like a love story straight out of the movies hits a major plot twist when the police begin an investigation into Lucas' involvement in the Melissa Kennedy case. What really happened to Melissa Kennedy and how long can Lucas and Sylvia's relationship last in the face of a mystery that threatens to change the lives of these teenagers forever?

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Love Me (2013) Reviews

  • "Love Me" is a PG-13 thriller which will appeal to fans of the prime-time shows on TeenNick, The CW, and ABC Family


    There's always room for another "psycho-guy goes nuts over uninterested ex-girlfriend" thriller. Audiences love these types of "who-dun-it" films. Anchor Bay Films isn't ashamed to participate in putting the next one out either. Their newest release in the genre, "Love Me," will air on the Lifetime Movie Network over and over again in a few months guaranteeing them a fat wad of cash for rights. Sylvia Potter (Lindsey Shaw) falls head over heels for quiet rich boy Lucas Green (Jamie Johnston). Things get complicated when she, her friends, and family discover he's the prime suspect in the disappearance of a 16-year old girl (Kristina Elliott) in the neighboring town of Ridgedale. Lucas swears he had nothing to do with it. Can their love survive the investigation and turmoil? More importantly, can Sylvia survive through it all? "Love Me" is exactly what it appears to be when picking it up in the video store or at Redbox. It's a PG-13 thriller which appeals to anyone who watches the prime-time shows on TeenNick, The CW, and ABC Family. It isn't completely devoid of fun. This movie gives me the same type of guilty pleasure I receive from watching "Pretty Little Liars." I should be too sophisticated to enjoy it, but I just can't help myself. The cast definitely draws its target audience to "Love Me." Lindsey Shaw from "Pretty Little Liars," "10 Things I Hate About You," and ''Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" heads up the cast. ''Degrassi: The Next Generation's" Jamie Johnston takes on the role of the mysterious suspect Lucas Green. Jean-Luc Bilodeau of ''Baby Daddy'' and ''Kyle XY'' plays Sylvia's best friend Harry Townsend. You can't get more teen- oriented than those shows. Teenagers looking for more examples of angst and drama aimed at them will enjoy "Love Me." However, its audience isn't limited to just them. Anyone who enjoys a good low-budget thriller in the tradition of the TV movies you see on Lifetime will delight in this as well.

  • Not what I expected


    What can I say. This movie wasn't what I expected. The acting wasn't really that good, but the plot was great. It started out really slow and I was ready to pull the plug on this one, but as it keeps progressing, the story just kind of sucks you in. This was a nice Thriller that I didn't expect to like. The plot twist at the end actually caught me by surprise. I still can't get into Lindsay Shaw as an actress (Pretty Little Liars) but she does a pretty okay job in this one. I'm a sucker for a "bad-boy good-girl" love story. Jean Luc Bilodeau did a pretty awesome job in here and it was a step up from his usual good guy roles. So if it's a rainy day out, or just bored, rent this and give it a go.

  • An interesting story let down by some awful acting


    There's not a lot that can be said for Love Me. It's not the worst made for TV movie I've seen but it's far from being stellar. The only surprising grace to the movie was the story line, which was intriguing till it seemed that the writer ran out of steam three quarters of the way in and just hashed up a conclusion in three minutes. It doesn't help that the pacing is slow, loose direction and portrayed by some first class awful acting. Let's get over the good part first. The missing person angle may not be original and the start was hardly electrifying it does become more interesting. Additional details are slowly fleshed out which indicates that there's more to a simple case of a person going missing. There are some slight turns so as to keep the story going and while it works on a small part and on an overall perspective it's in the detail where things fall apart. There's problems with the so called prime suspect and the police are little more than idiots who have no clue how to conduct an investigation and are best traffic cops with a petty grudge. As the story becomes clearer it gets less interesting and the finale is clichéd and mundane that it's not even worth watching. The character development is pretty poor. I didn't feel any connection with the main "cast." Sylvia and her friends hardly hang out on screen which lends great credibility to the term BFF and each of them are self centered and rather vapid. What's worse is the bad boy, no one understand me pained look bad news boyfriend who inexplicably attracts the attention of the main lead, Sylvia. Sparks fly but the romance is listless, awkward and painful to watch. There's a side character plot involving Sylvia which was pointless. The acting is quite abysmal and I blame the director for not having the foresight to detect the lack of emotive quality, nor the decency to hire actors who can actually act. The 3 rating that I have given is for the least for 75% of the plot that was interesting. I'd like to recommend this but unfortunately the sum of mistakes outweigh positivity of the storyline. Watch if there's no rerun you want to muddle through, or if you just don't care.



    This low budget film starts out with Melissa (Kristina Elliott) refusing to get into a car whose driver is not seen. She runs into the woods away from the said auto. You see no one, then suddenly she turns around and screams. It is not possible for it to have been the person in the car. Is this a clue? As yet you do not know if it was someone else, or that person popped into that location like a bad slasher film. The scene changes to Sylvia (Lindsey Shaw) high school student who wants to be in love. She falls for Lucas Green (Jamie Johnston) a rich boy who dated the missing girl and has a high creep factor. They dropped so many clues about him being the killer, you know it is not him. Dayln (Kaitlyn Leeb) is the self centered jealous ex-gf. Harry (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is the loser geek kid who makes cartoons. The acting of Lindsey Shaw and Jamie Johnston reminded me too much of the caliber of acting we saw in the "Twilight" series nominated for a number of Razzies. The film is directed at teens, teen girls to be exact. Unless you fall into that category, I suggest you take a pass. Parental Guide: No f-bombs or nudity. Brief teen love/sex scene.

  • Not that predictable


    Slightly more serious in tone than the usual LMN thriller, this is a fairly watchable movie. Keeps you guessing till close to the end. Didn't expect the conclusion that much. Lindsay Shaw is the new girl to the school who falls for a bad boy with a shadow of a girl's disappearance hanging over him.

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