Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018)

Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018)

Adam BerardiDamian Michael PearsallGianna FrangellaBecky Jo Harris
Clay Moffatt


Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018) is a English movie. Clay Moffatt has directed this movie. Adam Berardi,Damian Michael Pearsall,Gianna Frangella,Becky Jo Harris are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

Teenage secret agents must travel to the past and stop an evil doctor from creating a virus that wipes out all life in the future.

Pocketman and Cargoboy (2018) Reviews

  • Don't blame the kids...


    KIds are often the weaker elements in movies, but not in this one. The writing is so bad I had to check to see whether it was actually one of the teenage actors who'd written the movie. No, it's an adult. The dialog is stilted and facile, and the story alternates between weak and cliched. The acting by the adults is appalling. Just because it's low-budget doesn't mean the acting has to be terrible. (See "Primer".) And the cinematography and direction are terrible too. This is a terrible movie - but don't blame the kids.

  • Don't review a movie if you've decided you're gonna hate it before starting!


    I only watched this because a flat headed reviewer decided that they were going to hate it as soon as they heard ' Teenage Secret Agents '.....! No point in deciding against a visual experience based on 3 written words, you may as well make the choice not to watch it. As it goes, not a bad movie at all! Good for a fun watch when there is nothing else. If you are a young teen, you will enjoy it, If you are an adult you will accept it for what it is.

  • Oh Dear


    It was embarrassing to watch. A total waste of time.

  • As soon as I read Teenage Secret Agents...


    As soon as I read Teenage Secret Agents I knew this film would be total garbage. Teenagers are usually spotty little oinks who can't get out of bed or a safespace not secret agents saving the world. As a kids film I'm sure it will be loved but if you're a grown up don't waste your time or money with this one...

  • Could have been better


    Poor acting from both adults and kids. Like many others have said the script is not good.

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