One More Dream (2012)

One More Dream (2012)

Marinela AngelovaAntony ArgirovMira BoyadjievaDeyan Donkov
Nikolay Mutafchiev


One More Dream (2012) is a Bulgarian movie. Nikolay Mutafchiev has directed this movie. Marinela Angelova,Antony Argirov,Mira Boyadjieva,Deyan Donkov are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. One More Dream (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Four women who have reached the bottom of despair are ready to do anything to re-surface again. And at that very moment life offers them the most absurd opportunity-to fulfill their dream. On the borderline between fantasy and reality the four of them realize that when you have nothing you can risk everything. They rush into a planned bank robbery without realizing that money is the last thing they need. Because fate collides them with people who dream as well.


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One More Dream (2012) Reviews

  • No, it is NOT that good. Not a comedy at all. In fact, this is rubbish!


    I am only writing this humble review to protect my fellow Bulgarians (who else would watch this junk), and may I add that I sincerely hope it won't be distributed elsewhere for it is a shame even for me, who's not taking part in the production. Where to start. Uhm. Having seen this on one of our private TV channels, here's what comes to mind. This stinker is nothing more and nothing less than the last but not least try to imitate the modern bad American comedies. It does that with mediocre to awful direction, plus of course the worse possible casting & acting. As usual the so called actors mumbles under their noses and even I, being native Bulgarian, cannot hear at least half of what they are saying. There is no witty or even funny dialog and it is not one of the "so bad it is good" B-movies. It is Z-movie (beyond bad). There is no measure for the lack of qualities this movie possesses. As for the high rating - I guess they have as much as 126 people in the cast to give it an 8 rating - which is simply ridiculous. In total - avoid this one like a plague. Do NOT watch, if you have any self-respect left.

  • Very Good Absurd Comedy


    I've avoided this movie for sometime now. Because its Bulgarian and it is a comedy. I love comedies. Then one day I saw it. And it is funny. Really. I know it looked like another stupid bank robbery comedy. I was so surprised at how hilarious this was. Surprisingly the acting, which is done mainly by unknown actors & actresses, is very good, and seeing Bulgarian actors playing in a dark comedy was a pleasant surprise. Cinematography was superb. I wont go into who's already done similar things and stop action argument. It is near impossible to do anything in a movie today that has not already been done. You can either do nothing - or do whatever you can as long as it suits the mood and the flow of the movie. If you just want to laugh at everything that's wrong with the East Europe, then this is totally something you need to see.


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