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No Weapon Shall Prosper (2014)

No Weapon Shall Prosper (2014)

April MarcellChase 'Uzzle' CarterRyan HarringtonKeonta Coleman
Michael Lemelle,April Marcell


No Weapon Shall Prosper (2014) is a movie. Michael Lemelle,April Marcell has directed this movie. April Marcell,Chase 'Uzzle' Carter,Ryan Harrington,Keonta Coleman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. No Weapon Shall Prosper (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The ugly truth of domestic violence.

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  • It's a cliché, but this IS the worst film I've ever seen


    I sat through this film out of curiosity more than anything else. It really is a test of endurance. I gave it my time because of the subject matter and hoped that even at this budget level they could get some message across. I think they all but failed. They covered the basics such as denial and such but it was all really weak. The frequent references to God are off-putting to me as an atheist simply because I think it's over-used. The acting is really amateur to the point you will feel you could do just as good if you were handed a video camera. The 'action' sequences and fights are so obviously fake visually and some parts are even hidden from the camera as I presume they didn't know how to show them properly on-screen. How bad is bad then? Well I've never reviews a movie on IMDb before but this movie compelled me to write one. The storyline, the script and the acting make for what is essentially a waste of viewing time as there will always be something better you can watch. Even allowing for the fact that this is clearly a very low budget movie, I can't help feeling it could have been so so much better.



    It was January 17, 2018 that we would get snowed in here in NC. As a busy person I have very little time to indulge T.V or Movies through the week. My boyfriend had grabbed a few movies from his mothers prior to the winter storm and happened to pick up a title " No Weaoon Formed" as a Christian they titled had already captured my suspense. Little did I know the film would depict something I was VERY familar too, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! As a two-time victim to this very hideous, sickening crime against women, men and children whise lives are claimed daily in the USA and global, I was glued to my couch, I was insync with EVERY single character, every word spoken because it ALL was a part of what I'd experienced as a victim. I remember at the end of the film how tears formed and streamed down my face, I remembered what being in a violent relationship made me feel like, lifeless, cold, dark, depression, thoughts of suicide, loneliness. I burst out with PRAISE unto my heavenly Father Jesus Christ for watching over me, for having GRACE over me, for SHEIDING me from DEATH. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is UNDERRATED and does NOT get the national attention it deserves. UNTIL you have experienced it, or it EFFECTS your loved ones, will you become concerned and proactive! I have attended funerals of domestic violence victims,and to see the faces of their children, parents, friends is HEARTBREAKING.. Eacb time I realize it could have been me in a coffin had I not made a critical decision to GET OUT and stay ALIVE. This film brings AWARENESS in its rawest form. April and the writers of this film defined what most abusers portray, verbal, emotional, mental and psychological abuse. I would recommend and refer this movie to EVERY woman in the world to view so that she could see what domestic abuse looks like. I look forward to more films made and produced by Ms. Marcell and would even like to see them make rank to TV. Please continue to make films that shone the light on evil doers! You are. Blessing a multitude of people such as myself with your work.

  • Pretty Good Actually


    Reasons why this film is not getting full stars I'm not a Christian to be honest,but I do realise that some people need something to believe in so I am not going to knock anybody's faith. It is full of plot holes, has a very sparse script and the story doesn't flow from scene to scene. In some parts, it feels more like watching the synopsis of a film or a very long trailer for a film I've viewed a huge number of very low budget movies. This does have a 'get your friends and family together and shoot a movie'feel....I'm assuming that the budget for the movie was sourced in a similar way. Some characters just appeared without any explanation: were they supposed to be angels..or...? Other characters just seemed redundant (the two women on the stoop...what story did they tell?) The set for the movie felt very 'lets do it over at your house' Okay....having said all of that * The acting was very decent * They used every penny for as much as they could * The message is a good one, * the story is something that a lot of people all over the world will be able to relate to, I think we all need to watch more of these down to earth films once in a while: no explosions, no cgi, no sound effects, no loud music, no professional make up artists and hair stylists and wardrobe stylists,no graphic depictions of sex and blood and guts flying everywhere. It feels more alive somehow. 8/10 is for effort - an effort was made here and that should be commended. I enjoyed the film, its about domestic violence (although it could be related to a lot of other things)and the choices people make along their journey in life.

  • This movie is great! Has a great message and good acting! There was passion and suspense.


    This film was very inspiring. I believe there are many people, women and men who could relate to at least one of the characters in the movie. Then to consider the budget that was used for this film! I was thoroughly impressed. There was passion and suspense. I was very captivated captivated. And there was a very strong message sent out that I believe would help A lot of people. Especially those dealing with domestic violence. That you can still fight back. That there can still be a life for you. A good one. Whether you believe in God or not, I think that message alone is compelling enough to watch this film. I think this director is a revolutionary to have done this film. Plus there was some good eye candy! Now who wouldn't want that!


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