Plague (2015)

Don BridgesCris CochraneTegan CrowleyLiza Dennis
Nick Kozakis,Kosta Ouzas


Plague (2015) is a English movie. Nick Kozakis,Kosta Ouzas has directed this movie. Don Bridges,Cris Cochrane,Tegan Crowley,Liza Dennis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Plague (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A small group of survivors in post-apocalyptic Australia seek shelter from an infection that has spread like a plague among the human populace. Evie (Tegan Crowley) and her fellow survivors become separated from her husband John (Scott Marcus). Evie refuses to leave John behind against the wishes of the group. The survivors revolt and abandon Evie to an uncertain fate. With the unexpected arrival of Charlie (Steven Kennedy) what appears to be an opportunity at a new beginning quickly turns to horror as menacing as the infected that pursue them.

Plague (2015) Reviews

  • wish i'd read the reviews first!


    I watched this movie based on the rating and because I like a decent post apocalyptic film. This was anything but a decent film, no matter the genre! Certainly not worthy of a 6.7 rating! The way the characters acted/reacted were so far from reality it is actually frustrating! Plot was practically non-existent and the dialogue was laughable! The ratings for this film are clearly not deserved so I came back to see if I could see what I suspected what went on here (with the rating it received). So here I was scrolling through every review. A lot were bang on, rated 1 star and warning others how bad the film actually is, but then came the reason(s) I watched this waste of time in the first place! A dozen or more reviews (and I am sure dozens more who gave a 10 rating!) claiming masterpiece, great film making, amazing psychological thriller etc etc etc. So unfair to mislead IMDb members like this, very selfish and void of any integrity! Several of these so called reviews were from family members! You can determine this by their IMDb ID's! Same names as the directors! LOL LOL! I don't know which is dumber, these friends and relatives with their obvious false reviews, or the script and direction of this cliché ridden boring mess! Only reason to watch this film would be to later come back here afterwards and read these reviews. Hilarious!

  • Inept


    Mindless and contrived attempt at an art film. I feel someone needed to challenge the writer/directors drone like artistic process and didn't. It felt like there was a lack of a clear plot and they "winged" it hoping a movie would come out the back end if they stumbled through production. What resulted was a series of random minor plot lines that were pointless and illogical, steering away from what was supposed to be the major plot line,then loosely knitted together. The movie droned on at a steady pace and left you with a yearning for an end or actual plot line. This writer/director seems to be proud of what he's accomplished here, but what he created is an awful and misleading waste of time. Maybe he is proud of creating a film. Any film will do.

  • Illogical, appalling dialogue, zero plot, and zero character development


    I have pretty much spelled out much of what happens in movie so don't read if you want to watch this, well, whatever it was... I rated this 1 even though it is probably, if stretched, worth a 3, which I would have given if not for the need I felt to counter the clearly subjective ratings obviously given by the filmmakers friends and family. You are taking away the integrity of IMDb by giving such biased, and clearly undeserved ratings. I understand you need to support your loved ones, but if your rating cannot be anywhere near objective, then IMO you shouldn't rate it at all. You have no integrity yourselves by doing this and are not fooling anyone. (One of the directors brothers, by his own admission, reviews the film, gives it an 8/10 but claims he is being completely "impartial".) Sure you were buddy! We believe you... Now, onto the review. My summary pretty much says it all so I'll spurt off some examples of the utter moronic script and whatever they thought was a plot. Group want to be as inconspicuous as possible, so what does one character do? Yells and screams out in the open at the top of his lungs! Not once, not twice, but several times! Yep, that's logical! Same character jumps in car and before even turning the ignition starts muttering "come on, come on!", while rocking back and forth in the seat as if he's been trying forever. Just very poor directing! Skipping ahead we have the rapist and his victim have a scuffle resulting in a plate being broken, her husband comes in upon hearing this and asks if everything is OK. Rapist says all is fine, just an accident, wife is shaking like a leaf and looks like a scared rabbit, husband shrugs it off and walks away outside. Yeah, great script there! Very natural, I say with a big dose of sarcasm... Nothing much happens, as is with the entire film really, but more illogical tripe, as when rapist drags mans wife off, after the husband has a gun to his chest, all after finding out he lied and quite possibly murdered a family he claimed was his, and watches her disappear with rapist inside. What does husband do? Does he pick up the nearby axe and sneak up and save his wife from being raped? Of course not, because that would be the normal and logical response! No, husband instead crawls up in a ball on the ground like a retard, crying like a girl. We get to watch him doing this for around 60 seconds! 60 seconds of illogical nothing! Skipping ahead, rapist shoots the mans wife. Yup, anyway, driving along, in need of gas, sees a farm house, nope, not worth a second look, because being out in the middle of nowhere and in need of supplies, including gas, would be way too logical and natural of a response to investigate said house, so of course they run out of gas. Zombies approaching, man begs wife to get up ,she refuses, man has no choice but to abandon her, so logically she shoots him in leg as he walks away. Yep, zero sense, absolutely mind boggling. The logical way to get the point across that she needed him all that time to step up for her, would be for her to accept his help when he actually started to do what she wanted all along! But inexplicably she decides it better to grievously wound him instead. Like I said, mind bogglingly dumb, illogical and desperate failure! 10 stars indeed! Yeah right!

  • Highly overrated rating


    I had some expectations to this movie as I like zombie and apocalyptic movies. I saw the rating and read the review and I thought to myself that this would be something worth seeing. I was so wrong. I had to create my account here to come and warn other people from watching this. The acting was horrible (except for the main woman actress), story was poor and illogical. I wonder why this movie was even made. There seemed to be some potential to create a decent zombie movie but somehow after 10 minutes it seemed to me that the director just hurried quickly to finish it or just didn't care. The movie just didn't make any sense and it was full of clichés and even they didn't work. Don't waste your time watching this.

  • do not bother


    There was literally nothing good about this movie, and plenty of bad. Without "spoiling" whatever there might be to spoil, the characters behave in ways that are inconceivable, annoying, and frustrating to bear witness to. The plot is extremely simple without any background on how events unfolded. There are holes everywhere. I guess the production quality itself is decent, but it's not hard to find movies with gore *and* entertaining plots. The absolute worst thing is just how unrealistic (even in a zombie universe) characters comport themselves. And if you insist on watching, I challenge you to remember any of their names aside from that of the main character, Evie! I just hope I've saved you the time I lost on this crap film! It's too late for me but there's still hope for you!

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