Mandao of the Dead (2018)

Alexandre ChenScott DunnMarisa HoodSean Liang
Scott Dunn


Mandao of the Dead (2018) is a English movie. Scott Dunn has directed this movie. Alexandre Chen,Scott Dunn,Marisa Hood,Sean Liang are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Mandao of the Dead (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Mandao (Man-Day-Oh) of the Dead is about an unambitious guy named Jay Mandao who lives frugally off his late father's cereal royalties. He wants nothing more than to live in solitude, but is duped into taking in his adult nephew-in-law, Jackson. As Halloween approaches, Jay begins having odd dreams, and comes to find that he has the ability of astral projection. Jay and Jackson are approached by a ghost who has a small window of opportunity to reverse his death at the hands of Jackson's murderous ex-girlfriend.

Mandao of the Dead (2018) Reviews

  • Bills Short Reviews For Short Attention Spans


    Well, this was a pretty fun movie. Not really laugh out loud funny, but a humorous thread runs through the movie. I was impressed with the actors & sets, as the film was on a very low budget. The director played it smart, working well on a storyline that keeps your attention as well as characters you can invest in. There are some shifts in time, and "astral projection" with one of the characters. The film makers keep it simple and the viewer doesn't get confused at all. I wouldn't call this a horror flick, as the title would suggest, but more of a drama/thriller with sci-fi undertones. It's worth a watch, and the run time is only about 70 minutes. There are worse ways to waste that time.

  • A kind-of a boring scifi


    Nothing really special about this one, it is a b-horror sure, but it's just a bunch of amateur actors talking around. Just bad.

  • Waste of time


    One more low budget crap in the low budget crap universe. This is a movie that some bunch of friends took the camera and full around in the backyard than after that start showing that crap to other friends. According to rating number, at least half of them who votes more than 3.

  • Love this Indie film


    I am addicted to indie films, although not all indies are created equal. My husband and I watched this movie and were pleasantly surprised. The plot was original and had a few twist and turns which I'm am not going to divulge. You will need to see the movie to see what happens. The characters were fun, funny, with great chemistry, and believable. The music is original and had some catchy tunes. The quality of the film was pretty good and didn't seem like a low budget film. I recommend watching this horror/comedy, you won't regret it!

  • Fun movie!


    Enjoyed this movie! Great for a movie night at home. The mix of astral projection and vampires was different, but I actually found it very cool and the story made it work well.

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