Meskada (2010)

Nick StahlRachel NicholsKellan LutzJonathan Tucker
Josh Sternfeld


Meskada (2010) is a English movie. Josh Sternfeld has directed this movie. Nick Stahl,Rachel Nichols,Kellan Lutz,Jonathan Tucker are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Meskada (2010) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Small-town detective Noah Cordin is called to solve a juvenile homicide that occurred during a home burglary in his affluent town of Hilliard. The dead boy's mother, Allison Connor, is a member of the Meskada County Board of Commissioners, and a powerful woman in Hilliard. The entire township of Caswell rallies together in solidarity - not to support her and Detective Cordin's efforts to find the killers (who appear to have come from Caswell) but to keep the way clear for a new business with 500 jobs coming to town.

Meskada (2010) Reviews

  • The Psychodynamics of Small Towns


    Threads of the past weave through this interesting film about small town folks and their loyalties to each other when it comes to intervention from the outside - even to the defense of homicide. Josh Sternfeld wrote and directed this little thriller with a small cast of young actors who may just be more noticed after this dramatic effort. Two boys - Eddie Arlinger (Kellan Lutz) and Shane Loakin (Jonathan Tucker) - drifters who go on the road to rob houses and sell their goods to pawn shops through their relationship with a bar girl (Grace Gummer, another of Meryl Streep's daughters) - accidentally kill a little boy during a robbery in Hilliard. The boy happens to be the son of a Meskada County Commissioner ( Laura Benati). Young small town detective Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) and his new partner Leslie Spencer (Rachel Nichols) are brought in to solve the crime despite the fact that the town sheriff (Michael Sirow) and cohort (Michael Cerveris) think they can handle the matter themselves: much of the clash is bringing in an outside detective who grew up in a poor small town not far from Hilliard, viewed as interference. The local Bar owner Billy (James McCaffrey) and Shane's brother-in-law Dennis (Norman Reedus) fight to protect Eddie and Shane, but events occur that reveal the true identity of the killer after a showdown between the out of town detective and the townsfolk that come to grips with a situation no one wants to explore. While the story leaves some gaping holes unresolved, the script does manage to capture the small town loyalties that often avoid reality. Adding the aspect of how the national economy is affecting the livelihood of small town residents heightens the tension. The young cast is very fine, especially the key performance by Jonathan Tucker. Heartthrob Kellan Lutz and Grace Gummer provide the sensual interest and Nick Stahl continues to impress as an actor on the ascent. Newcomer Michael Sirow is an actor to watch as is Grace Gummer. In all this is an entertaining film that has the courage to not 'make nice' the unsettling problems of backwoods small town ethics. Grady Harp

  • Complex story, needed mature director still worth watching


    Meskada – CATCH IT (B-) Meskada is a complex story of young boy's murder during a burglary in a peaceful town Hilliard. The town' police investigator thinks that men coming out for work from nearby town Casewell may be involved in the burglary and accidental death of a child. His investigation about the murder leaves him trapped between people of two towns. On one side it shows the story of the police investigator and on the other side it shows the story of two young men involved in the burglary. Meskada managed to bag impressive ensemble considering the indie criteria. As the story is complex, the movie did stumbles at the end. Instead of giving a proper ending it leaves an innocent man taking all the blame. The situation was irrational and very harsh considering the scenario. I won't spoil the ending here but the movie is defiantly worth giving time. Jonathan Tucker, Kellan Lutz, Rachel Nichols, Nick Stahl, Grace Gummer and Norman Reedus did a nice job and given the material provided came on screen very natural.

  • This film has you tense and guessing all the way through


    Quite frankly, I did not expect much of this film, particularly after I saw a score of 5.0 on IMDb. Throughout the film you keep asking yourself "where is this going to" and each time, as the film goes on, you get more of a surprise and the tension increases a notch. Throughout the film I kept thinking "Winter's Bone". This film reminds me a lot of "Winter's Bone", and they were both made in 2010, but at the same time this film is quite different, but still about small town and small community secrets all the same. The acting is top class, and the direction flawless. No film stars on show but they're not needed - this is top class entertainment from little known actors (not for long) and it is top direction too. Watch it - you won't regret it.

  • Big bang start --- fizzle finish


    Don't let my title stop you from watching this movie. It's actually a rather gripping and sad story of a murder and the detectives plight in trying to investigate the case. My problem with the movie is that it gets a bit thin in spots and you might lose interest in just where the story is going. Some of the dialog seems forced as do some of the action scenes. The strongest part is the town hall meeting with the heated debate and opinions that stir the plot of this story. Unfortunately the story ends with loose ends and I when it was over my first thought was .. "thats it?".

  • Meskada


    Good movie, great cast! Easy to watch, very enjoyable. If you are a fan of any of the cast members in this movie then it is a definite must see. Also, this is one of Grace Gummer's, Meryl Streep's daughter, first movies and I am sure we will be seeing many more films from her in years to come. Add in Norman Reedus "Boondock Saints", Rachel Nichols "G.I. Joe" "Criminal Minds", Kellan Lutz "Twilight", Nick Stahl "Terminator 3", and James McCaffrey "Rescue Me" and you have a movie that you will want in your collection for a long time! The movie is set in a small town in the United States and focuses on the struggles and separations of class. When a young boy is found murdered an investigation ensues and things between the townspeople become heated. I think there were some great performances by the actors/ actresses in this movie. The film has some great talent that has been around for awhile and some newer stars that will be around for a long time. Written and directed by Josh Sternfeld "Winter Solstice".

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