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Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016)

Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016)

Michael Jai WhiteGillian WhiteEsai MoralesStephen Quadros
Michael Jai White


Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016) is a English movie. Michael Jai White has directed this movie. Michael Jai White,Gillian White,Esai Morales,Stephen Quadros are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Picking up after the events of Never Back Down 2, former MMA champion Case Walker is on the comeback trail to become champion once again.

Never Back Down: No Surrender (2016) Reviews

  • Keep the spirit of 90s martial arts movie


    I still think N.B.D 2 is a fun movie but thank god they get rid of those pretty boys in this one cause Michael Jai White is the only reason why i watch this series and he get to flexing his muscles a lot this time.Get back on track after what happen last time Case Walker played by the talented Michael Jai White find himself in Thailand face off with a gruesome fighter named Braga.The movie is fill with good choreographed fight scene with some very realistic MMA moves and you can't believe Michael doing all that despite the fact that he about to turning 50.The movie is light-hearted with some cheesy moment about friendship but that what these kind of movie about so i enjoy every minute of it and hope one day to see Case Walker vs Yuri Boyka

  • Jai White with Charisma To Spare..


    1. Big fan of Michael Jai White, which I made clear in my other reviews, especially Blood and Bone, which is a must-see. Called him "the most under-utilized MMA asset in Hollywood." 2. Guess he got tired of waiting for a phone call, because MJW as "director" cast himself in Never Back Down 2 which, for a low budget effort, was a really tight little indie and seems to have given his career a well-deserved second (third?) wind. 3. At 48 years young, MJW is 15 years younger than Steven Seagal, who keeps cranking out Direct To Video productions that should more correctly be called Direct-to-Forget. Except that MJW looks ten years younger than he actually is, and SS looks ten years older than he actually is. 4. This film, NBD3, is unlike anything MJW has done before and even unlike NBD2. It can be considered MJW's personal version of Rocky. (And of course has virtually no connection to NBD1 other than the name.) The script is slow in spots but contains sly humor one does not usually find in these sorts of films. The fight scenes totally rock and there is a new "trope" that MJW (as director) seems to have invented that involves "forecasting" a fight just before it happens, using slo-mo shot in Black and White. Cool! 5. There are two very strange cameos by Tony Jaa and Rampage Jackson which I am still trying to figure out. Ditto for another walk-on by a female Thai martial artist who looked like she weighs 75 pounds soaking wet. And the "big finish" for the story is taken straight from the playbook in Red Belt, another great (and overlooked) MMA film. RECOMMENDED (!) as both solid entertainment and something different and unexpected. And please remember to see Blood and Bone and NBD2 if you have not already. Also rec Bronson in 1975's HARD TIMES.

  • Unless you're the enemy: then back down


    And that is just friendly advice. You do know that villains never think they'll back down. Until they do, then they not only think it, they actually do it. But apart from the obvious and the predictability what else is there? The fight scenes of course and they are pretty well staged. Though that shouldn't be surprising if you have seen Michael Jai Whites previous work before. Characters try to shine through, but not every beat of the story or of their development works well. It means well, but that doesn't always go down that well. Well enough of that, because most likely you watch this or consider watching this because of the action involved and there you won't be disappointed (unless you expect Tony Jaa ... wait he also is in it. But just in a cameo role! More juice and fight is in the "Chocolate" star, also getting a short appearance in this). So while I haven't seen the previous Never Back Down, this is based on, you can watch it and still enjoy it too

  • Michael Jai White does it again !! Much better than the trailer


    I enjoyed a lot the first one back then, surprisingly even tough it had an Hollywood cast and was very commercial i loved it. Amber Heard... oh boy... lol. The second one came as a good surprise and i enjoyed it again a damn lot. The character of Case Walker was good but so was the other ones as well. It was inevitable that the third movie would focus on Case, after all Michael Jai White is a huge name in the martial art style and the story of the kids from the second movie was wrapped up. So when the trailer drop, i was a bit surprised. I mean it didn't looked as good as i had in mind for the next step in Case Walker story. But after having seen the movie, i do feel the movie is a lot better than the trailer. By a lot. Good action, solid character development, the story is engaging even tough a bit less personal than in previous movies. Non the less Michael Jai White make it work super great. The only thing that people may have a grip with, just like i do, is that the movie lacks a great antagonist. The battle is not personal on that level. I don't want to go into a spoiler review so i will not say more, but lets just say that the focus in clearly on the main characters and there relationship together. He does work very good tough. In the end i had a ton of fun with that movie, its movies like that i am waiting for and i welcome so much the release once in a while. Its like 90s kickboxing movies goodness but at the same time with better direction, better acting, betting production value as a whole. I do not know the budget for this movie, but for a direct to DVD (not even blu ray, at least here in Quebec) its damn impressive what they accomplished. Fans of martial art action, give it a shot for sure.

  • Solid work


    What a nice surprise. Michael Jai White did excellent work. He managed to refrain from unnecessary Hollywood-overkill and instead just told a story that flows nicely and rewards the viewer with some spectacular fight scenes. It's actually a bit understated. A rare thing to find these days. I'll give you an example. During the finale of Hard Target 2 all I could think of was: My God, does the shooting never stop? What could have just been a gritty survivalist martial arts movie, had to be made into an over-the-top action vehicle. But it didn't look like the production crew had the money or experience to pull their ideas off. It just ends up looking disappointing. Thankfully, Michael Jai White had no illusions about his project. Not everything about this movie was top notch. But it just seemed to work for me. I got exactly what I needed. And maybe you will too. I hope MJW will be involved in many more good projects like this one.


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