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Mong-ta-joo (2013)

Uhm JunghwaKim Sang-kyungYoung-chang SongHie-bong Jo
Geun-seop Jeong


Mong-ta-joo (2013) is a Korean movie. Geun-seop Jeong has directed this movie. Uhm Junghwa,Kim Sang-kyung,Young-chang Song,Hie-bong Jo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Mong-ta-joo (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Fifteen years have passed since the girl was abducted, and suddenly a lonely flower is found at the crime scene. It was perceived as a sign indicating the possible return of a criminal who was not then found. The expiration date of the crime expires on these few days, and two days later a new abduction of the little girl takes place.

Mong-ta-joo (2013) Reviews

  • Excellent movie


    It had been a long time since I have seen such a well rounded thriller, where motives are not cliché and predictive. The acting jives extremely well with the dialog (albeit I watched with sub-titles) and the actors were awesome. The mother's acting was so realistic that in empathizing with her, a layer of understanding is added to the storyline. The story neatly makes a subtle point about the similarity in human motives, and how where you stand in relation to it, determines your perception. The use of time is very interesting in this movie, like an origami. It starts as a plain paper (linear), but takes on elaborate form. There are a couple of movies where this technique has been used, but in this case, the time/origami texture is seamless. I am sure the above description might sound abstract and arcane, but if you watch the movie, you will understand what I mean. :) A gripping and intelligent thriller, a must see.

  • My rating 7.5 out of 10 for having such a clever ending!


    If you have seen as many films as I have in my life you may feel compelled to stop watching this movie, because, who cares about Another kidnapper, another obsessed and tormented mother ("Azooma") piecing the case together? and a hunted detective?. Seriously? How many times we have seen this and the (sometimes) over-melodramatic Korean style? Well,I am glad I pushed myself to see how this story would end! The clever and twisting last half of it, made me regret those times when I paused it to fix coffee,I am so glad I did not walk away when I felt a little bored with the "familiar" plot. The last thirty minutes will stick on your memory as one of those endings that must be watched again to savor a good writing,so rare and hard to find. Acting is good enough, in any case this is a must-watch, and I will recommend it to anyone who ask: Have you seen a good movie lately? So my rating 7.5 out of 10 for having such a clever ending!

  • It will keep you at the edge of your seat…


    Child kidnap genre has been the most sought after in South Korean cinema, however, Korean writer director Jung Geun Sub makes his debut with "Montage", adding one more thriller orbiting around the child kidnap. It has Uhm Jung Hwa ("Bestseller 2010") in the lead, playing a mother trying to solve the mystery of her daughter's murder before the statute of limitations expires, Kim Sang Kyung ("The Tower", "Memories of Murder") and Song Young Chang ("Nameless Gangster") play detectives. Ha Kyung (Uhm Jung Hwa) whose young daughter is kidnapped and killed, the perpetrator never being caught in the face of the best efforts of detective Chung Ho (Kim Sang Kyung. After 15 years, just five days before the statute of limitations and the case is about to be closed, Chung Ho finds a recently placed white flower at the crime scene, a location known only to Ha Kyung, the police and the killer. As the two of them race against time to revisit the case and follow the new clues, another girl is snatched under very similar circumstances under the nose of her grandfather Han Chul (Song Young Chang), making the search for the murderer even more desperate. We have recently seen the statute of limitations' portrayal in Confession of Murder 2012 with some high octane action and utmost thrilling elements. However, "Montage" takes an entirely diverse screenplay which distinguishes it from an occasional thriller. Director, Jung Geun Sub keeps the action tone to a low level and weaves the suspense and hard hitting emotional drama. Story is real strength of movies, which is presented proficiently and characters' graphs have been crafted carefully, all the revelations are perfectly timed with weaving in different character perspectives and their investigations, showing a nicely judged use of flashbacks. The statute of limitations has been used immaculately with deeper and more satisfying frames, the film building up to a powerful twist that a lot of viewers won't see coming. The narrative and main characters are quite conclusive with dramatic and emotional weight. As a débutante, Jung holds viewers' nerves and keeps the stress construction on a high level throughout the film minutes also it makes us sympathize with each and every character. Though the film has a distinct lack of action or violence, it's far more gripping than many other outings which substitute pointless set pieces for substance. Great performances from the leads also help, in particular the excellent Uhm Jung Hwa, as does the general lack of melodrama and pointless tears, the film coming to a rewarding and mature yet quiet conclusion that hits hard and true. "Montage" ultimately translates itself into a surprising and different kind of thriller which keeps itself apart from recent clichéd thrillers. It perfectly delivers 120 minutes of enthralling and moving cinema. A fantastic thriller for lovers of mystery & suspense with a convincing plot, grounded elements of suspense and some great performances. 7.6/10….

  • Suspenseful crime thriller, solid acting


    Debut project from the director/writer, another in the long line of Korean 'new wave' crime dramas. Film opens with the premise that an unsolved murder case is about to be closed after 15 years without progress -- reaching a 'statue of limitations'. Two police detectives are forced to notify the mother they will be ceasing the investigation of her young daughter. With a few days to investigate, the detectives uncover some potential last- minute leads and rush to track down the killer. Meanwhile, the still- distraught, but resourceful, mother discovers some clues of her own. Do either routes succeed, before time runs out? This all then leads into the bulk of the film, an investigation into the kidnapping of another child. As the story progresses, themes of guilt and redemption emerge, mixed in with complications that impede the investigation. Slowly and suspensefully, details emerge during present day alongside flash-back revelations. Solid acting all around, albeit some overwrought melodrama intermittently spliced in. Most of the movie felt relatively fresh, despite borrowing from familiar Western crime dramas from over the decades. Recommended

  • A thriller that brings you tears


    I am so happy that I watched this movie ... Not only just the great story, great acting, and great directing. This movie somehow move you at some point. I was blown away by how this story well written and put some message in it. At the end I was shed a tears and share deep feeling with main character when she hugged the tree and call her daughter's name as well as when the kidnapper told his story. I mean WOW ... some movie like this is very rare ... so you should see it for yourself. I praised the writer ... director and actors ... to bring the gems into cinema. BRAVO

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